• As a cardinal fire sign you are pro-active and motivated to succeed. • Ruled by Mars, no challenge is too big and you are fiercely competitive. • You take charge and initiate change in the world – you stop for no one. • You are transparent – there is no game-playing, what you see is what you get. • You focus on the solution not the problem and don’t have time for pettiness.


• Leadership, risk-taker, passionate, determined and entrepreneurial. • Good sense of self, and conscious of looking after your health and wellbeing.


• Impulsive, impatient and can be considered insensitive. • You can be brash - say what you think without editing words.


• A dynamic leader with a direct can–do attitude. • Savvy and sassy risk taker with a determination to win.


• An electric connection, oozes of sex appeal and love at first sight. • Love the chase and challenge. Can be insanely jealous.

Love Match

• Fire signs Sagittarius and Leo share your passion for life. • Passionate Scorpio keeps your interest. • Freedom lover Aquarian allows you to follow your dreams. • Best Friends: Reliable earth signs, particularly Capricorn, a fellow cardinal sign.

Power Jewel

• Clear Quartz for everyday balance. Aquamarine for romance. And Diamonds are an Aries’ best friend!

Fashion Style

• Smart, modern, stylish and sporty.

Color Inspiration

• Red, crimson and burgundy; powerful in the boardroom and sexy in the bedroom.

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