APRIL 2019


A month of action and to move forward with firm plans to capitalize on developments. 


APRIL 2019, Monthly Planetary Overview
by Jennifer Angel


A month of surprises, which will help you put plans into motion.

Right at the end of March, Mars made his move from Taurus to Gemini sharpening your thoughts and thinking so you gain more clarity on creative processes enabling you to move forward with strong intentions. However, there was a word of warning: be organized, make a plan and follow through. It’s important with Mars in Gemini that you don’t take on too much, which can scatter your energies, and instead, be realistic about what you can achieve, so you are more productive.

Week one – Moving into April – April 01-07

A connection between Mercury and Neptune provides the inspiration to follow your dreams, and the energy of the new Moon in Aries will help you put them into action to turn your inspirations and aspirations into reality. 

At the end of this week, the Aries new Moon provides a great deal of energy and excitement to focus your attention on instigating new areas that inspire you to excel in life.

Week Two – April 08 – 14

Mid-week, as the Sun squares Saturn, important lessons from the past can be revealed. If you haven’t learnt certain lessons to date, then they can reappear under a different guise to give you a chance to clear the energy for good. On the same day, Jupiter, the planet of growth and abundance, will go retrograde for a four-month period, which will allow you to get further in touch with your beliefs, as well as your religious or spiritual values.

Towards the end of the week, April 13th, the Sun will square Pluto making this a time where conflict and power struggles are possible. Keep in mind that communication can generally solve any issues, but right now, you could be faced with a situation where you find it necessary to simply agree to disagree.

The next day on the 14th, the Sun interacts favorably with abundant and optimistic Jupiter. This is advantageous energy that can counteract previous challenges or disagreements. It can also open the door to good fortune and be helpful to find suitable solutions and outcomes to what can seem like impossible situations.

Week Three – April 15-21
Mercury the communication planet, makes a move to fiery Aires on the 17th, which can cause communication to be impulsive and rash. Watch what you say and be careful not to blurt something out that you may later regret. 

A few days later on the 19th, the full Moon in Libra focuses your attention on relationships, then on the 20th, Venus, the love goddess, also moves to the sign of Aries, combining passions and romance, where she will stay for the next four weeks.  This is the same day that the Sun makes its transit into Taurus, and there’ll be a need to be careful of being overly possessive with someone you love. However, this is a very good placement for financial matters, security and investments, particularly real estate.  

Week Four – April 22-28

The week kicks off with the Sun in Taurus connecting with Uranus, at which time anything is possible, so keep your schedule flexible as last-minute changes or new developments can literally occur unexpectedly.

Mid-week on Wednesday the 24th, Pluto enters a retrograde transit for the next five months so anything that concerns business, money or establishments of authority need to be taken seriously. And above all, no matter what you do, make sure you do it with the utmost integrity.  

At the end of the week, Mars and Neptune challenge each other, not for long but long enough to cause some heavy energy with Mars in the way of a reality check combined with the illusionary energy of Neptune, so you will need to double check everything.

Week five -March 29-30

Right at the end of the month on the 29th, Saturn the planet of caution and stability, will also enter its retrograde transit, which will give you a chance to review life and particularly business matters to make sure that you are heading in the direction that you desire. The energy gives you a chance to make adjustments and even a course direction, if need be.

Moving into May

The Taurus new Moon on Saturday May 4th brings stability for the month ahead and good solid energy to commence the month of May with new beginnings that are based on reality. 



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