Jennifer’s BLOG December 10. Mercury keeps creative communication open. Read the blog to find this weekend’s recipe for success.

 Mercury retrograde can be unsettling, especially when the planet is Stationary retrograde or Stationary direct. This is when it is entering and departing the retrograde transit. But for now, as it has settled into the transit, it’s a great time to get down to business to plan, research and get an action play. Get ready to push the button to proceed when the main retrograde transit comes to and end after December 22nd.

This weekend, Mercury plays a bit part. It tries Uranus, the planet of expected developments, so you an expected the unexpected. There is very much a creative essence about this planetary interaction, as well as thinking and getting inspired about how to make a project or situation happen in your life. Take note of co-incidences, chance meetings and intuitive thought, all of which can provide the signs as to how you can move forward.

Mercury will also square Neptune, so although there is likely to be some excitement and anticipation of what is to come or what is possible, you want to keep on foot on the ground while your head is in the clouds.

The best recipe for success this weekend, is to be idealist, with a pinch of reality!