• As a water sign, you are in tune with your emotions and your instincts are sharp. • Ruled by Pluto and Mars makes you intense with a strong essence of personal power. • With the symbol of the Scorpion, you are someone who is not to be crossed – your sting is fierce. • As a fixed sign, you have definite ideas and opinions, and act with certainty. • You quest in life is to find and live your truth and passion in life. And to be adored above all others!


• You feel with intensity and are tenacious about life and everything you do. • You are a realist and can face your fears as well as your highest aspirations in life.


• You can be quick to judge the actions and opinions others and be intolerant of them. • Your sense of loyalty is conflicted by your need for secrecy. You can set traps to test people’s loyalty.


• Love a mystery and can solve any problem. A great detective, psychiatrist or scientist. • Intense, tenacious, smart, strategic, convincing and conniving – a lethal combination.


• A love connection needs to be powerful and passionate, nothing short of intoxicating. • Your heart is open to grow, learn and love with the right person. There is no one more irresistible than a self-aware Scorpio!

Love Match

• Fellow water signs, Cancer and Pisces, are emotionally available. • Aries and Scorpio are both ruled by passionate Mars and are in tune. • Best friends: Capricorn, as you both have goals and make life happen. Scorpio, you understand each other.

Power Jewel

• Malachite for emotional stability and good fortune. Fire Opal for creativity and sensuality. Citrine for prosperity.

Fashion Style

• Creative, intense, sensual. A contrast of combined colors and fabrics that attracts attention.

Color Inspiration

• Intense Red with the contrast of crisp light colors makes a statement.

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