Astrological SOUL PURPOSE Life Coaching Consultation

After doing thousands of personal consultations, I have found that the most ask question, and also one of the most important questions, is "What Is My Soul Purpose"?

So, I have created a dedicated consulation covering the following:
- Overview of your natal chart: The position of planets in signs and houses and interaction between the planets.
- Your main areas of Soul Purpose for this life, your skills and gifts
- Karmic factors for this life, what your lessons are and how they are playing out in this life.
- Major transits, outer planets
- Immediate planetary transit and forecast
- Questions answered clairvoyantly in conjuction with planetary transit considerations.

This is a complex reading with a lot of information, therefore is not possible to give in 30 mintues.
I have set a time and fee structure for 60, 90 and 120 minutes - The more overall life and specific quaestions you have the longer time we will need.

This is a once in a lifetime session, a great session that imparts amazing and accurate information, all about you.
Theis session can then be followed up with the monthly consultation Astrology life coaching consultations, or with the Psychic Astrology sessions when needed for advice and guidance.

60-Min $200 - On Sale $150
90-Min $300 - On Sale $225
120-Min $400 - On Sale $300