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January 2018 personal reading special 




There are major planetary transits this year that make it an exciting year. Saturn moved to Capricorn for a three year stay. Chiron, the planet of healing and karmic influences, makes a move in April for an eight-year transit. Uranus will also make a move in May, which is an eight-year transit, and has a great influence on finances and security.


During your personal reading session, I look at what’s coming up for you this year and of course, go through any questions you have. 


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NEW CLIENT: If you are a first time client, you can book teh new client session. 30 or 60 minutes
CHART ANALYSIS: If you’ve never had a ful chart reading, anlaysing your birth chart, soul purpose, this is a valuable session and also inlcudes major transits.


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Love, Luck and Blessings to you. 


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