October is a month to get clear on your goals, dreams and your highest priority. Get serious about your life, who you are and what you want to do, and  get ready for Jupiter in Sagittarius abundance in November. To read your sign and all the signs horoscopes for October click here. Book a personal session with Jennifer to see where your lucky stars are!!

OCTOBER 2018, Monthly Planetary Overview 
by Jennifer Angel

OCTOBER 2018, Monthly Planetary Overview 
by Jennifer Angel

OCTOBER 2018, Monthly Planetary Overview by Jennifer Angel
Be courageous! Leave the past behind, step out of your comfort zone and transform your life!

The close of September

The full Moon on the 24th in Aries, which was the Moon in Aries and Sun in Libra, both squared Saturn in Capricorn on the 25th. This focused your attention on responsibilities and what needed to be completed to keep your life headed in the right direction. On the 27th, a favorable connection between the Sun and Mars helped you stay focused on your goals.

Pluto came come out of retrograde on the 30th, in Capricorn, and allowed you to have a realistic look at your life to step forward and make positive changes. A powerful finish the month of September!

Week one – OCTOBER 01-07October starts off with a confrontation between the Sun and Moon, which can set up a conflict between how you feel, what you want to do and what you feel you should do. The Moon moves fast so if use the energy over these next few days to get in touch with what’s happening in your life and around you, you can make sense of things.  It’s important now to disregard what you don’t want in your life, so you can move forward on a more positive journey.

There is also another square between Mercury and Pluto on the same day, which reminds you to find the positive in people, and if you can’t find anything positive to talk about then perhaps, it’s best to say nothing.

Venus in Scorpio will enter its retrograde transit on October 5th right through to November 16th. This transit will focus your attention on relationships, and for some, monetary issues, which can present situations or opportunities. It can especially highlight anything from the past that needs to be resolved. The energy of Venus in Scorpio can get pretty intense so if you come head to head with an old issue then you are best to deal with it once and for all, no matter how sensitive, awkward or challenging.

Week two – OCTOBER 08-14

This week begins with the bright energy of a new Moon in Libra, which can help offset the intense energy of Venus retrograde in Scorpio. On the 9th, Mercury will make its move to Scorpio as well and during this time you can find that your discussions become more serious and deeper, especially when it relates to relationships.

The very next day, on the 10th, a conflict between love duo planets Mars and Venus, can place further attention on your relationships, however, as Mars is involved there could definitely be a passionate make-up. Friday the 12th beware of power struggles when the Sun squares Pluto and remember that not all things in life are worth going into battle for.

Week three – OCTOBER 15-21

Communication planet Mercury connects with love goddess Venus in Scorpio, and this can create a space that allows you to deal with a tricky or sensitive situation that relates to love, relationships or money. And even though it can be a somewhat confronting situation it will be best to get to the bottom of it.

On Friday the 19th, Mercury will then have a favorable interaction with Neptune. However, at the same time, will form a square with Mars so life can get confusing and unsettled. If things don’t go your way or perhaps someone else’s way, you want to watch out for irritable or even angry behavior and make sure you step sideways so you are not in the firing line. 

Week four – OCTOBER 22-28

October 23, as the Sun makes its move from Libra to Scorpio you have a chance to heal the past in some way. Then on the next day, the 24th, full moon energy in Taurus focuses your attention on transformation, however, the Taurus energy is not always open to change so you will need to ‘feel the fear’ and do it anyway. Remember that when life gets messy that’s when life is changing. On the 26, when Venus and the Sun connect in Scorpio this added energy will help push you out of your comfort zone and straight into a new reality.

Week five – OCTOBER 29-31

The month of October concludes with some beneficial, almost destined, energy between the Scorpio Sun and Cancer Moon, which can provide an opportunity to let go of emotional baggage that could be holding you back from embracing the life you desire. And on the 30th, when Mercury enters Sagittarius, there’s a sense of adventure and optimism to embrace November


Do You Know What Makes You Happy?

Do You Know What Makes You Happy?

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Much love, luck and blessings to you,
September 13, 2018 HOROSCOPES

September 13, 2018 HOROSCOPES

September 13, 2018 HOROSCOPES by Jennifer Angel
Mercury opposite Neptune, sparks your imagination and intuition, pay attention to both.
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Aries MARCH 21-APRIL 19
As soon as you change how you view a situation, or another person’s actions, the dynamics between you become different, allowing new options to arise. With Mercury opposite Neptune influencing and heightening your intuition; it is best right now to do more listening than talking.

Taurus APRIL 20-MAY 20
This week can be shrouded in confusion with Mercury opposite Neptune in your friendship zone and area of connections. So, hold off making any choices regarding your social life or with business associates until you have more information. Once you decide what to do, you’ll have to convince others to follow your lead.

Gemini MAY 21-JUNE 20
When dealing with family or those close enough to call family, with Mercury and Neptune opposite each other, make sure you think through what you want to achieve before having what could be a sensitive discussion. All sorts of confusion can occur now. The last thing you want is someone misconstruing what you say.

Cancer JUNE 21-JULY 22
If competing for something, stand strong and use your negotiation skills. Use your charms, too, if need be, to achieve the winning position; but keep your ultimate outcome and purpose in life top of mind. When you know why you are doing something, the rest can fall into place.

Leo JULY 23-AUG. 22
Mercury in your money zone is opposite Neptune, which can cause some confusion, but this aspect is good for visualization and getting your dreams firmly in your mind, and heart. Evaluate money matters and use your keen eye and aptitude for detail to ensure that nothing is out of place.

