December 07. JENNIFER’S BLOG. Mars and Saturn, opposites attract!

Mars and Saturn interact in a positive way that can present opportunities. I love these two planets togetherN although I am probably the only astrologer who does, as they are opposite energies.

Mars is go-getter action orientated, assertive and sometimes aggressive, although this is a softer more positive planetary aspect. It’s a sextile, which opens up opportunities, rather than it being a hard-challenging aspect.

Saturn is more cautious, a little limiting even, and therefore they can fight against each other causing frustrations. But they can work excellently together, too.

Mars can be impulsive and Saturn says; “slow down, let’s think this through”. So together, they can make calculated decisions, wise choices. And with the energy of Saturn, the decisions you make can actually be put into action. Hence, opposites do and can attract in a positive way!