• As a water sign, you’re sensitive with a heightened level of instinct that is very reliable. • Neptune, your ruler, bestows you with optimism, a big imagination and a tendency for secrecy. • The two fish that symbolize your sign are indicative of your intuitive and analytical gifts. • As a mutable sign you are receptive to ideas and insightful. Music and meditation balance your energy and equilibrium. • You realize spiritual growth through love and by connecting with people, who support your dreams, never letting them die or be squashed.


• Heightened intuitive senses, which give you sensitivity to other people’s moods. • Naturally creative and imaginative, you are magical with an ethereal essence.


• A tendency to overanalyze and disregard your intuition. And to live in a fantasy world. • Learn to embrace your sensitive nature but not be so oversensitive that life crushes your spirit.


• A love for film, theatre, music, creative arty pursuits and visual journalism are all excellent career choices. • You can put the pieces together of a complex situation when all others fail to even understand the concept.


• You are mysterious with a strong need for sincere love. Someone to sweep you off your feet and love you forever. • Incurable romantic, you love the mystery and fantasy of life and love to be in love.

Love Match

• You have an instant connection with fellow water signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. • Best friends: Capricorn, you learn a lot from each other. Sagittarius, a spiritual connection. Libra, a caring combination.

Power Jewel

• Turquoise to revitalize and balance your energy. Amethyst for intuition and spirituality. Aquamarine for love and the confidence to speak from your heart.

Fashion Style

• You have a knack of blending the chicest new accessory to make a style statement. And have a serious addiction to shoes and boots as well as sensual fabrics, like silk.

Color Inspiration

• Greens and deep blues lift your spirit, as do splashes of soft wavy designs in fine fabrics.

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