JUNE 2019

Monthly Planetary Overview
by Jennifer Angel


Intense feelings push you to reach for the stars. A month to be both idealistic and realistic.


Moving into June 01-02

Love goddess Venus and transformational Pluto interact at the beginning of June on the 2nd, and as such, you will be focusing your attention on relationships. This interaction will highlight the intensity of your feelings. It can also be a reality check for you in whatever area of living is the main event going on in your life right now. Pay attention and you can clear the energy, and move forward in a more positive and productive manner.


Week One – June 03 – 09

This week commences with the Gemini new Moon, a sign to gather knowledge, start a study course, research something that’s been on your mind for some time or plan a trip. Your creativity is heightened now, and it is certainly a good time to reeducate yourself in some way.


June 4th, Mercury will depart Gemini, one of the signs it rules and enter the watery sensitive sign of Cancer. During this transit it’s a good time to have a sensitive discussion with someone close to say how you feel. But be careful, it can also result in you being overly sensitive and taking someone’s words too personally.


Towards the end of the week, on the 8th, Venus will move from Taurus, one of the signs she rules, and it’s a very comfortable home setting for Venus, and will enter Gemini, the sign of discussion, education and creativity. Opportunities for love and money can present themselves now, and the greatest challenge with this placement is to decide what you want and then commit to it.


Week Two – June 10 – 16

This week on the 10th, Jupiter opposes the Sun and can set up a trigger point for things to take place, situations you’ve been waiting on. And as Jupiter is retrograde, a lucky break from something you’ve been working on over the past can come through now. 


On May 13th, an interaction between Neptune and Mars can set your heart alight. A connection with someone amazing can totally surprise you. It can be a soul connection that literally leaves you breathless with excitement.


Hold on tight to that feeling, as the very next day, on the 14th, the combined energy of a Mars Saturn opposition, can be an assertive or even an aggressive power standoff, so be prepared to smooth the waters, if need be. Focus on the positive not the negative and on what people do for you, not what they don’t do.


Jupiter and Neptune can put an unrealistic slant on things right at the end of this week on the 16th, and although the energy can have a softening effect, you will need to keep one foot on the ground while your head is in the clouds. In other words, keep reaching for the stars, but stay grounded in the here and now, too.


Week Three – June 17 – 23

The full Moon on Monday 17thin Sagittarius will help you step out of your comfort zone and follow your inspired heart’s desire. But tread carefully, and keep your wits about you. It is wise while on your travels to also be street wise, especially as two days later on the 18th, Mars and Pluto will oppose each other. This can be a powerful as well as a power struggle interaction, but as Mars’ energy is softened in water sign Cancer, and Pluto is retrograde, the energy is not as potent. In this case, you can use the energy to move forward assertively with purpose and productively, rather than in an aggressive way.


June 21stintroduces Summer and the Summer Solstice as the Sun moves to the sign of Cancer. On this same day, fanciful Neptune will enter a retrograde transit for a four-month period. And as Neptune is in the sign of Pisces, this transit will help you go inwards. You can review and reset your spiritual process, daily routines and habits that will help you balance your energy, evolve and focus on self-development. 


When Venus and Jupiter get involved with Neptune at the end of the week, on the 23rd, opportunities can present themselves for anything you are hoping or wishing for, especially for love, money and creativity.

Week Four – June 24 – 30

An interaction between Mercury and Neptune at the start of the week, on the 24th, can have you being overly sensitive with what someone says. Be careful not to retrace and replay a past situation or conversation over and over in your mind – let it go.


Mid-week, June 26th, Mercury will make his move from emotional Cancer to enthusiastic Leo where the energy is confident, but be careful of being a know-it-all. Effective communication skills require both talking and listening – a good rule to remember.


Moving into July

Eclipses are the brightest stars in July, and the energy can literally move you out of where you are to a new reality, and as such, some of you will experience a quantum leap in one or more areas of your life. Mercury will also go retrograde, and the energy will give us all a chance to review recent decisions and evaluate if they were right or if they now need further attention.