Personal Note from Jennifer about her Readings

My personal readings are a combination of Psychic Astrology and Life Coaching. It’s a process of getting to know and understand yourself.  Through amazing and unique highlights, according to your birth chart, Astrology gives you permission to be who you are, without apologies! Depending on the session you book, I will analyze your Birth Chart, your Soul Purpose, your Planetary Transits, your lessons in this life and your gifts. I will also answer your questions psychically. It’s a powerful experience for you and me! And one I LOVE to do. I do preparation work before your session and make every effort possible to ensure you receive the answers, guidance or just pure inspiration, that you are looking for within the time available. And although I am not a fortune-teller, will give you heads up to what to expect and when. I am very skilled at reading people, situations and bounce psychically off names and photos.  I do have a structure to my consultations, but no session is the same. I design the session and flow of our time together to suit you.

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GET EMPOWERED TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE! Do you feel stuck? Are you at a cross road? Do you have a situation you are working through? Or are you getting over a situation or person? Need Help, Guidance, Options, Answers? Jennifer combines Astrology, Intuitive Clairvoyance, Life-Coaching. She will design a program in line with what you want to accomplish. BOOK NOW!


Due to popular demand. Jennifer introduced a Psychic Tarot Reading

Jennifer uses a variety of tarot packs in her readings, for overall answers, love and angelic guidance, and sometimes she will use multiple packs. As Jennifer is an astrologer and life coach, she will ask for your birth details, but this session is not a chart analysis or astrological transit reading.

How Jennifer Does The Psychic Tarot Reading: You can send photos, if you like but not necessary. She will take you through a short meditation at the start of the session while call in her guides and angels.  After the initial card spread, she will tune in Clairvoyant and Psychically.  Jennifer Reads off names and situations. She will ask for some detailed information to tune in. After the reading: If you would like the session recorded, tell Jennifer at the beginning of the session.  Book NOW – 50-min $125.

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