February 01, 2018. As the lunar eclipse Leo Moon transits to Virgo, the next sign, some resemblance of order returns.

Yesterday’s eclipse in Leo was a Full Moon Total Eclipse, a Super Moon, with a greater gravitational pull, a Blood Moon, a rare event, and a Blue Moon, two full Moons in the same month. So, yeah, it was/is intense!

The Moon energy is female, emotional energy, however in the sign of Leo, which is male energy, there should be a good balance between logic and emotion, well, I said ‘should’ be, but with such intense energy it can cause the most well balanced logical hard-headed business person to overreact or make a rash decision.

The best way to get through this energy, business wise, and in any other area of your life, is to give yourself time to think things through. Don’t allow anyone to put undue pressure on you when making a decision you may not be able to reverse down the track.

Check your logical and intuitive sides skills of equation, how does it look and how does it feel. And sometimes, you just need to let a situation, even if it is a great opportunity, sit for a while and let it process until you gain greater clarity.

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