2019 Year Ahead Horoscopes

2019 Is a Year of Vision, Opportunity and Surprises!


2019, is a year of opportunity! With abundant planet Jupiter in Sagittarius, the sign it rules, this year anything is possible. Your success code is to be positive, stay optimistic, follow your heart, look for opportunities and above all else, don’t give up! Saturn still in Capricorn, the sign it rules, makes it possible to build solid foundations of security and stability. Uranus in Taurus can change your way of thinking, especially when it’s about love or money. Chiron focuses your attention on looking after your physical self. Eclipse energy can bring surprises that provide balance between your work and home environments. Spiritually, you can become more aware, while staying grounded in the here and now.

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Year Ahead: This year is about walking your own path and paying attention to your heartfelt wishes. You can have a new start with love and work. But it’s up to you to know what you want and then make a plan, focus on it, and put it into action.Love: Romance is important and when a connection with someone special is passionate it will be impossible to ignore. However, you will need to balance your personal and professional lives, as both will demand your attention. Career:Eclipse energy can boost your career all the way to the top!Money: Your financial situation can shift, and in the right direction, but to take advantage of an opportunity, you need to be organized and follow through.Spirit: The more you let your imagination run wild, and all yourself to dare to dream, the more in touch you will be with your soul’s purpose.

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Year Ahead: This year, destiny can take charge of your life! Circumstances out of your control can create shifts and unexpectedly changes. Nothing is impossible now – stay positive. What happens next promises to be better than you could ever imagine. Love: Whether you are in a relationshipor looking for love, trusting someone to share your most intimate details with is very much part of this year’s love lesson. A magnetic connection with someone amazing can provide a safe feeling of closeness, belonging and attachment. Career:Lucky connections with friends and colleagues can move your career up the ladder of success. Chance meetings with influential people can make a significant difference in your work life. Money: Educate yourself about money, how to manage your finances and in particular how to save and invest. The more savings you have the safer you feel. Spirit: Self-development is the key to get to know yourself on a deeper level.

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Year Ahead: Relationships are powerful, always, and very much so for you during this time. However, keep in mind that whether it relates to work, love or social, not everyone will be suitable to invite into your inner circle – choose wisely who you associate with. Love: Intimacy is important, and this year, you can find someone to share your life with whom you can also share your inner deepest thoughts with. Career: Use your creative gift to gain attention and get ahead at work. Your imagination can take you a long way now to realizing your dreams and goals – don’t hold back. Money: A new start, which has the ability to boost your bank balance can suddenly appear. Be positive and expect the best! Spirit: Prepare to step outside of your comfort zone and entertain a different way of thinking for you and your life. And if you can put yourself in someone else’s shoes, and understand what they are going through, your perspective can greatly change.

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Year Ahead: This year, powerful eclipse energy can change your life in an instant. Be prepared to move forward with an open mind and heart. Love:  Your love lesson is to let go of the past and of how you think things should be and be open to how they could be. A new beginning for couples in a relationship and also for singles looking for love can put you face-to-face with someone you consider to be the love of your life. Career:With careful planning and well thought out strategic moves you can greatly advance your career. Money:As one door closes another one opens. However, a situation you thought was over can continue to provide financial support, but it could be in a new way so don’t expect it to be the same.Spirit: Focus on the here and now. When you live in the present, and not the past or the future, this is when you can truly experience your life.

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Year Ahead: This is an amazing year for Leo, and one where you can do and have anything you want, if your desire to have it is strong enough. Love: A soul connection with someone remarkable can take you by surprise. However, be ready to give and take and realize that life usually comes with the necessity of making some compromises to get what you want. Career: Your key to success at work this year is to stay focused and to increase your level of productivity. The more organized and in control you are the more able you can act quickly when opportunities cross your path. Money: Don’t limit your thinking. Be prepared to go after opportunities that promise to abundantly reward you financially. Be both idealistic and realistic. Go for gold! Spirit: Intellectual enlightenment can change your attitude and understanding about yourself and the world around you.

