JANUARY 2019, Monthly Planetary Report 

A month to idealistic and realistic, while you transform and reinvent your life.


The close of December

The Sun Moon square on December 29thwill allow you to revisit unfinished business and clear it before the year’s end. The year will close with Mars entering Aries on the 31st, the sign it rules, and this go-getter motivational and highly optimistic energy will kick start the New Year in a positive and productive way. 

The beginning of January  

All the placements and activity in the sign of Capricorn, as well as a solar eclipse, signifies a new exciting start for 2019 where thought and feeling put into action can literally change your life. 

Week one – January 01-06

Combined Sun Saturn energy in Capricorn on the 2nd is a clear message that it is time to get back to work. Shortly after, on the 5th, the Solar Eclipse Moon energy also in Capricorn, will give you a chance to reflect on 2018. You can now deal with business, so you can step into a brighter more self-actualized future in 2019. The day after, Uranus the planet of sudden change, will come out of its retrograde transit on the 6th, which can open the doorway for something new, bright and exciting to take place. And as Uranus will move to Taurus in March, the sign of money and security, this is the perfect time to get your financial affairs in order.

Week two – January 07-13

This week commences with Venus departing sultry Scorpio on the 7thfor the more flirtatious and adventurous energy of Sagittarius. The Sun and Pluto connect on the 11thin the sign of Capricorn, powerful energy that can reinvent or transform. It’s a sign to take control of your life. Take charge, don’t take no for an answer, and step out of your comfort zone right into a bright new future. The week closes with Jupiter and Neptune in a square, which challenges you to be idealistic but also realistic.

Week three – January 14-20

Venus and Mars, the love duo planets, interact on the 18th, which can be the start of something fabulously romantic, a new alliance with someone you have a magnetic connection with or the flames of an exiting relationship can be reignited. Shortly after, on the 20th, the Sun will make its move to Aquarius, the sign where intellectual genius is birthed. This is also the time when the Sun is opposite the Moon making a full Lunar Eclipse in Leo, also a powerful Supermoon, intense energy that is a sign of something bigger and better to come.

Week four – January21-27
Monday the 21st, planet Mars squares Saturn, and sets up a frustrating struggle where Mars wants to move forward quickly, but Saturn wants to take it slowly to ensure that solid foundations are set in place. Saturn looks for long term and secure results while Mars has the ability to get things done – a perfect combination if you can work with the energies and not get too impatient – allow life to unfold somewhat organically. On the 25th, when Mars interacts favorably with abundance planet Jupiter, you can feel more optimistic about life and the direction it’s taking. At this time, Venus is also joining the party, and love and money matters can come together in a positive and prosperous way.

Week four – January28-31
The month closes with Saturn and Neptune interacting, providing balance between logical and intuitive thinking. This aspect will highlight the need to follow both a material and spiritual outlook on life. 

Moving into February, Mars Pluto energy can set up a power battle between parties of whom will need to compromise to agree on an outcome. But all can be forgiven shortly after as Venus and Uranus energy can distract your attention with a surprise development that will be impossible to ignore. It’s a good time to connect with friends and socialize. And as Venus enters Capricorn, an attitude of responsibility can take place with money as well as security and stability with relationships.