Jennifer’s BLOG December 09, 2017. Motivating and passionate Mars energy sits well in Scorpio, one of the signs it rules.

As planet Mars, the sign of energy, assertiveness, and pure go-up-and go, enters Scorpio, the combined energy is dynamic and powerful. And as the passionate energy of Mars mixes and mingles with abundant Jupiter, opportunities are birthed.

Keep in mind, though, that right now, Mercury the planet of communication, is still retrograde. So, if you have something fabulous happening in your life, but everything and everyone seems to be on a go slow, as if they are out to lunch, don’t panic, it will happen.

It can be difficult to keep your cool with Mars in Scorpio, but to rush things can be detrimental to yoru desired outcome. Take a leaf out of Scorpio’s book and be more strategic. When the time is right, everything will go ahead, and all you need to do, is be ready.