• Ruled by Jupiter, planet of abundance, you have a positive can-do attitude. • You are a proactive fire sign. And born under a lucky star, you have a strong sense of purpose. • As a mutable sign, you avoid drama, as life is too short for pettiness. • A strong spiritual side and a seeker of knowledge from a philosophical viewpoint. • You’re a natural philosopher, who loves to travel and explore. To lose your independence can crush your spirit.


• Adventurous, knowledge-seeker, visionary, truthful, and incredibly optimistic. • You excel when you do what you love. And have a knack of being in the right place at right time.


• You can be brutally honest, and not aware of how insensitive your honesty is. • As a visionary, you overlook details. You are idealistic but also unrealistic.


• You are futuristic and strive to achieve the big picture and greater meaning in life. • Self-development, religion or spirituality - or working with animals, or in the fitness industry are all great professions.


• You are a flirtatious, generous, romantic and passionate lover. • Physical, tactile expressions give you emotional security. You need a complete mind-body-soul-sex fusion.

Love Match

• Fellow fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius get you. • Gemini and Sagittarius respect each other’s need for independence and knowledge. • Best friends: Aquarians for their curiosity and Libra for comfortableness.

Power Jewel

• Turquoise and Diamonds for enlightenment. Gold and blue Topaz for Inspiration. Citrine for abundance.

Fashion Style

• Stylish sports wear that is comfortable, chic and fashionable.

Color Inspiration

• The cheeriness of light blues and yellows coupled with the depth of navy.

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