Offer Available until end of May.
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This reading and consultation session covers any area of life or reading you want to focus on:

  • Life Questions
  • Love and relationships
  • How will the planets influence your life this year and beyond
  • Spiritual empowerment
  • Life coaching sessions, 30 or 60 minutes.
  • Career and money
  • Family and home
What’s happening in your life right now?

  • How lucky will abundant Jupiter be for YOU?
  • What successes and challenges will 2019 bring you?

  • Gift a session to someone you love
  • Buy package of three (3) at a discount price
  • Buy now – schedule any time

Jennifer’s INTUITIVE ASTROLOGY CONSULTATIONS include her Astrological Studies, Intuitive Clairvoyant Gift and Coaching skills.

Her answers, insight and reassurance gives you confidence to know what direction to take and walk the path of your heart.

What other’s say:
“Jennifer is Spot On! Her Gift is Outstanding. Her Insights and Accuracy are Amazing! You won’t be disappointed.” Joanna.

New Client $100. 30-min  / $200 60-min
Repeat Client $90.00 30-min  / $180 60-min
3-Pack 30-min $255
3-Pack 60-min $480


The diffence between this session and the straight Psychic reading. Jennifer does not use astrology in the Psychic session, she uses Tarot and Intuitive cards and her clairvoyance, however, she may ask for your sun sign. And as she does not ask your birth details for the psychic reading, there is no preparation or pre work, so she can offer the psychic sessions for different durations. You can book a psychic session for as little as 10-min for one question or up to 60-min. 

If you are unsure of what session is best for you, please email Jennifer through the contact page. Thank you.