The character of a Gemini

Gemini likes to be connected but they also like to be free as they love the spontaneity of life, which means they don’t like to be confined. You like to have the freedom to take up opportunities when they are presented. You also like expanding your mind, by learning, watching, listening and reading. It’s the adventure of life you love and are forever looking for ways to keep life interesting and different.

As a well-versed air sign, you are a wealth of knowledge and can talk on most subjects, and if not in-depth, you can articulate your knowledge with a level of confidence and ask questions. As an intelligent person, you enjoy having great conversations with anyone who will listen!

As you continually seek to expand your mind you are often found with your head in a book or absorbed in the study of some kind and can be like a walking encyclopedia. You can deliver the juicy details from the office gossip just as much as you inform people of breaking news and current events. Stretching or elaborating the truth is not uncommon for you, as you simply can’t control yourself.

Charming and spontaneous, you live life to the fullest and can’t stand the thought of losing your freedom, even though you prefer to be attached to people and work as a team member, whether at work or home.

Business and Careers for Gemini

Gemini’s are often found in creative jobs in the media, PR, movies, photography, and journalism. They can also find satisfaction in jobs that align with education, lecturing, teaching – anywhere where they are getting ideas across to others and anywhere you gain intellectual stimulation. You like fast action and quick returns.

Gemini star signs make excellent directors and problem-solvers as you can keep an enormous amount of information in your mind at any one time. Being creative by nature, you strive to find work in a creative area, where there is always something different happening. You can also be attracted to technical industries as you enjoy working out complex problems. 

It is generally more important for a Gemini to do something they like, rather than for the financial return, but if you can get both, then even better. And as a rule, Gemini does not have attachments to the material things of life, and you know how to be thrifty with your own money. However, if you have an expense account, or you have a well-stocked bank account, you might not be so economical. You certainly know how to get as much as you can out of every cent to enjoy yourself. You do not, as a general rule, have to hold on to money as cash is to be spent to have a good time. However, you do usually look for good value.

As a Gemini boss – you need people on your team who do their job – you don’t like to be pestered by them or have to both with checking up on them all the time. You like being told about big pictures as well as the details.

Gemini in Love

Let’s face it, Gemini, you’re a major flirt – and that keeps you hunting for the perfect lover, and in a quest to find your one and only true love you can have many lovers along the love journey. 

A Gemini needs a relationship to be interesting and different. You don’t like dominating or clingy partners and you need someone in your life with a strong sense of adventure, and at the same time can respect your need for freedom.

Gemini likes date nights that are engaging and entertaining, like taking in the latest movie, a new show at a gallery, or a new bar. A friend of mine gave their Gemini lover a Valentine card, which sent her on a treasure hunt, sending her an email leading her to the next step. Five steps later, her final destination was in his arms! She adored the chase! 

Gemini’s heart can be easily touched by romantic gestures and gifts and letters – which they keep to remind them of their special moments in life. 

The other side of Gemini

You can get bored easily, then irritable and then you become mischievous so you can entertain yourself by playing mind games with others. And you can be seen to be manipulative, however, it is really more all in fun. Of course, you never forget anything, but you do a “convenient” memory – and can deny what you’ve said previously, or changing or embellishing it somewhat. 

Gemini can’t stand the thought of missing out on anything, and as you can’t stand the thought of wasting time, you love to be involved in as many things as possible, to keep your mind occupied. If you find yourself in a job where you are working alone or at a slow pace without spontaneity you go into a Gemini coma of boredom, and your bring to light will fade a little. 

The Truth about Gemini

When Gemini is in tune with who they are, and in balance with their lives, they just love to have fun and are the masters at letting loose and living for the moment. We can all learn something special from Gemini, and that is to live life for today and allow our inner child to come out to play. And to not labor on the mistakes of the past, or yearn for what may come in the future. As Gemini is well aware, all we really have is today!

Famous Gemini

Angelina Jolie, Naomi Campbell, Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman, LaToya Jackson, Nicole Kidman, Natalie Portman, Courtney Cox, Donald Trump, Brooke Shields, Prince, Marilyn Monroe, Kanye West.

 Gemini 101

SYMBOL: The Twins
ZODIAC QUALITY: Mutable – easygoing
COLORS: Yellow, blue
JEWELS: Agate for clarity, emeralds for May-born Gemini, pearls for June-born Gemini.
COMPATIBILITY: Aquarius, Libra, Gemini.
BEST FRIENDS: Sagittarius, a quest for knowledge makes life interesting. Virgo, enjoy a good debate.
STRENGTHS: Curiosity, creativity, lightheartedness, entertaining
CHALLENGES: Take responsibility, tune down the drama 
 To communicate to others whatever they feel is important.
YOUR INNER DEMON: To lose your mind.

Understanding Your Planet

Your ruling planet Mercury provides you with a quick mind and the ability to keep a myriad of details in your head rather than needing to write everything down. You make excellent writers, are natural candidates for the publishing industry, scriptwriting in the film industry, or similar positions that allow you to be literary. 

Mercury governs all things communication, so your mind is eager to learn and take in information. And the Mercurial qualities, the gifts from your ruling planet, also give you an excellent sense of humor, to the point where you can be quite mischievous, especially if you get bored or don’t have enough to keep your mind active. 

The challenge Mercury presents you is – don’t take on more than you can handle. When you have too much going on, your thoughts get scattered and you get distracted, focusing on irrelevant tangents, which in turn reduces your productivity.

As a Gemini, you can engage in a conversation on just about any topic. You may not have an in-depth knowledge of the topic, but you do have a point of view that allows you to engage in a discussion, and you are only too happy to do so. If there is a problem, that others have deemed insurmountable, you can come up with an alternative way to make the problem work. You have the ability to step outside any issue and come up with a solution, even if it is a Band-Aid to solve an immediate dilemma, it will get the job done. Continue to gather knowledge and your mind will keep you young.

Want more? The next step would be a personal reading

You may be a Gemini but depending on what day, what time of day or night you were born and where you were born – then you would have far more other qualities that a reading would expose. If you’d like a personal reading, please take a look at the different types of consultations on the READINGS page. There is a selection of Psychic Astrology Life Coaching consultations. Please reach out to Jennifer through the contact page if you have any questions. Thank you.