• As a fixed fire sign, you are a natural leader with definite ideas and can take charge. • Ruled by the Sun, and the symbol of the lion, you have a great deal of inner strength. • You have a desire to live life to the full and experience the best life has to offer. • You are generous and are protective of those you love. You aim to provide well for yourself and family. • You have the endurance to work and play hard to achieve and live your dreams.


• Strong leadership qualities, also a team player, and the confidence to the front person. • A love of life, people, entertainment and everything life has to offer.


• Can be self-absorbed with certain arrogance. And are known to be bossy. • A need to be recognized for what you do in life and how you provide for others.


• Persistent and naturally optimistic. An excellent negotiator. Don’t take no for an answer. • You excel in leadership. Leos are proud and take pride in anything they do.


• You need a partner you can feel proud of. Glamorous, charming and seductive. • You are generous, loving and spoil your partner. Nothing is too good or too much trouble.

Love Match

• Fellow fire signs, Sagittarius and Aries, but beware of competitiveness. • Libra’s love of the finer things in life and their natural elegance appeals to Leo. • Best friends: Leos have each other’s back. Aquarian, a genuine interest in each other. And Libra to socialize.

Power Jewel

• Chrysoberyl to strive for excellence. Peridot for health and healing. Ruby for regal power.

Fashion Style

• Up to the minute fashionable. Fabrics that are rich in look, feel and price.

Color Inspiration

• Anything Gold is perfect for Leo, that shows you are the king or queen of your kingdom.

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