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Year Ahead:F amily, close friends and colleagues, and those who are your nearest and dearest, play important roles of support and encouragement this year. So, it’s important to choose carefully whom you associate with. Love: When you meet or are with someone, who fits your love-list, and you are open to make compromises to meet them halfway, then that’s when you know love is right. When love is true, you’ll be prepared to overlook their character quirks. Career:You are a highly creative person, and whatever you decide to put your talents and focus on during this time can be successful and rewarding.Money: Sudden changes can alter your plans. If you need to make quick decisions to boost your financial security, then do so, but be sure to get the facts right before you do anything. Spirit: Love is the universal language, but it can mean different things in different cultures. Be open to embrace and accept what others do, without judgment.

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Year Ahead: Career, friendship and family all rate high on your list of priorities this year as does finding your own inner truth and being able to verbalize it without fear of ridicule. Love: A connection with someone you feel comfortable with can take you by surprise. However, be careful of trying to please everyone, especially family. When it’s about love, you and your partner are the only people who need to agree with the choices you make. Career: A creative project gets the green light. Stay focused on what you want to achieve and be quick to say yes to an amazing opportunity that is destined to cross your path. Money: Gather knowledge from those who are already financially savvy and learn how to diversify your portfolio. Spirit: Develop your intuition and pay attention to the messages you receive. A form of meditation will sharpen your instincts.

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Year Ahead: This year, you can be lucky in love and money! Your home and family life, and those who are close enough to call family, take priority with closeness and stronger connections being made. Love: A lover who is different in some way can enter your life this year. Be open to love unconditionally. It is the person on the inside that is important. So, be careful not to pay too much attention to the judgments of other people. Career: Look carefully at a new opportunity, it can boost your bank balance, but don’t make any rash decisions without first doing your own research. Money: This is a year of opportunity, but it is up to you to recognize what options will be right for you and then to act on them. Spirit: When life gets messy, or you feel out of control, spiritual evolvement comes from knowing that in the end, all will be perfect, just as it should be.

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Year Ahead: With Jupiter, your planetary ruler, in your sign, you are destined for greatness! Pay attention to your intuition, it will lead you on the path to success and personal fulfillment. Love: There are love lessons this year for you to learn, which will help you know your true value. Ask for who and what you want in your life, and nothing less. Once you realize the type of person you desire to attract, you’ll be in a better position for the universe to manifest them.Career: When you love what you do and feel passionate about your work and career direction, life can fall into place with little effort as you’ll be operating in ‘the zone’! Money: Watch for the signs of co-incidence, change meetings and serendipity, as these are the moments that can change your life, which in turn can boost your bank balance. Spirit: Your spiritual advancement comes from stepping up and standing in your own light – think big – be bold!

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Year Ahead: The planetary energy makes this an amazing year for Capricorn! What you need to do is get clear about who you are and what you want to manifest. Once you make up your mind about what it is you really want to achieve, the universe will support you by putting it into motion. Love: Be open to love without too many preconceived ideas of what love should look like. Romance can literally sweep you off your feet this year, and when you least expect it. Career: Trust your instincts. If an opportunity feels right, then it most likely will be. Also, watch for the signs of co-incidence, these are the signs that you’re on the right path. Money: Association and co-operation with others can provide the financial gain and support you desire. Let go of the past and don’t look back. Focus on the present and future. Spirit: Nothing is out of the realms of possibility. Get in touch with your truth and think big – this is not a year to be living small – visualize your grand plan for life!

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Year Ahead: Connecting with friends and colleagues to socialize and network are the keys to your success this year. As you reach out to help others achieve their goals your own dreams and wishes will also materialize. Love: A passionate interaction with someone fabulous can take your heart for a roller coaster ride. If it is a new love, discard old habits, attitudes and beliefs to embrace the future. Couples can renew their romance and reignite their love spark. Career: Productivity, time management and organization are all crucial this year to realize your career goals. It’s important to stay on track. Make a plan, reassess it often and follow through. Money: Believe you can achieve what you want, and you can. The power is in how much your value yourself – as you increase your self-worth, your bank balance will also increase. Spirit: Huge realizations can take you by surprise and change the way you think, feel and view life.   

