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Jennifer's Personal Readings

This page provides answers to your questions about Jennifer's personal readings. If you have any further questions before booking a session, please don't hesitate to contact me through the contact page. 

Before each session, there is some preparation work where I look at your chart and prepare reports. I feel honored to consult with you and will always treat your personal business with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality. Thank you. Jennifer xx


What People Say About Jennifer

Jennifer's Fan Club

I've been following Jennifer Angel for 4 years since I started reading her Daily Horoscopes on NY Daily News. I used to read horoscope predictions for fun I didn't really rely on it. This has changed since my personal chart reading with Jennifer few weeks ago over Skype. She was so AMAZINGLY accurate and detailed in the reading. I'm in between jobs so wanted to know how long I have to wait. Jennifer was so spot on about the company and the dates which gave me more confidence and hope in my job search. Rashi R

Jennifer is not just an astrologer she is also a psychic. She has such an amazing personality you can ask her about anything. I like her sense of humor you can see that in her weekly and monthly YouTube videos.

I will be going to Jennifer for guidance going forward.Ms. Angel’s wisdom and daily guidance on how to be a better person and how to deal with life’s challenges.  Much admired, I rely upon her insightful advice. Thank you, Deley Gazinelli

I always was amazed how Jennifer was always on the mark not just for myself but also for family, too. She is for real. Barbara DiMemmo

You are amazing and one in a million, I hope you continue to succeed with what you do, you are gifted. I happen to be a Scorpio eagle and your uncanny accuracy amazes daily. Thank you for all the years you devote and dedicate to your craft. I wish you continued success and Blessings! sincerely,’ernie

I’ve had some struggling relationships as well that have affected me emotionally but you have spoken to me through your incredible ability and this weeks reading for Taurus is my life to a tee!  Good things are coming to me I’m praying -I know they are.  James.

I found Jennifer to be extremely accurate and was one reason I bought the NY Daily News paper daily. Rich Johnson.

Reading your column was one reason I bought the paper daily. You were extremely accurate, to the point that one of my former girlfriends used to call you my friend because she though I personally contacted you to write about her. Thank you for all the great advice.

I'm so glad I took advantage of your reading sale -- my birthday reading blew my socks off, and the important dates you gave me are invaluable for planning 2017. Thank you, Jennifer! Laurel.

So accurate!  Thank you Jennifer.

I’ve been meaning to thank you for providing such eerily accurate horoscopes for Capricorns in particular for the NY Daily News. I read mine whenever I can and every time, it’s as if you’ve written it just for me!! So, thank you for such a thorough, thoughtful reading of the Capricorn stars. Molly.

So right on! Finally all aspects of my life are starting to reflect the healthier and happier person I am striving to become!!

From Jessie, PMK*BNC “I’m writing to you on behalf of the PMK*BNC office here in NYC. We are a PR agency working with a variety of brands and talent, and are avid readers of your horoscopes (we do not miss a day). Your words truly speak to each of us, relating to our lives in ways we could not even begin to imagine. From the Libras to the Capricorn, we take our daily horoscope reads very seriously and it has become a ritual amongst the entire office.”

From Chandru, India. “I follow you on YouTube. Can’t start the Month or Week without listening to you. Keep up the good work of guidance. Even if something doesn’t come true the hope you create in me is what helps me along the tough times. I appreciate the way you put across your point and like the way you communicate. Being an Aquarian I vibe only with higher minds. I am a fan of yours for many years”

From Lindsay Meeks. Former Senior Video Producer, New York Daily News. “Jennifer Angel is a natural on camera, and her words flow so easily and fluidly. She always amazes me by her ability to reach out and engage the audience and make viewers feel like she’s talking directly to them. When I’m working with her, she rarely has to do any retakes and requires very little prompting. She is able to take an astrological reading and go beyond what the stars are predicting and give insightful advice on how to interpret and use the naturally flowing energy to reach your full potential.”

