ClubANGEL is Jennifer's Premium Service

ClubANGEL offers Jennifer's premium  services. The site offers an abundance of FREE Horoscopes and Material. ClubANGEL offers private sessions with Jennifer, and in time, will offer books and other services. Please check back to see ClubANGEL development. Eventually, we will have something for everyone!

I hope you will love it!
Jennifer xx


Jennifer puts time aside every week to do Charts, Forecasts and Psychic Astrology readings.

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Jennifer records Weekly Horoscope reports as well as weekly Astrology Oracle / Tarot Video Reports

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ASTROLOGY Monthly Subscription - $175.

Want to know what's coming up for you each month, then book Jennifer's Monthly subscription program.

The session is Jennifer's Psychic-Astrology-Life Coaching Consultation. She will look at your forecast, the highlights for the next month, answer questions clairvoyantly, and work with you to overcome blocks that can be holding you back from achieving what you desire to attract in life. It is an amazingly enlightening session from an astrological and psychic viewpoint and invaluable for your Soul-Self-Development.

If you have not already had a chart reading with Jennifer, then over the first few months, Jennifer will analyze your horoscope chart, a fascinating session, as well as your soul purpose, karmic lessons in this life and a forecast reading for the year ahead. You will receive a 12-month pre-written Planetary Forecast report as well as a Natal Birth report.

Each monthly session is recorded with a downloadable link sent at the end of the session along with your session notes and agreed development work for the next month.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Jennifer at

To book your monthly subscription, you can let Jennifer know via her email, and she will discuss dates and send you an invoice. Or you can simply book your first monthly session through the site. 

Love and luck to you, Jennifer xx