DECEMBER 2018, Monthly Planetary Overview by Jennifer Angel – Courageous Thought, Feeling and Action Puts You In Touch With Your Inner Heart Desires!

The close of November:

November 25th was the annual connection between the powerful Sun and abundant Jupiter.  This was considered to be the luckiest day in the annual astral calendar, a day to focus on the positive and the end result you desire.

Communication planet Mercury was also in the spotlight! November 26th, Mercury and Mars interacted, and this connection cautioned you not to speak harshly or impulsively. However, additional planetary interaction provided the capacity to forgive and forget on 27th, as Mercury favorably connected with both the Sun and Jupiter.

The month closed with Venus and Uranus in opposition on the 30th, bringing your attention up close and personal with relationships and those you love and respect. This also provided an opportunity to let go and move on.

The beginning of December

With Venus entering Scorpio on the 2nd, and Mercury moving back to Scorpio in its retrograde transit the day before, the month begins with relationships being intense as well as verbal. At the same time, the Sun and Mars in a challenging aspect can add extra tension to any situation that demands your attention in a way that it is impossible to ignore. Say what you mean but be mindful that a little diplomacy can go a long way in softening what could be a sensitive issue. 

Week one – December 03-09

Mercury comes out of its retrograde transit on the 6th, giving you the go ahead to put plans into action, sign official papers, or start something new. The very next day, on the 7th, the new Moon in Sagittarius provides a huge dose of optimism and faith that all is well in the world, exactly as it is.  On the same day, Mars and Pisces will connect and this dynamic energy can heighten your instincts, your sexuality, your dreams, visualization, imagination and creativity. Use this energy to shine your personal star out to the universe to create whatever you want in life. Be idealistic, but keep it real, too. When your head is in the clouds, you also want to keep one foot on the ground.

Week two – December 10-16

On the 12th, Communication planet Mercury will depart the intense sign of Scorpio for the more fun seeking adventurous, and truth seeking, Sagittarius energy. If money is involved, beware of being too impulsive. You don’t want to leave yourself short for the holidays. Shortly after, the Sun and Moon will square on the 15th, which can have you battling with what you think you should do and what you want to do.

Week three – December 17-23
An exciting interaction between the Sun and Uranus on the 20th can provide the courage you need to be able to move out of your comfort zone and move a step (or two) towards your dream. Be bold, be courageous, and don’t let self-doubt enter your mind!  The very next day, the Sun will make its way to Capricorn, the sign of ambition, and encourages you to get your goals, dreams and visions set for the upcoming New Year. And as Venus and Neptune interact, this beautiful inspiring energy helps you to get more in touch with your inner heart and soul.

Week four – December 24-30

During the festive season, on the 24th, Mercury and Neptune will square and challenge you to be concise with your communication to avoid mix-ups and misunderstandings. And as the Moon and Jupiter interacting in a favorable way on the 25th, with this aspect in the mix it promises any confusion to be short lived. The energy is now replaced with a great deal of joy and jolliness while interacting with others.

There is another Sun Moon square on December 29th, which will allow you to revisit any unfinished business and clear it before the year’s end. The year will close on the 31st with Mars entering Aries, the sign it rules, and this go-getter motivated, and highly optimistic energy will kick off the New Year in a positive and productive way.

Moving into January, all the placements and activity in the sign of Capricorn, as well as a solar eclipse, bring a new exciting start for 2019 where thought and feeling put into action can literally change your life