• A water sign ruled by the emotional and changeable Moon; you take on its qualities. • You are also a cardinal sign, so you are proactive and make decisions on how you feel. • Nurturing and loving to those you care about, but want the same in return, you believe in give and take. • The home and family are both important to you, as well as the esthetic value of your surroundings. • You aim to live well and need both emotional and material security to feel at peace.


• As a natural nurturer you are open hearted to those you love. • Highly intuitive, can read people. Sensitive to other people’s feelings and needs.


• You can be moody and changeable. To forgive and forget rather than walk away. • To enjoy the journey and not let daily pettiness take hold.


• You have a knack with money, and know when to buy and sell. • A skilled negotiator, you are smart strategic and sometimes calculating.


• You are loving and sensual and have a great capacity to love. • As a faithful lover, you long for intimacy, romance and togetherness at home.

Love Match

• There is a natural understanding with fellow water signs, Scorpio and Pisces. • Virgo and Cancer both have a love of order, particularly around the home. • Best friends: Taurus for their love of home and luxury. Capricorn for stability.

Power Jewel

• Smokey Quartz to trust in life’s journey. Pearls for elegance. Ruby for power.

Fashion Style

• Elegant design with luxurious fabrics and tailored styles with soft lines.

Color Inspiration

• All shades of blue from pastel to midnight and silver to accessorize.

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