Annual 2020 Horoscopes



Your career takes center stage in 2020, and a great deal of your focus will be on work expansion and for some, reinventing yourself. Whatever decisions you make, this is a powerful time where you can set solid foundations in place to build security for your future. Influential people can show up providing valuable advice that can increase your bank balance, so it’s important to listen to advice but to also trust your intuition. Believe you deserve the life you desire, and this year, you can have it all: love, career and money! Be ready for sudden developments that can literally be life-changing


2020 is a year to get in touch with your soul purpose and follow it. You can transform your life this year, but to do so, will take focus and clarity to get in touch with what you love to do, and then make a commitment to follow your inner wisdom to turn your vision into reality. Life will challenge you to break free of the past. The letting go process will open up new avenues to inspire you to embrace a new beginning, which promises to broaden your views and bring new opportunities. Your career can move up a notch along with your lifestyle, and for Taurus looking for love, soul love and romance also heads your way this year.


Teamwork, investments, and partnerships can increase your financial security in 2020, but have mindfulness and awareness to attract the right people. Realizations of how you feel about certain situations and people have a powerful impact now. And as a result, this year you have an opportunity to develop, tune in, and trust your intuition while developing your spirituality. Regarding your career, your best work is through projects that allow you to express yourself creativelyIn love, have the courage to give more of yourself. When you learn to share your feelings, you are more open to experiencing a deeper level of intimacy and sensuality.


Love, romance and relationships capture your attention in 2020. This year is very much about building relationships and connecting with others on a deeper level. Partnerships of longevity and trust are possible, and if you’re single, you could find yourself thinking about making a commitment. Through the people you meet this year, you are encouraged to explore your spirituality. You can gain a greater understanding of yourself and others during this time. Friends, new and old, are all important and you can connect with people of substance rather than superficial unions.


Productivity is the key to your success in 2020. You can expect to be busy restructuring your life this year, and the more organized you are, the more you will achieve. It’s important to balance the time and energy you spend on different people and tasks and to work out what your top priorities are. Your personal image and presentation get an overhaul. Focus on healing your mind-body-spirit and you will keep a strong sense of self and independence. With relationships, this is a year to attract people who love and support you – don’t accept anything less in your life than those who want the very best for you! You are a giver and deserve the best!


This year, your creative skills give you a sense of empowerment while you get noticed by the power players who can make life changes happen. It’s a year of connection, where you can be in the right place at the right time. You will want to be ready to act when opportunity knocks on your door as life can have you coping with unpredictability. Your leadership ability is highlighted this year, too, and you will be encouraged to stand in your power while still being a team-member. However, it’s not all about work, love can turn up in your life when you least expect. Life in 2020 will be exciting and challenging, and you will need to do a little juggling with your calendar to fit everything and everyone into your schedule, not a difficult task for Virgo. Organization and long-term planning are the keys to success.


For Libra, your home and family generally have a special place in your life, and in 2020 even more so as this area of your life becomes top priority. You can extend your family, rebuild relationships, redecorate, move or renew your home life in some way that gives you a fresh start. The power of togetherness can create a greater sense of security in your life, which is welcomed and enjoyed as it also provides a sense of oneness, connection and belonging. A sudden change with money can work in your favor, don’t be too quick to judge developments, wait till the dust settles so you can see the silver lining. At work, the more you do what you love, the more you can find joy in every day, and the happier you are. Your attraction power becomes potent, which results in more love and abundance coming your way.


2020 is a year for communication, creativity and education. You can use your voice to speak your truth and for getting what you want – don’t hold back. Your imagination and creativity are very much in the stars and can show up as writing, speaking or educating in some way. The overall vibe is learning and taking in new knowledge, of which you can apply to get ahead in life. When you find the right place to express yourself, the world and those dearest to you, will listen and embrace your ideas and concepts. Family is a priority as well, and your attention will be divided between your personal pursuits and looking out for those closest to you. Love can present itself in an untraditional package, so keep an open mind and don’t lock in too tightly to a preconceived idea of your love mate.


Year 2020 is your year to gain or increase your financial security. Lucky breaks come your way bringing opportunities that can seem tailored made, which will lead to life expansion. But you’ll need to be strategic and smart to stay energized rather than deplete your power by overworking – in other words, aim to work smarter not harder. Education and knowledge are the keys to manifesting success. The more you know, the more recognized you’ll be for your skills and talents. The secret to achieving everything on your wish list this year, whether it be love, money or work, is to believe in yourself!


Get ready for action! In 2020, you have the chance to transform your life, or reinvent yourself. One thing for sure, change is imminent and it’s time to move forward and stop looking back! Once you make decisions that support your dreams and goals, in the way of banishing negative thinking and outdated attitudes, you can fully focus on what you desire to manifest. With a positive outlook, you can embrace new concepts that are winning formulas and take them all the way to the bank. As your financial status improves, so does your confidence. Work and business connections knock on your door and this year, romantic love can knock on your heart – get ready for it all!


A new and exciting chapter begins for Aquarius in 2020, and one where you can access your most inner heart dreams, and with courage, no matter how challenging, you will follow through on them. Home and family take on a greater significance and your attention, and as such, you’ll need to achieve a level of balance between all areas of your life as you pave the way to success. Your ability to manifest your dreams, hopes and wishes is potent now, and it is wise to make the most of this energy. Get crystal clear about your goals, what you want to achieve in fine detail, and then visualize them every single day. Your sense of spirituality is highlighted, too. Tune in and listen to your intuition to stay connected – it won’t let you down!


Your attraction factor to connect with others is hot and powerful in 2020. The people you associate with this year can assist with making your every dream a reality. Mixing with influential people, particularly those who involve themselves in charitable affairs, can result in manifesting powerful energy that can have a positive domino effect on your life. Get clear about what you want, make a grand plan for life, work and love, and move in that direction with focus, certainty and a determination to win. Don’t discard the power of positive thought. Your imagination inspires you to achieve everything you have ever dreamed of! If you can imagine it and believe it, you can manifest and create it! Live in the zone, expect the best and nothing less!