Your Halloween Costume Guide

Use your Sun-Sun to select your costume. Your Sun-Sign knows your true colors!

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Whats your favorite vacation?

Do you prefer to chill out on vacation or are you an action adventure junkie? See what fits your Sun Sign best. 

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Cutting the Love-Ties

The Relationship is over, but you still feel connected - BREAK FREE!


The Moon and Your Emotions

How does your SunSign deal with emotions?

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Sound Healing Therapy

Jennifer Interviews sound healer Stephanie Jaggers

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Acupuncture for your Dog?

Jennifer interviews Dr. Rachel Barrack. 

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Forms of Divination

Jennifer interviews Stacy Rapp, the owner of Enchantments in NYC

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Zodiac Materialism

What's your secret obsession and guilty pleasure?

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Jupiter moves to Scorpio!

Know who you are! See how this Great Benefic Planet will influence your life for the next twelve months.

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Best Zodiac Beauty Asset

Find out your Best Beauty Asset by your SunSign and how to Work It!

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The Key to Unlock Gratitude

Gratitude is the greatest healing power. Find out how to unlock it by the STARs

Find the Journey to Gratitude by your SunSign

The annoying side of your partner's SunSign

Learn how to cope with worst side of your love-mate.

Learn about your lover's sign.

How to survive stress in your relationship

How to make it right when something's got to give!

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The Power of Lucky Symbols

Use lucky symbols to align with love, luck and success

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The Venus and Mars Dance

What does it mean for your love life and SunSign

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The Power of Crystal Energy

Jennifer has a fascinating interview with Aza Derman, Paleontology and Metaphysical Specialist at the Astro Gallery of Gems in Fifth Avenue, New York City

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Does Your Dog Need A Pet Psychic? 

Jennifer interviewed Ellen Lance to find out why?

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Your Birth Stone

Wear your birth stone to brighten your Mood!

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Healing Properties of Essential Oils

Jennifer interviews Joseph Richkus. Enfleurage New York City

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