Happiness can be illusive and sometimes it’s simply because you really don’t know what you want in life. Jennifer’s Astrological Spiritual Life Coaching Consultations can clear your mind, open your heart and guide you on the path to happiness.
When you clear out the old and focus on the present and the future you change your life and step into a more empowered space! 
  • Courageously let go of what you know in your heart is not good for you.
  • Make a plan of action to move forward with certainty.
  • Be open to attain, attract and achieve your life’s goal, wishes, blessings and soul’s purpose.
  • If you do this now, in September and October, the abundant energy of Jupiter moving to Sagittarius in November will open your life and heart to receive greatness and blessings, more than you can ever imagine.
​​​​​​​A coaching consultation with Jennifer incorporates her Astrological knowledge, Clairvoyance gifts and Life Coaching skills, she will help you achieve all of the above and more. 
You can book directly on line at JenniferAngel.com on the reading page or email Jennifer for more information: jennifer@jenniferangel.com
Jennifer’s knowledge and guidance helped me realize where I was stuck, why I had resistance to letting go of the past and move forward with a plan of action to realize my dreams. Thank you.. J. CA.
Much love, luck and blessings to you,