This Sacred Medicine Podcast episode by Jennifer Angel outlines the major planetary transits for 2018




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This is a year of heightened ambition, responsibility and self-awareness. To learn the lessons that life will hand you and put them into action. And to take responsibility for your own choices and actions in life.

It’s a time to get real about what you want and to follow the path of your heart. Make decisions. Decide what you want and make it happen. Whether it relates to things, people or situations, discard anything not purposeful and replace with solid systems that work.

Banking and the financial market is due to reform. It’s up to each of us to keep up to date and take responsibility to stay informed and educated. It’s either that or be left behind.

Solid structures can be built this year in both your material and emotional life.  It’s very much about taking responsibility for where you are in life and decide to make changes.  In doing so, you take one step at a time to a more self-actualized life where you can improve and grow by being accountable for your own self-development. 

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