Jennifer's Very Personal Readings

Why Jennifer Angel’s readings are very personal.

Having a reading with Jennifer Angel is not what you think it’s going to be. Sure – she’ll tell you what planets are in your chart, and yes – she’ll tell you what’s coming up in the next few months, with a few “watch out for this” notes… though typically a 60-minute reading splits into three parts:– 20 minutes on chart analysis, 20 minutes on astrological transits,  and 20 minutes on clairvoyance, with a little extra home work for self-development thrown in.

Getting your chart mapped and analyzed is the first thing to do, because once Jennifer has this information, she then has a reference point for interpretations as well as a foundation for further readings or different types of readings… or if you want a forecast say every one or three months or so.

Jennifer says:
“The chart plotting or analysis allows me to get a blueprint of you, to get to know you… even if you have had your chart read elsewhere… every astrologer interprets the chart differently."

“Analyzing your astrological chart or wheel is my knowledge base to everything else. I love this part of the reading, it always highlights something amazing. It often provides a realization of your challenges, your gifts, your skills and what your soul purpose is - it just makes sense.”

“The chart also shows me if your life is on track or at a crossroads when you need to make some changes. Having that chart means I can see something happening on a particular day, or week or month. But mostly, it gives me the answers to the most urgent questions you have at the time."

“Inevitably most personal readings end up talking about one specific area in a person's life or one specific question about their life… and that’s when the reading goes into a clairvoyant level … and things come up … and we start a discussion about how to make difficult situations work. – Could it be an unhealthy pattern you’ve had for a while? What can be done to make things work? Are you prepared to change?

Because of these types of readings, Jennifer often finds herself continuing helping people to change habits and behavior beyond the readings. "I don't provide a fortune telling service as such, more a combination of psychic astrology and life coaching. I have devised my own style of reading, and the consultations have proven to be extremely successful. I guide people to live the life of their dreams, the life they were born to live. It's a fascinating, and rewarding experience!"

“These self-discovery discussions beyond the reading can take a few sessions to get one situation resolved… Often people will book the monthly reading consultation sessions and as people work with me, inevitably another issue arises. They tell me ‘Jennifer, these things have been happening to me’ and I say ‘I’m not surprised looking at your chart’.”

Jennifer also conducts regular sessions with a small selection of clients working on their “self-discovery.” This is an intense course of sessions looking at your life’s purpose, your self-esteem, confidence and making changes to your life going forward to be happy and successful.

If you’d like more information about these courses, please contact Jennifer.

Your Questions Answered

Don't hesitate to contact Jennifer for more info.

You can book your personal session with Jennifer direct through the site, however, if you have any trouble, then please contact Jennifer via her email or through the contact page.

Once I receive your booking I will reach out to you via email to confirm your booking and birth details. Because of the preparation work involved with an astrological session, I don't take bookings without payment.  


I will need the following information to prepare your horoscope wheel and reports.

Date of Birth:  Including Sun Sign as the date is written differently around the world.
Place of Birth:  Town, State, Country.
Time of birth:  Or as close to it as you have.
Areas of life:  I will ask you if there are specific areas you want me to focus on or questions. I can look at these while preparing the chart. This is important  so I can structure the session to ensure I can cover your questions in the time frame.
Names and photos: I am very good at picking up on energy of names. You can send photos through beforehand if you like.
In regard to questions: I need the questions to be direct and to the point. However, do not give me too much information, at first. I do need some info to bounce off energetically, but not too much detail. 

Soul Purpose Session: If you have booked a Soul Purpose session, please don’t tell me what you do; your job or occupation. 

How important is the Birth Time? In some cases even minutes can make a huge difference to a chart. The more exact you can be the better.

Can Jennifer do a chart reading without the birth time? YES. The birth time gives another layer of analysis to the chart, but I can still do your chart without the time.


USA or CANADA. I will call you on the phone number you provide.
INTERNATIONAL. I will call you by Skype, which you can download to your computer or  phone.
Who calls who? I do a short meditation just before each reading so I will call you, don't worry if I run a few minutes late.


