JULY 2018 PLANETARY OVERVIEW by Jennifer Angel 

A month of transformation! Be prepared for change to move you to a new place in life!

JUNE closure: May 28-31

The full Moon in Capricorn, June 27-28th, as well as an opposition between the Sun and Saturn, sends energy to bring a situation full circle and provide a karmic close.

Mercury moves to Leo on the 28th, and will go retrograde this month on July 25th, so these next four weeks in July are a good time to get organized and move forward with projects and situations, business and personal. The month of June closes on the 30th with a Mercury Uranus square, which can push you right out of your comfort zone – exhilarating if you embrace it, challenging if not.

The start of JULY

This month commences with three astral trine aspects, including a Sun Moon water trine, which will help settle energy and provide insights as to why your life is like it is and what you can do about it.

Week one – July 02-08

Chiron, the healer, goes retrograde on the 4th for four months and the energy can bring up some past and karmic matters that may need looking at. It’s a chance to heal a situation and put it behind you.

July 5th, the Sun and Jupiter trine, its a water sign connection, which can signify something good is about to take place, especially when it concerns women. However, Mercury and Mars are opposite, so you will need to be careful of being too pushy and also of being brutally honest.

Week Two – July 09-15

July 9th, Venus makes her move to Virgo, which can put pressure on relationships to be super perfect. On the 11th Venus and Uranus interact, and can highlight a development with love or money and perhaps both, which can take you by surprise. And on the 10th, the day before, as Jupiter comes out of its retrograde transit, the energy can open doors for positive opportunities to take place, but it’s up to you to recognize them and then follow with action.

A new Moon and partial solar eclipse on the 12th, in Cancer, the sign the Moon rules, is also a super-moon, and makes this an intense time where you will need to stay alert to cash in on options offered and what’s going on around you.

Week Three – July 16-22

This is a positive and productive week for reflection and to get your thoughts in order.

At the end of this week on the 22nd, a water trine between the Sun and Moon spark your intuition and reminds you to take notice of your instincts. And when the Sun moves to Leo later in the day the energy will prompt you to follow your intuition in a big and bold way – if it feels right, go for it! 

Week Four – July 23-29

On the 25th, the Sun and Uranus will square and can cause a challenging upset that you probably have not planned for. Mercury in Leo also enters its retrograde transit on the same day, making this a better time to keep your schedule flexible as there may indeed be some unexpected developments.

The Sun will beep opposite Mars on the 27th and this transit will be a reminder that Mars has two sides, assertive or aggressive. It’s up to you, which path of action you take. Later, this same day, this month’s full Moon is a total lunar eclipse in Aquarius. The intensity of the energy can bring a close to anything or anyone no longer servicing you or your life in a positive way. Venus and Pluto interact and although this energy can add to the power and intensity, it does highlight both money and love in a positive way.

July 30th Close

The month closes with a water trine with the Pisces Moon and Jupiter In Scorpio initiating your imagination and creativity as well as sharpen your instincts.

The first week of August can be tricky with a potentially aggressive interaction between Mars and Uranus. However, Mars is retrograde, so past issues can come up, which is not necessarily a bad thing, depending of course, on how you interact and deal with a situation or person. There is plenty action and fire in August and a chance to get things settled, in the way you want them.