Jennifer’s BLOG. December 13, 2017. Moon Mars connect Scorpio. Movement can release intense emotions.

 The combination of the Moon and Mars in Scorpio can be very exciting and exhilarating energy that can light a fire of passion that simply moves energy. But it can also be incredibly intense, and unsettling, and therefore, for some people, extremely confronting.

Fortunately, the Moon moves through the zodiac quickly staying only a few days in each sign, so if you take a deep breath and do some meditation you can get through it without too much trouble. The best way, however, to move Moon Mars in Scorpio energy is through movement. Do some exercise, whether it is Yoga or high cardio running, moving the body will help to release pent up energy and emotion and stop it from getting blocked in your body or being released in a fury.

On the upside, the energy combination is passionate, exciting and can provide the energy that connects you with someone you feel drawn to in a way that gets the chemistry of aliveness charging through your veins. The excitement, as always, is in the present, so don’t labor on the past or future too much, just enjoy the here and now to get the most out of this transit.