Virgo AUG. 23-SEPT. 22
A lasting relationship requires more than love and passion; commitment is what makes it strong. With an opposition between Mercury and Neptune, you will want to assure your partner you’re there for the long run and, no matter what problems arise, you’ll always be willing to work through them. But remember, “Actions speak louder than words”.

Libra SEPT. 23-OCT. 22
If you have an important decision to make, if possible, put it aside for now, With Mercury and Neptune opposite each other, there is likely to be some confusion and you want to feel sure about which way you move next.

Scorpio OCT. 23-NOV. 21
Always adopt a positive attitude if you want to get the same in return. And that also means, with Mercury and Neptune opposite each other now, you don’t want to be critical about a friend’s actions, especially as you may not have all the information. You never really know what’s going on in someone’s life, cut him or her some slack and instead, offer acceptance and understanding.

Sagittarius NOV. 22-DEC. 21
Things could fall into place now, but you may have to keep your schedule flexible for possible changes. With Mercury and Neptune opposite each other your home and career zone are both in the spotlight. Make sure you know all the facts before ageing or disagreeing to anything.

Capricorn DEC. 22-JAN. 19
Don’t squander your attention and energy on those who don’t appreciate all you do for them, Capricorn, and all you are. If someone doesn’t see your worth, you may want to cut them lose. Shift your focus back to your plans, particularly long-range goals, and set plans in place to achieve your ambitions.

Aquarius JAN. 20-FEB. 18
The busier you are, the more you seem to be able to accomplish, and just as well, with fast moving action planet Mars now back in your sign. This is a hectic time for Aquarius and with lots of energy influencing your sign, and you need to stay focused.

Pisces FEB. 19-MARCH 20
Relationships, work and money are all on your radar now, but with Mercury, and Neptune opposite each other, your main focus is likely to be on love. You won’t want to do anything rash, but you don’t want a perfect person or situation slip away either.


September 2018, Monthly Planetary Overview 

September 2018, Monthly Planetary Overview 

September 2018, Monthly Planetary Overview – by Jennifer Angel
A month to think big and don’t let anything get in your way.

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The close of August

It was all systems go! Mars, the action planet and motivator, out of retrograde on the 27th, and with Mars in Capricorn, engines were revved and ready to go. On the same day, Mercury and Jupiter squared, reminding you to check the details, and not become so distracted that you gloss over important data.

It was a month to get your act together in whatever area is most important to you, so that new exciting changes can take place in September. 

Week one – September 03-09
On September 5th, Mercury the communication planet will make his move to Virgo, one of the signs he rules, and the energy will help you be more analytical, intellectual and communicative, all great traits to have and master.

September 6th, Saturn will come out of retrograde, and lighten the energy, the hard work that you’ve put in over the past months can start to formulate as you put positive plans in place for the future now.

September 7th, as the Sun is opposite Neptune, the energy sparks your imagination, and along with it, helps you get in touch with your inner most dreams, hopes and wishes for yourself and your life. However, to keep your energy even, this is a good time to indulge in clean living, rather than substances that alter your consciousness. The cleaner you can live during this time, the more enlightened messages you will receive.

September 8th, Venus and Mars will form a somewhat challenging square, which will mean that you need to pay close attention to matters of love and money. Try to avoid making rash decisions. Shortly after, on the 9th, Venus will enter Scorpio, where it will stay for the rest of the year. It is electric and intense energy, which can be exhilarating, but if you’re not careful, it can also be manipulative. Also, on the 9th, the Virgo new Moon energy can settle energy between you and other. However, be careful of being critical. Sometimes, the least said the better.

Week two – September 10-16

The intense energy of last week is now replaced by softer planetary formations, which will provide some thinking reflecting time, however, there can also be some surprises. Mars will reenter Aquarius, which gets you thinking about how you can do things differently. It’s time to step out the box to be original and unique.

Transformational Pluto interacts favorably with powerful Sun energy on the 11th, and with Mercury on the 15th, both can heighten your sense of who you are where you, where you are and where you want to be in your life. Allow your mind to expand and think big!

A Venus Uranus opposition on the 12th is a message to expect the unexpected, nothing is out of the realms of possibility now. Be careful not to have a misunderstanding around the 13th when Mercury will oppose Neptune, as this is a time when you want to look for facts, not fiction or hearsay.

Week three – September 17-23

September 18th, assertive and sometimes aggressive Mars, will square Uranus for the final time this year. In the process, the energy can set up conflict and disruptive behavior, so be careful not to get in the firing line of someone else’s angry stance.

On the 21st, when Mercury enters Libra, this will soften any upsetting energy and provide the chance to have a much calmer discussion to resolve any disagreement or difference of opinion.

Saturday 22nd, the Sun will also make its move to Libra, signifying the autumn equinox where the days and nights are equal in time. It’s a perfect time to relook at your daily routine to check that you are giving energy and time to things and people in your life who are most important to you.

Week four – September 24-30

The full Moon on the 24th in Aries, which is the Moon in Aries and Sun in Libra, both will square Saturn in Capricorn on the 25th. This focuses your attention on responsibilities and what needs to be completed to keep your life heading in the right direction. On the 27th, a favorable connection between the Sun and Mars gets you focused on your goals.

Pluto will come out of retrograde on the 30th, and as its in Capricorn, allows you to have a realistic look at life and be able to step forward to make positive changes. A powerful way to finish the month!


October kick starts with intense energy that pushes you forward. Hold on tight, and be prepared to move out of your comfort zone so you can move into a new empowered existence.

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