August 2018, Monthly Planetary Overview
This month, surrender, let go and live life to the full – greatness awaits!



The close of July
July closes with a water trine – Pisces Moon and Jupiter in Scorpio – and that will initiate your imagination and creativity, as well as sharpen your instincts.

The first week of August can be tricky with a potentially aggressive interaction between Mars and Uranus. However, Mars is retrograde, so past issues can come up, which is not necessarily a bad thing, depending of course, on how you interact and deal with a situation or person. There is plenty action and fire during August, a chance to get things settled, and in the way, you want them to be. Read on…

Week one – August 01-05

The month of August begins with a challenging square aspect between Mars and Uranus, which can simply make the week feel unsettled. Or, the energy can cause you to feel irritable and somewhat aggressive, especially if you are blindsided by a person or situation. A trine, a favorable planetary aspect, between the Leo Sun and Aries Moon, is a softer energy and helps to calm things down. However, it is a ‘fire’ trine, which can send you into action without thinking through the consequences of your actions. Be mindful to be assertive and take hold of any temptation to be reactive or aggressive.

Week two – August 06-12

A square, usually a challenging planetary aspect, on the 6th, between the Sun and Jupiter, is a reminder to keep a realistic outlook. There are options that lay in front of you, and you will have inevitable decisions that you need to make about your life. On the same day, love planet Venus moves to Libra, one of the signs she rules and comfortably stays there for a month. Relationships take on a higher importance now, and the energy between you and those you are closest to are under the spotlight where you can enjoy, or in some cases, repair.

The next day, the 7th, Venus and Mars, the love-duo planets will interact in a pleasant astral trine aspect. Venus provides the romance and Mars the passion. And as this is an Air Sign Trine, Venus in Libra and Mars in Aquarius, there is also a strong connection on an intellectual level. On this same day, Uranus will go retrograde for a 5-month period in Taurus and during this time will revert back to Aries. It’s a chance to revisit any changes you have made during the year, how you feel about them, and how you want to move forward.

August 9th, as Venus in Libra squares Saturn in Capricorn, the energy can bring to the surface anything you are not quite happy about. This is a good time to see how even perceived negative circumstances in your life serve you in some way. Try to do a gratitude exercise for everything that happens and has happened to you. It all has the power to move you to another, and better, place.

The Leo new Moon on the 11th, which is a partial solar eclipse and a super Moon, brings a fresh new start, an opportunity to leave the past behind and be open to embrace the future. This intense Moon energy coincides with the reentry of Mars to Capricorn on the 12th where it will stay for a month. It’s a powerhouse position for Mars, where it encourages you to get down to business.

Week three – August 13-19

This is a relativity quiet week for planetary movement and interaction, except for Moon activity, But the good news is onAugust 19th, Mercury will come out of retrograde in its forward motion, a good time to get on with business, especially as Mars is now in Capricorn. On this same day, there is a Jupiter Neptune trine, a positive planetary interaction, that sparks your imagination and tempts you to be all that you can be in this life and in the world. Allow your mind to go to places outside of your box, no matter how idealistic it may seem. There is plenty of time to think logistically and be more realistic, however for now, think big, the bigger the better! 

Week four – August 20-26

This week commences with a fire trine on the 20th between the Leo Sun and Sagittarian Moon, making it a highly creative day with much excitement. The Sun will make its move to Virgo on the 23rd, which will help you get organized to ground your ideas into action and reality.

On the 25th, there will be an amazing grand trine, which can put you in the right place at the right time to achieve your goals or make progress with whatever is your highest priority. The grand trine formation, an earth trine, consists of Uranus in Taurus, Virgo Sun and Saturn in Capricorn, a powerful interaction of intense energy that will push through any barriers, all the way to success!!

The Pisces full Moon adds extra energy the next day on the 26th and joins the trine energy with the Moon in Pisces and Sun in Virgo. Pisces is highly intuitive and imaginative, and Virgo is grounded allowing creative thought to birth and materialize. Later this same day, Venus and Pluto will square, which can highlight matters concerning love or money that may need a closer look. But not even a square will dampen the spirit of such a positive and uplifting week. The key to use this energy in the most beneficial way is to be optimistic and stay focused on what you want rather than on what you don’t want.

Week five August 27-31

It’s all systems go! Mars, the action planet and motivator, will finally come out of retrograde on the 27th, and as Mars is in Capricorn, engines are revved up and ready to go. Anything is possible now!! On the same day, Mercury and Jupiter will square, reminding you to check the details, and not become so overly excited and distracted that you gloss over and miss important data.

This month, all in all, although there are certainly challenges, especially at the beginning of August. But, they do seem to push you to get your act together in whatever area is most important to you, so that the new exciting changes can take place later in the month.

This month, just keep moving forward, the energy is pushing you anyway, so you may as well surrender, let go and live life to the full – greatness awaits!


At the start of September, Saturn will come out of retrograde, and the momentum you have gathered continues. This is a sure sign that whatever you do now will be for longevity and have substance rather than be superficial.