• As an air sign, you’re highly intellectual. Ruled by Uranus, you are a complex person, often misunderstood. • You’re a fixed sign and single-minded when achieving your goals and with your opinions. • You have strong interests in humanitarian affairs and are first to support a worthy philanthropic cause to make the world a better place in which to live. • You think outside the box. Your creative and futuristic vision is groundbreaking. • You are independent, follow your own advice and dance to your own tune.


• Although a person of principle, you have no judgments of other people. • Interesting and unique; it has never been your dream to blend into the crowd.


• You’re in your own world and can be emotionally detached, often thought of as aloof. • You don’t suffer fools lightly. Can be so sarcastic that you do irrevocable damage to the relationship.


• Your level of creativity and originality can be aligned to a creative genius. • Rarely hold a conventional job and work best in intuitive sciences, as a writer, or inventor; anything where you are free to use your imagination.


• You have a fear of making the wrong decision and being stuck in a relationship. • You need a deep friendship with someone who helps you get out of your head and into your heart.

Love Match

• Fellow air sign, Libra, Gemini and Aquarians are natural love mates. • Sagittarian and Aquarians both dance to their own tune and are seekers of knowledge. • Best friends: Leo, you fascinate each other. Virgo, a strong intellectual connection.

Power Jewel

• Onyx for spiritual and physical connection. Garnet for self-assurance. – Amethyst for love and connection.

Fashion Style

• Anything goes for Aquarians; you are individual and quirky – often a trendsetter.

Color Inspiration

• Electric blues and violets keep you inspired and resonating at the highest energy field.

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