• You are a cardinal earth sign; grounded with the ability to take charge and be in control. • Ruled by Saturn, you have the endurance and perseverance to work harder than most. • Once you set your mind on achieving something you are driven to succeed. • Prone to the saturnine blues and despair, you close the shutters and lock out the world. • You are a practical no nonsense self-confessed workaholic! You aim to make a difference in the world through your career.


• You are a loyal, consistent and reliable friend and partner in both your personal and professional life. • Strong sense of responsibility, you are disciplined, organized, ambitious and successful.


• Have difficulty in leaving the past behind. Too serious about life, need to lighten up. • Spend too much time at work, need to adopt a balanced lifestyle to live and love life.


• Hard working and highly motivated you excel in anything you put your mind to. • You are a down-to-earth practical person who can set almost unfathomable expectations for yourself and magically live up to them.


• You are fiercely loyal to the ones you love and in return you make lifelong friendships. • Compatibility and chemistry are both important. And a partner who can provide security, prestige and a touch of tradition.

Love Match

• Fellow earth signs, Taurus and Virgo understand you, as do Capricorns, but can be too serious. Cancer, business and home values are in tune. • Best friends: Aries gets you out of the doldrums. Scorpio admires your tenacity.

Power Jewel

• Tiger Eye for inspiration. Black Obsidian to overcome pessimism and negativity. Blue Topaz for soul love and lightness. Garnet for power and confidence.

Fashion Style

• Stylish high-quality fabrics and fashions that are timeless. Black with a touch of color and individual style.

Color Inspiration

• A mixture of Greens and Gold coupled with Black as a powerful base.

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