September 2018 PET Horoscopes
By Jennifer Angel


ARIES Pet-Scope

Independent Aries pets can be more smoochy and loving this month. if you can give them a little extra one-on-one snuggling time to keep them happy, they reward you with tail wagging appreciation.

TAURUS Pet-Scope

Taurus pets love their creature comforts, make sure their bed is extra comfy, but don’t forget, they love luxury, too., so use furry soft to the touch fabrics. Family time is extra special and important for them this month. And they can be more communicative than usual.

GEMNI Pet-Scope

Gemini pets just love to make noise.  And this month, with Mercury in their area of communication if you listen carefully, they can pretty well tell you what they want. But it’s up to you to pay attention. 

CANCER Pet-Scope

Cancer pets can be a little moody and may need a little more reassuring this month as to how valued they are. They need to feel part of the family, and not just being feed, they want close connection attention.

LEO Pet-Scope

Leo pets usually have a mind of their own, and this month with the planet of creativity and communication close by, even more so. Keep a close eye on them. If outside, don’t let them out of your sight. A strong grip on command is recommended.

VIRGO Pet-Scope

If you think your Virgo pet can read your mind, with all those planets influencing the sign before Virgo, guess what, he/she probably can. They may not be as predictable as usual, so keep them close by.

LIBRA Pet-Scope

Libra pets are friendly animals. With so much going on in and around their sign this month, if you take them out for walks, you will want to allow more time in your schedule for their social calendar. Family connection is very important, too.


Scorpio pets can be busy at home this month and want to be involved with everything and everyone. They can easily get distracted so keep a close eye on them. Don’t assume you know what they’re doing. If they’re home alone, consider investing in a pet camera.


Your Sagittarius pet can be more than a bit impatient this month and be persistent in getting your attention. When they want something, they want it. And when they don’t get it, they can act out. Be prepared to take control. They will need to know who’s the boss!


Capricorn pets can be a little during this time, especially with the influence of Mars energy.  So be careful not to make any assumptions as to their mood. One minute they are lovers, the next they can be demanding.


Aquarian pets are unpredictable this month, more so than usual. And it’s not that they will try to play games on you, but it may feel like that, so pay attention to them. Do try and give them some extra time to make them feel they are still the one who has your heart the most.

PISCES Pet-Scope

Pisces pets are generally not ones to be too controlling, but they do want what they want when they want it. So, if they’re not interested in something, it could be, that they’ll just do it in their own time. Don’t push them too much, as with the influence of Mars, they can get a little unsettled.

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Your Aries pet will generally let you know what they want, and this month even more so, so be prepared to listen to them. They don’t speak English, but they do have their own form of communication, and if you pay attention, you will get the gist of what they are trying to tell you. If possible, encourage them to be social; new friends are in the stars.


Be prepared to give a command and follow through with your Taurus pet. They are likely to be more controlling this month, as he or she may want to take control of their own destiny. Pets need to know who’s the boss, and that’s you, not them. They may also want to be more engaging, so indulge them in a little extra fun time.


Gemini pets can be contrary, one minute they want your company and the next they are happy by themselves, it’s their dual personality. But this month, thy are all about the family and will want to be involved with everything, so include them in your plans as much as possible. And if you can’t include them, lavish a little more loving while at home.


Cancer pets are smart and this month, watch out, because if you’re not paying close attention, they can outsmart you, in ways you hadn’t even imagined. As Cancers love to sleep, you can sooth their soul with cozy blankets and bedding, or a little soft toy that can make their dreams dreamier.


Leo is a strong sign, and this month your Leo pet can be obstinate when he or she wants something, and it can be a battle of the wits of who will give in first, make sure it isn’t you! They can also be more possessive than usual of your time and affection, as well as not want anyone else to pay you attention.


Your Virgo pet can be intense this month, with so much going on in their sign their head and tail will be waging. Keep them on a routine as much as possible. They feel more comfortable and balanced when they know what they are doing. It will also limit any confusion or uncertainty they may feel during this time.


Libra pets can be more intuitive and instinctual than usual this month, and you may think they are reading your mind, as they seem to know what’s going on in advance.  They can have their own idea about what they want to do this month, and it may be different to what you want. Be clear with your communication, and firm with your commands.


You can expect Scorpio pets to be busy all month, and at times, demanding. They have lots to do, see and get under control. Let them have their space to do what they need to do, and try not to interfere too much with their sleep-play cycle. When they get enough sleep and stick to a routine they are more settled.


Watch your Sagittarius pet like a hawk this month, they are opportunists at the best of times, and right now, if they see an opening they will take it. Whether they want to run out the door, harass the other household pets or stockpile their treats, they can be mischievous, and not to be trusted during August.


Just when you think you have your Capricorn pet all worked out, this month, they can do something out of the ordinary. You may think it’s cute at first, but really, you probably don’t want them to make a habit of it – be firm. They will also need a lot of positive encouragement, in the way of reinforcing how much you love them.


Aquarian pets are not always social creatures, but his month, they are likely to want to be more involved with everything and with everyone. Can you teach an old dog new tricks? Well, in this case, and this month, yes you can, so focus on training and any behavioral issues you want to correct.


Pisces pets are generally pretty easy going, they are lovers, but during August, don’t be surprised if they are a little more assertive than usual, which can present itself in the form of naughtiness, most likely just to get your attention. But at the end of the day, all they really want is a big smoochy cuddle!

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