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Year Ahead: This year, if you surround yourself with the right people, anything is possible! Those who have your best interest at heart, friends and colleagues who support and love you, can help you rise to the top of your field. Love: Intense eclipse energy jump starts your love life. If you want a deep connection with someone, not a frivolous encounter, then romance, passion and friendship are all equally important. Career: Your career can rocket all the way to the stars this year. Follow your heart, stay single-minded on your highest priority, and you can make huge headway in any area you put your focus on. Money: When you do what you love, and center your attention on what you do best, the money will follow and flow. Spirit: People, situations and co-incidences will suddenly appear to provide you with incredible insights that can literally change your life – pay attention!

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2018 Year Ahead Horoscopes

Overview: Solid structures can be built this year in both your material and emotional life. It’s very much about taking responsibility for where you are in life, where you want to be, and decide to make changes. In doing so, you take one step at a time to a more self-actualized life where you can improve and grow by being accountable for your own self-development. Read the 2018 Sun Sign and Video reports on Jennifer’s You-Tube channel for more detail as to the effects of major outer planetary moves.

Year Ahead:  This year is very much about learning the lesson of trusting your instincts and therefore trusting yourself. Love: You can advance your love life by allowing and building intimacy between you and another. Be prepared to say how you feel, from your heart, no holding back. Career: Your career can take off now. Put in the hours and your dedication and hard work will be well rewarded. Money: Take charge of your financial situation. Be proactive about learning about money management, new forms of financial structure and investing, to ensure your money works harder for you. Do the research, take responsibility, and be smarter about money matters and it will pay off. Spirit: In 2018, you can get in touch with the real you and that’s who you show others

Year Ahead: This is a year to courageously step into the unknown and take charge of changes in your life. Love: You can be lucky in love. If you’re single, be ready to recognize a love interest and act upon it. Dare to be different, bold and upfront and love can capture your heart. If you are in a relationship, and your goals are aligned, you can achieve great things together. Career: When you follow your heart, you will walk the path of your soul purpose. For business success – follow your dreams, be true to you. Money: As life changes so does everything else, as well as the way you think about and deal with money. Be open to adopt new ways of managing your cash. Spirit: To develop spiritually, it takes conscious effort. Put the time in to learn more, and personal rewards will follow.

Year Ahead: Opportunities cross your path, however, it’s up to you to recognize them and take action. Love: The more you know and value yourself as the fabulous person you are, the more easily you’ll attract your perfect partner. Be open and honest about who you are and don’t try to be anyone else. Career: This year, you can cash in on the work preparation and lessons you’ve learned. Ideas, options and opportunities present themselves. Make sure the decisions and choices you make are in line with where you want to end up. Money: Team work and partnerships will help boost your bank balance. However, ensure that all proceedings are of the highest level of integrity. Spirit: Your imagination and intuition are sharp. Flashes of inspiration can inspire you at a deep spiritual level. Take note of how you feel not just how you think.

Year Ahead: Stay alert! Chance meetings can lead to stable relationships for both love and business Love: To attract and keep love, allow yourself to feel vulnerable. Show your real feelings. Love enters a more permanent stage. Take responsibility to let your love partner know what is and what isn’t suitable or acceptable. In other words, value and stand up for yourself. Career: Part of getting ahead in business and work is about looking after your physical self so you have the stamina to be productive. Past lessons are valuable for future success. Money: Financial management is about priorities; if you don’t need it, don’t buy it. Monetary opportunities can come through people you know. Spirit: To obtain peace and serenity, commit to regular solo time for reflection and gratitude.

Year Ahead: Expect the unexpected! Life can change, and it can be better than you imagine. Love: Family values are important. Your love partner will need to have the same strong values. A spiritual connection gets your attention. But not only spiritual, more of a mind body spirit package. Career: There is much excitement around your career. Creative opportunities, and for some, a new direction. Have an open mind, don’t rule anything out. Stay in touch with your ultimate dream. When you know what you want you can achieve the outcome. Money: It’s time to put the past behind you. Take note of lessons, don’t repeat them. Spirit: Looking after yourself on a physical level is vital. When you have pride in your appearance you’re open to inward development.

