Use Mars and Venus energy to change you attitude and change your life.

Use Mars and Venus energy to change you attitude and change your life.

Use Mars and Venus energy to change you attitude and change your life.

Venus and Mars combinations bring a lot of opportunity this week, April 09, so you will need to get organized, so you don’t miss out on any opportunities. Venus, the planet that governs love and money, and Mars, the planet of passion and motivation both in Earth signs helps to make things real.

Whether your dream is about relationships or finance, this is a week that you can manifest your goals.  But be proactive. First, you need to get inspired and start with a motivating thought and then put a massive amount of energy to that thought to make it happen.

Be positive, keep an open mind and heart, and you just never know what will happen.

A change of attitude can change your life.

Read this week’s horoscope:

April 2018 Planetary Overview. A month to leave the past behind and embrace the future.

April 2018 Planetary Overview. A month to leave the past behind and embrace the future.

April 2018 Planetary Overview by Jennifer Angel
A month to leave the past behind and embrace the future.

March closed with Venus, the ruler of love and money, having moved to Taurus, one of the signs it rules. The full Moon was also in Venus ruled Libra, so the month closed with a feeling of working with rather than against people to get the job done.

April kicks off shortly after the commencement of the spring equinox, which heralds in a new start that works best with a positive attitude and optimistic outlook. It’s a message to leave the past behind and open up to new adventures, possibilities and experiences. Add to this energy a Mars Saturn connection during the first week. The solid foundations of Saturn and motivating energy of Mars combined in business-oriented Capricorn can push forward to make sound progress.

Keep in mind that during all this activity, that Mercury, the communication planet, will be retrograde (out of phase) through to mid-April. As such, you will need to be careful of a few things: Beware of being overly controlling, speaking rashly, stepping on toes or defying authority, all of which can get you into hot water. However, Venus will interact favorably with Saturn later in the week, opening the doorway and your heart to embrace love and relationships that can last the distance of time.

During week two, the Sun will challenge Pluto, and the energy of these two power-planets can result in a few different ways. It can set up a power struggle, especially if you feel your integrity or authority is being questioned in some way. In the process, it can force you out of your comfort zone to stand up for yourself. This can be a good thing, even if it does feel a bit awkward or uncomfortable. It’s a message to do what is right for yourself, keeping in mind that there are times to make compromises and times to take a stand. However, this is a judgement that only you can make.

Mercury comes out of retrograde on the 15th, as well as a new Moon later the same day, both in the sign of Aries, the sun sign of new beginnings and initiation. This is a great sign of things to come and to put your hard work of planning, thinking and preparing into action. And as Uranus, the planet of unexpected developments, is close by, there is a feeling that anything can happen. Keep your mind open, your schedule flexible and attitude optimistic.

Week three commences with a Jupiter Venus opposition, which reminds you to be cautious with your money, rather than impulsive. Saturn, the planet of caution, will go retrograde at the same time, for a five-month transit, at which time you can gain a great deal of insight as to where you are and where you want to end up. This is a perfect time to plan, organize and restructure.

Mid-week, April 18, a Sun Uranus connection in Aries can cause life to be unpredictable, but it quickly settles down the next day when the Sun make his move to Taurus, a more grounded energy. A great time to revisit your finances and how you manage money.

At the end of this week, power planet Pluto will also enter a retrograde transit for a five-month period. As Pluto is the planet of transformation, you have a chance to deal with, or come to terms with anything you have been struggling with and do some personal house cleaning. It’s your chance to let go and discard old beliefs and attitudes that no longer serve in you in a positive way.

During the last week of the month, on April 24th, Venus, planet of love and money, will move to creative and communicative Gemini, and lightens up the energy for easy interaction. The day after, Mercury challenges Saturn, which can prompt you to have a serious discussion with someone close. On the 26th, a Mars Pluto connection can either cause you to be assertive or aggressive, be careful it is not the later. Shortly after, the full Moon is in Scorpio on the 29th as well as a Sun Saturn interaction on the same day. This makes it an ideal time for a huge clean out, both physically and emotionally. A perfect way to finish the month!

Happy Birthday, Aries!

Happy Birthday, Aries!

Your solar return birthday reading. As the Sun moves to your sign, this is a great time to think about your goals for this next solar year. What you want to achieve and the journey to arrive at your destination.
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Thank you, Jennifer xx

MARCH OVERVIEW – A month to get inspired, organized and to move forward with purpose!  

MARCH OVERVIEW – A month to get inspired, organized and to move forward with purpose!  


March 2018 Planetary Overview:
A month to get inspired, organized and to move forward with purpose.

The month kicks off with the Virgo full Moon on the 1st, the first of two full Moons in March. And as it combines with a Venus-Jupiter interaction on the same day, it’s a perfect time to get clear about what you want to achieve and make plans to head in that direction. The Sun and Neptune connect on the 4th, boosting your imagination, inspiration and opens doors of opportunity. This energy is in the sign of Pisces, so love is also very much on the astral radar.

During the second week of March, both Mercury (on the 5th) and Venus (on the 6th) will move to Aries, with communication becoming more urgent and love more passionate. However, relationships can also experience irritable interactions during this time. Jupiter will go retrograde on the 8th for a four-month period, which will turn our attention inwards, with much soul searching.

As Mars trines Uranus on the 11th, unusual options and opportunities can be presented. Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone. When you feel a little uncomfortable, it’s a sign that things are changing in your life. Venus will square Saturn on the 13th, further adding some brutal reality to situations. But there is some softening and good fortune on the way with a Sun-Jupiter interaction and new Moon in Pisces on the 17th. Mars will enter Capricorn and fire up your ambition for the next two months.

This year the Sun will move to Aries on the 20th, the spring equinox, a great time to recheck your goals and clean out anything not working. Mercury will go retrograde on 22nd, which means it will stay in the sign of Aries through till May. Venus and Pluto will square off on the 23rd, beware of power struggles, particularly with love and money. And a Sun-Mars square on the 24th can add more fuel to an already irritable situation – beware what you do and say.

The month closes with Venus in the spotlight. Venus-Uranus have an unpredictable connection on the 28th. On the 31st, Venus moves to Taurus, one of the signs it rules and is at home – good for love and finances. And the full Moon on the 31st is in Libra, the other sign Venus rules, signifying the start of something new and beautiful and the letting go of something no longer needed.


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