• As a fixed earth sign you have set views and strong opinions. • Ruled by Venus, relationships and money are both extremely important. • A solid person of your word and a reliable and trusted friend and partner. • You aim to achieve the security and comfort of a luxurious home and life. • You don’t like changes and take your time to think through life modifications.


• You have an unbreakable commitment and perseverance to succeed. • An endurance to overcome the toughest of challenges. You are reliable.


• Inflexible, stubborn, possessive. When you choose, you can be indulgent. • Your challenge is to love yourself for who you are, not what you have.


• Financial and material success is important for your self-worth and image • Banking, real estate and creative design are all great professions. You look for stability.


• You create romantic and sensual with settings that build unforgettable memories. • Total loyalty is important; otherwise you can become possessive and jealous.

Love Match

• Your fellow earth signs; Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo • Libra, also ruled by Venus, perfect for setting up home. • Best Friend: Taurus and Cancer have similar interests and values.

Power Jewel

• Citrine for balance. Rose Quartz and Pink Topaz for romance. Diamonds and Emeralds for a powerful presence.

Fashion Style

• Elegant and good quality fabrics that look expensive.

Color Inspiration

• Earthy tones, corals and orange enhance softness and romance.

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