Year Ahead: Connections with people you are in tune with can set the scene for solid partnerships. People from the past can return and have something valuable to offer. Love: Your love life can enter a phase of longevity. This year, gaining equality in relationships is important for love harmony. Set a strong intention of what you want, then take responsibility to make it happen. Career: Huge realizations of where you see yourself in the future can take place now. Getting in touch with your soul purpose and travelling that journey is the path that leads to success and fulfillment. Money: Business is business and monetary matters, whether personal or professional, need to be handled in the same manner. Spirit: Communication, first with yourself and then with others, leads to self-awareness.

Year Ahead: Home and family life are on your radar. It may take work to make some changes in this area but it will be worth it. Your effort can set you up in a more settled and secure position. Love: This year, it’s a combination of being of there for someone else and looking after your own needs, both are important. Learn from past love-lessons in order not to repeat them. Career: The more you believe in and value yourself the more opportunities you receive. Surprise partnerships can emerge with creative ventures. It’s a year to step out of your comfort zone and go for gold. Money: Be open to different ways of dealing with, making and saving money. Spirit: Focus on your mind body and spirit to keep you and your life balanced.

Year Ahead: This is a year of opportunity! As such, you need to work on priorities, which means some people, things and situations may be pushed to the side. Love: It is very likely that your love life will not end up as it starts. Changes can take place, some of which you will be in control of, and others you won’t. Take one day at a time, enjoy the romance and passion and live in the moment. Career: Ultimately, you are in control of your career, however, a new prospect may mean taking a chance. Money: There will be options to make your money work smarter and it can provide a greater sense of security, for now and your future. Spirit: Life is an adventure! The more open you are to the possibilities of life, the more exciting it is.

Year Ahead: Your intuition and sense of vision is heightened and can put you in touch with the signs that lead you on your journey. Love: A spiritual connection is a must, especially as the year progresses, but physical attraction is important, too. Communication is key. Take responsibility for who you are and what you want. Career: You will enter a new phase for work, one that is different, exciting and full of surprises. The year can open up in ways you can’t even imagine. Take each development in your stride with the knowledge that things have a way of working out, just as they should. Money: Be sensible not frivolous with money and you can build the type of security that provides freedom. Spirit: Pay attention to your instincts; they will lead you to your soul purpose.

Year Ahead: This year, step into your personal power! Own who you are and take up residence in the space you have always dreamed of occupying. Love: Relationships can show up in a form that is non-traditional. You may not have as much control as you like, but you can achieve both the freedom and togetherness you crave. Be ready to accept something or someone different. Career: Creative ventures are supported and long-term dreams can be achieved. People who understand and resonate with you can play a big part in your career life. Money: Lessons learnt in 2017 come full circle now with an opportunity for financial security and partnership. Spirit: A deeper understanding or reconnection with family can open your heart to receive blessings.

Year Ahead: Intense Moon energy will pull on your emotions and intuition. Pay attention to how you feel and you will have the answers you need to move forward. Love: Romance, passion and love are all very present in your life, in a way that will be impossible to ignore someone’s presence. Your family unit can take on a different structure, not good, bad, just different. Career: Opportunities, people, projects and situations can head your way. When you’re in the zone, there is no one better than you. Money: Your creativity, imagination and intellect is what will bring cash in and stock the bank account. Spirit: Believe in yourself, and life will open up in the way you desire it to. Be positive and expect the best!

Year Ahead: This a year of transformation! Your image, overall personal presentation, work, money and love all feature. Be prepared to let go of what’s not important to focus on what is. Love: With so much potential greatness happening in your life, there is a temptation push love down the list. But when love is right, a soul connection, you will clear the schedule to make time for him or her. Career: Productivity is the key to success. The more organized and available you are the more you can recognize, accept and take action with opportunities that cross your path. Money: Contacts, friends or colleagues from the past can reenter your life bringing gifts. Think big, reach for the stars and the money will come. You can heal old financial hurts now, too. Spirit: Within relationships and through being true to you, self-awareness and personal growth will take place.