JUNE 2018 PET-SCOPE – See what mischief your pet will get into this month!!
By Jennifer Angel and Yogi the Astro-Poodle



Aries is a strong star sign, and your Aries pet has a mind of his or her own, so you have to be firm with your commands, otherwise they can take you for a walk rather than the other way around. This month, be clear with your communication; make sure you have their attention before giving a command.


You can expect your Taurus pet to be more demanding of your attention this month, so try and make time to give them some extra loving. And a little (or a lot) of luxury to make their bed and safe place more comfortable will put a wag in their tail. They love soft luxurious fabrics — don’t we all!


With Mercury now to your pets’ sign you can expect them to be more verbal and noisy this month. Gemini pets can be inquisitive at the best of times. And If they don’t get your attention at first, they are likely to find a mischievous (and naughty) way to do so.


Venus in your Cancer baby’s sign, and they can be emotional and loving all at the same time. But a little moody too, so be there for them when they need you and at other times, let them have their space. Sleep and snoozing in a comfy warm spot is good to settle the nerves of a Cancer pet.


Your pet will want to get out and play to mix and mingle with other pets, people and basically anyone who will listen to them or give them attention. For dogs, they can be friendlier then usual on the walk wanting to befriend new animal-mates, and cats can be more inquisitive than usual.


As planet Mars is in your pet’s area of routine, they could be a little scattered this month, so keep a close eye on them. Remember, at best, animals are unpredictable, so don’t take any chances, especially while outdoors.


Libra pets can be a little self-conscious this month due to an interaction between Venus and Neptune. Make an effort to give them more praise for everything they do. They need to know they are pleasing you and have your total love, and for sure, they will return it, ten-fold.


You may have to excuse your Scorpio pets’ bad behavior this month as Mars, their co-ruler, in tehri area of home and family goes retrograde. The energy can really shake them up and unbalance them a little. Keep them on a routine and don’t deviate, when they know what to expect it can soften the effect of the energy.


If your Sagittarius pet needs a little time alone, then give it to them, but don’t let them linger there too long, unless of course, it’s their sleepy cycle.  You want to watch their food and nutrition always, but more so this month. If they are finicky with their food, then find something that they like, even if it is spoiling them.


Full Moon energy in your Capricorn pets’ sign can cause them to feel a little uncertain. Don’t be surprised if they decide that all of a sudden, they don’t want to play with their favorite animal-mate, or anyone else, for that matter. They can be a bit temperamental this month, so treat them with sensitivity.


Just when you think you have your Aquarian pet in a routine, as Mars in their sign goes retrograde, the energy can cause them to do something different. There is never a dull moment with Aquarian, they can surprise you, always.


Pisces, as a rule, want to be close to you and this month, with more emphasis on their solar fourth house of home and family, connections with their favorite human and other family members will be very important for your sensitive Pisces pet. When you look into their eyes, that connection you have with your pet can seem as if they understand every word you say, and they just might.

May 2018 PET HOROSCOPE – The mischief your pet gets into!

ARIES Pet-Scope

As Venus moves to your pet’s home and family area of life, you can expect them to be cuddlier and less energetic. They may need extra encouragement and even a little nurturing this month, so try to give it to them. 

TAURUS Pet-Scope

Your usually set in their ways, Taurus pet can switch things up this month and surprise you with some unpredictable behavior, so you better keep a close eye on them to ensue they don’t get into any trouble!

GEMINI Pet-Scope

With the full Moon opposite and the Sun moving to your Gemini’s sign, this can be a topsy-turvy month for your mischievous pet. Don’t allow them to get too distracted while out, try to keep them focused on one thing at a time. 

CANCER Pet-Scope

Love planet Venus moves to Cancer, so you can expect your pet to be a total homebody this month, more so than usual. This is a great time to fluff up their pillows and make their bed area more cozy and luxurious.

LEO Pet-Scope

Leos are likely to be very busy during May, what more to do than time to do it in. And don’t forget they need their busty sleep, too, so don’t let them get too frantic trying to get their nose into everything.

VIRGO Pet-Scope

The Sun and Mercury move to Virgo’s work area and can get them being busy. And the way to know exactly what they are going though is to directly talk to them. When you get their attention, you may be surprised as to how much they actually understand. Happy chatting.

LIBRA Pet-Scope

You can expect your Libra pet to be more confident around friends and with socializing this month. They will have a mind of their own when it comes to whom they want to play with.  Just make sure they don’t interact with ay aggressive pets. 


New friends are on your Scorpio’s social hit list this month and they will want to go out of their way to show other pets just how fabulous they are – let them! When you want to calm them down, reach out with a loving hand and a few treats won’t hurt, either. 


Full Moon energy in your Sagittarius sign as well as the Sun moving to the opposite sign, their love zone, can make them a little crazy this month, but on the other hand they can be crazy in love – with you!


Capricorn pets can be a little serious sometimes, to the point that you can wonder if they are lethargic. But they watch and listen. And this month, there will be nothing wrong with their instincts, either. They will be able to tell you things before you even know. 


Mars in your Aquarians’ sign can make them a little or a lot erratic. Watch them carefully as they can be unpredictable this month and you don’t want them going off on their own little journey.

PISCES Pet-Scope

Pisces pets can be very talkative this month. They are highly intuitive pets; you can look them straight in the eye and feel they are talking to you, to your mind. Whether intuitively or verbally, do communicate to them this month, often.


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