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E.P.I.C. (Everyday People Initiating Change) is a 501c3 organization that brings safe, clean drinking water to the developing world, while supporting other aspects of community growth. It is also a movement to encourage other Everyday People to Initiate positive Change in the worlds around them.

Volunteer Abroad the Best Way Possible!

E.P.I.C.'s Fellowship Program is a leadership training and on the ground experience in global aid and development. The Program was created by the founders of E.P.I.C. (Everyday People Initiating Change), Alexi Panos and Tennille Amor, to educate and inspire global advocates to be the change they wish to see in the world.

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Pencils of Promise Approach

Pencils Of Promise build safe schools, support teachers with innovative resources and provide students with health programming in order to increase education outcomes. As a data-driven organization, they’re rigorously monitoring the effectiveness of every program, project and pilot that they implement.

Education impacts every area of life

Can You Imagine Not Being Able to Read This Sentence? 250 Million Children Can't.

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Building Family Homes for Orphans and Widows

God is a Father to the fatherless and intends for children to be raised in families, but in a fallen and broken world that doesn't always happen. Orphanages are a temporary solution but cannot replace the loving care a child needs from a stable family. Since God adopted us into His family when we were alone and without hope, we believe that every orphan deserves to be brought into His family too. We pair one widow with up to 8 orphans to form a new family in each of our homes.

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Seventy-five years ago, Dan West began outlining a simple but groundbreaking plan to help the hungry. West, a Midwestern farmer and Church of the Brethren member, had recently returned from volunteer service in the Spanish Civil War where his job was to provide weary refugees with a single cup of milk. He knew American farmers had resources many others did not: cows and the steady supply of nutrition from their milk. This “not a cup, but a cow” thought was the driving force behind West founding Heifer International. Now, 75 years later, the “teach a man to fish” philosophy still inspires our work to end world hunger and poverty once and for all and has transformed the lives of millions.

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MISSION: A nonprofit organization dedicated to reversing the rate of homeless pets through education, preventative management, rescue, adoption, caring and compassion.

The Story of Pawsitively Humane: A group of like-minded individuals and neighbors recognized the growing number of homeless dogs and cats dumped in streets, parks, highways, the Everglades...


Rescuing stray cats, protecting community cats, & embracing black cats

We are pet educators and nonprofit organization specializing in cats. Our goal is to raise awareness and REVERSE the plight of homeless cats by overturning misconceptions surrounding cats in general, black cats, stray and feral cats through education and leading by example through our nonprofit organization.

every person matters

A warm greeting, Shower, Hot Meal and a Bed. Simple acts of compassion

CAMILLUS HOUSE Serves More Than 700 Hot Nutritious Meals Every Day

$15 Provides 10 Hot Meals for the Hungry

$32 Feeds A Homeless Person for a Week

$50 Helps Provide Vocational Training for a Homeless Person.

More than 1,100 Women, Men and Children Rest Safely Under a Camillus House Roof Every Night

Medical Outreach - Working to Meet Hard To Reach Individuals Where They Are - ON THE STREETS.

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