• An intellectual air sign that balances out the pros and cons before making a decision. • Ruled by Venus, you are a lover of the finer more beautiful things life has to offer. • Cultural, traditional and stylish, you love fashion and art in all its forms. • The scales symbolize your sense of rightness and you aim to be fair to all people. • Relationships and contacts are important. And as a cardinal sign, you work together.


• You have social and cultural charm and a diplomatic nature. Always ready to help. • As the peacemaker of the zodiac you exude charm and affection.


• You can procrastinate, fear of making a wrong choice and don’t take responsibility. • A desire to be helpful can lead to subtle control of trying to change people, for their own good, of course.


• You shine when you work in a team environment. And build strong networks of contacts. • You have an eye for design; fashion, art and graphics are all great professions.


• You desire to love and be loved. You don’t operate well with aggravation or harsh edges. • Libra can be sensual, shy and coy all at the same time. Romantic, and tactile.

Love Match

• You have a natural alliance with fellow air signs, Aquarius and Gemini • Two Libras are a perfect-match - you complete each other like two lovebirds. • Best friends. Leo and Libra love to be social. Taurus, two Venus ruled signs, love beautiful things.

Power Jewel

• Diamonds to open your heart to love. Sapphire for confidence. Opal for Creativity.

Fashion Style

• Elegant classic style that never goes out of fashion. Soft, luxurious fabrics that flow.

Color Inspiration

• The many colors of the blue to gray spectrum, including turquoise – the colors of the sky.