• As a mutual air sign ruled by planet Mercury, you love to collect friends. • You are creative and ingenious, and no puzzle is too great to decipher. • Easygoing and open to learn, you can easily incorporate ideas from others. • You live in the moment and enjoy the vast experiences life has to offer. • To make a difference through communication. Your fear is to lose your mind.


• You are forever curious, can talk about anything to anyone. • Highly creative, lighthearted and very entertaining.


• If you get bored, you can create drama and play mind-games. • Your easygoingness can leave life’s responsibilities to others.


• Publishing, technology, film. Anything that requires a creative flair. • You don’t like routine and need spontaneity and freedom.


• You love to have fun, socialize, make friends and engage in conversation. • Your partner needs to be interesting with a sense of adventure.

Love Match

• Fellow air signs, Aquarius and Libra; you understand each other. • Gemini, the twins can happily co-exist – never a dull moment. • Best friends; Sagittarian has a quest for knowledge. And Virgo enjoys a good debate.

Power Jewel

• Agate for intellectual clarity. Emeralds to stand out in the crowd. Pearls take you from day to night.

Fashion Style

• Creative, comfortable, colorful and a little quirky.

Color Inspiration

• • Yellow for happiness and inspiration. Blue for friendship and communication.

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