• As a mutable earth sign, you are grounded in your opinions but open to change. • Ruled by Mercury, you are intellectual, and strive to learn and communicate. • You aim to provide a high level of work excellence and are a seeker of the truth. • A caring and considerate heart, you know that small gestures can make the biggest impact • You operate best when things are neat, clean and no one interferes with your order.


• You are highly creative, detailed oriented and determination to get the facts right. • You are a perfectionist with tireless energy and an open heart to give and serve.


• You tend to worry about ‘everything’. Your challenge is to live and let live. • To accept others for whom they are, without the desire to change them. Can be petty.


• You excel at research, commerce and technology; anything that needs a detailed eye. • Creative, practical with a great deal of common sense. Excellent behind-the-scenes organizers.


• Trust and loyalty are big factors. Mutual support and devotion to build love to last. • Once you give your heart, it is forever. You expect the same commitment from your partner and friends.

Love Match

• You have a natural association with fellow earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn. • Virgo and Cancer have a love of order and excellence, particularly around the home. • Best friends: Gemini enjoys a good debate. Aquarians connect on an intellectual level.

Power Jewel

• Hyalite for success and mental clarity. Peridot for wellbeing. And Sapphire for confidence.

Fashion Style

• Structured design that is fashionable, functional. Add a creative flair with accessories.

Color Inspiration

• Dark earthy colors are great as your base and accent with solid bright earthy hues.

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