There are four Royal Star Numbers, calculated by your name or company name, which are powerful vibrational numbers. These numbers can help lift your own vibration if you work with them. It has been documented that many Fortune 500 companies have names that add up to the Royal Star Number 51, Royal Star of the MAN, the number of instant fortune.

The four ROYAL STAR High Vibrational numbers are: 23 - 37 - 51 - 65

Name Number 23 - Royal Star of LION

This is a number for success. It relates especially for business and can provide the type of success that builds permanent and solid foundations, not only for now but also for the future. If your name or your company name adds to this number, it is thought that you can reach a level of success that includes fame as well as financial gain. It is also thought to be a beneficial number for political candidates. The name Oprah adds to a number 23.

Name Number 37 - Royal Star of the BULL

Number 37 is a powerful number for the combination of making millionaires as well as achieving fame. Love and romance are heightened under this number. The names Julia Roberts, Jamie Foxx and Bill Clinton add up to number 37.

Name Number 51 - Royal Star of the MAN

With the number 51, you can suddenly achieve a status of rich and famous, and a change in life and lifestyle that can literally happen over night. It is a number of strength that has the insight of psychic ability as well as physical endurance. The names Nelson Mandela and Oprah Winfrey add up to 51

Name Number 65 - Royal Star of the Earth

This is a fortunate and lucky number that combines the energy of Venus, Mercury and the Moon. Financial wealth as well as famous statue is possible with this number. People who have this number are usually physically attractive.

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