Priority Questions  Please let me know if you have priority questions so I can make sure they are covered.
Record the session. I can record the session, if you like. I send you a link to download in MP3 audio file format, which you can save.


Follow up. I will email your recording, reports, and any notes or suggestions I have recommended.

How often can I have a reading? Some of Jennifer's clients will book annually, 6 monthly, quarterly and some monthly for a Psychic-Astrology-Life Coaching session. The monthly sessions are at a discounted price.


Jennifer's Unique Style and How She Started

Jennifer Angel is different to other astrologers.

Forget the “trines” and “transits” and all the industry words you may find in other horoscopes. Angel writes her horoscopes so you can relate to them and understand.

She also has a unique method of forecasting. On her patented charts, she maps the position of the planets every week, so she can see at a glance where the planets are, their interactions with each other and the the Sun and Moon and what aspects of people’s lives are being affected.

Not only that, she keeps these charts over several months and years because the movement of a planet explains several affects during its movements. “You have to realize that a planet’s position for one day is not the full story. The daily chart only tells part of the story. Astrology is not necessarily down to an infinite degree on a particular date, although it can be, but it is much broader than that.”

“I was doing a personal reading for a women in Florida, and noticed her chart showed the position of Venus in her chart was conjunct with the position of Venus on 19th August. ‘Did you meet someone new on Friday?’ She said no.  Then she said, ‘I met him on the 21st.’ The orb of influence was around her but not exactly to the absolute degree.

Jennifer also writes with a spiritual message to her horoscopes.

“No matter what you are doing spiritually, you’re still living in this physical world. When I’m writing my horoscopes I include a spiritual essence whilst suggesting a very practical way to use my message in this physical world. ”

“I am a psychic astrologer so I do look at things clairvoyantly, more so for personal readings where I combine psychic, astrology and life coaching, my own special brand of consultation.”

How it all started.

It all started when Jennifer Angel was 16. “I used to have these vivid dreams about events or situations, and then a few days later, those things happened.”

At 16, petrified and bewildered, with no one to explain her experiences, Angel tried to stop herself dreaming to stop things happening. “I was so frightened I told my mom, she said ‘I have those dreams all the while’. She described her dreams to me and I realized I was second generation, maybe many more, I don't know. However, I do know on soul level I have been a healer, teacher, or spiritual advisor for many many lives.”

At 19, in an effort to understand what was happening to her, Jennifer started studying psychometry and attending closed-mediation sessions in Sydney, well as taking part in mandala meditations at a Buddhist temple, becoming a Reiki therapist and an Aura-Soma practitioner.

“I was studying everything and anything trying to understand what was happening to me. I suppose you could say it was the start of my “purple kaftan” phase as I kept wearing purple clothes and crystals around my neck. But I did grow out of that.”

Jennifer’s day job was being a successful and in-demand make-up artist to the stars of Australian film and TV. One day she found herself preparing Athena Star woman for a show, the two clicked and the rest is history. (Athena was the well-known astrologer of Vogue USA and a renowned author.) This was Jennifer’s introduction to astrology, and though she was involved with many of Athena’s projects and workshops, Angel never wrote anything under her own name.

Jennifer was however making TV segments about astrology on network TV. After completing counseling courses, with diplomas under her belt, Angel starred in her own chat show on Talk Radio with phone-in questions on relationships from the public. This coincided with her column that appeared in a women’s weekly mainstream magazine also on relationships.

“Looking back, I’ve realized I’ve been helping people to better themselves on some sort of level. In my cosmetic days I was making them look good on the outside, now I’m making them feel good on the inside.”

Jennifer’s first astrology column was published in STAR! Magazine.

Next Steps...

To view all sessions Jennifer offers, please visit the Readings page. And if you have any questions, then don't hesitate to reach out to me direct through the Contact Us page.

Love and luck to you! Jennifer xx