Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, spends approximately one year in every sign. Traditional astrology calls this planet ‘The Greater Benefic,’ meaning, the most powerful and favorable influence! It’s the Big Planet, the planet of expansion and abundance, knowledge and growth. Philosophy, learning, inspiration, vision, foreign affairs and traveling abroad, as well as truth and justice, also come under this planet. Jupiter’s domain includes wisdom, idealism, aspiration, and generosity. It brings opportunities, optimism and the faith necessary to expand your life in the direction of your dreams.

The key word is ‘expansion,’ and is the overall principle of Jupiter’s influence. Jupiter also expands consciousness and helps you to perceive ‘the big picture’ of life. Nothing this super-sized planet does is small!

On the flip side, Jupiter’s influence can cause you to be overly optimistic, blindly naive and foolhardy, indulge in exaggeration and prone to extravagance. Jupiter’s influence can also manifest in less desirable ways through exaggeration and overconfidence, extravagance and overindulgence, self-importance, and gullibility.

On October 10th, 2017, Jupiter leaves the amicable sign of Libra and will enter the savvy sassy intense sign of Scorpio. In Scorpio, no matter where it is in your solar chart, its influence will heighten your ability to look within yourself to solve dilemmas and recognize opportunities. This planetary placement will encourage you to take control of your own life and enhance how you feel about yourself, the positive and negative, and take responsibility.

Read on to see how this significant transit will affect your Sun-Sign.

Partnerships on all levels are favored during this transit, but financial partnerships are very much in the spotlight. You can form alliances with powerful people during this time, people who can boost your business and bank account in some way, although, the proceedings will most likely not be totally in your control. It is possible for unexpected cash can come your way now, too, an inheritance, bonus, repaid money, a loan, or a windfall in some way. Study of spiritual, religious or metaphysical matters can take your attention. Intimacy is also intensified, which can seal the deal with love. Your Theme: Eliminate negativity – make every thought a positive one!

All relationships are favored this year, but particularly those of the heart. If you are single, this is the year to update your personal presentation, and work on improving your attributes, skills, and knowledge, to present yourself in the way you aim to be seen. Couples can delve into new areas of loving and learning. Secrets can be revealed, which can relight the spark in your relationship and/ or deal with deep issues to release them, which can help to build a stronger bond. You can keep your mind engaged while gaining a great deal of self-awareness of each other. People from different backgrounds and cultures will get your attention, and associations formed now can withstand the test of time. Your Theme: Keep an open mind – anything can happen!

Over this next year, it can seem like it is all work, work, and more work, but the good news is, opportunities to advance your career will set you on a path to success. You do, however, need to watch that you are not tempted to take on too much and drain your energy and resources. This transit also focuses your attention on health and overall well-being. There is a tendency to overindulge with Jupiter in the sixth house, so you will want to watch your waistline doesn’t expand. However, as Jupiter is in Scorpio, it is likely you will become sexier. It is a perfect time to embark on a personal image overhaul, review your exercise program, and get the latest immune boosting supplements. Travel is in the stars and foreign affairs are highlighted. Your Theme: Focus on the grand plan, and never let your dream escape.

Get ready to stand in your own circle of power! You can be true to you during this transit. It gives you the confidence to be who you are and share your unique and valuable gifts with the world. This is your year to shine, especially with creative projects. Working in a team environment is also favored, and your natural take-charge persona can recognize opportunities and be quick to capitalize on them. This placement also highlights the opportunity to fall in love, an instant electric, and even lustful connection, love that is worthy of your interest. Your theme: Be yourself – wear your attributes proudly.

Your home atmosphere, family, and the domestic scene are all under the fortunate influence of Jupiter during this transit. It is a perfect time to make changes around your home environment, changes that will either be more stunning in appearance or serve you better for the future. Family and children are emphasized, as is your relationship with parents and extended members. You are encouraged to speak your truth to those closest to you and work on relationships by first working on your own self-awareness and shortcomings. Your theme: Nurture your home life and follow your heart.

This is an excellent transit for you, Virgo, as it will broaden your vision and inspire you to do and be much more than you think possible. Communication, writing, creativity, media, philosophy is all favored now, with sound opportunities coming your way for consideration. You can expect to take up studies and learn a lot more about topics you choose to put your energy into. Travel is also in the stars, and communicating with people from afar can lead to fortunate outcomes. On the home front, siblings play a larger role in your life this year. Your theme: Be open to what comes next –enjoy the ride.

After a year of Jupiter in your sign, it will move to the next sign, Scorpio, your solar second house, the area of material support and possessions. Financial independence can be within your grasp this year, but you do need to be careful of getting involved in get-rich-quick schemes or anything that is not totally above board. If you tune into your logical and intuitive senses, you will know what is a good deal and what is likely to be a waste of time. It teaches you to be smart with money, Libra, and this beneficial transit can smile upon you. Check how worthy you feel about attracting and accepting your goals to ensure you don’t block good fortune destined to head your way. Your theme: Positivity is paramount for success.

With Jupiter in your sign, life can magically fall into place now, but not without your recognition of opportunities when they are presented to you. Chance meetings and destined get-togethers can take place during this time, watch for the synchronicity of life. Networking and operating within a team environment with like-minded people is favorable. Spirituality, travel and foreign affairs are all highlighted. You can expect to broaden your horizons in every way – physical, emotional and spiritual, all of which will help you come into your own and follow your heart. Your theme: Expand your vision – nothing is impossible.

While Jupiter is in your solar twelfth house you can expect to be more interested in matters of greater importance, such as spirituality, and the many unanswered questions of our world and universe. Your intuition gets a boost now, too, along with a heightened imagination. You can expect to feel inspired to live the life you have always dreamt of and can work towards making that a reality. To benefit from this transit, it will be necessary this year to obtain a balance between being active and having solitude. Your theme: Allow yourself reflection time.

Friends, colleagues, and associates feature high on your list of priorities this year. People can appear suddenly to help you achieve your dreams, hopes, and wishes. People can step forward who you feel in tune who have the potential to introduce you to the right contacts, the people who can be instrumental in helping you advance. You can feel inspired to reach out to others, either on a community level or get involved with worldwide charities and support causes that are close to your heart. Your Theme: A balance of give and take support your goals.

You are flying high! Your career, business, and the difference you make in the world through your work can get a big push this year and escalate you up the ladder of success. All your dedication and focus can pay off now; your hard work can be repaid handsomely with reward and with the satisfaction of achievement. The recognition that comes from a job well done can put you in an advantageous position to gain a new job, promotion or new business. Your Theme: Go for Gold! There is nothing stopping you!

Jupiter, your co-ruling planet, situated in your solar ninth house, a position in the star chart you naturally align to, can help you manifest your innermost dreams and aspirations. Nothing is out of the realms of possibility this year, with careful thought, and by paying attention to your intuition and following it, you can achieve a great deal. You can expect to take up some studies or advance studies that you already have in place. Developing your spiritual beliefs and engaging in higher education, particularly of philosophical nature are highlighted. Travel, especially traveling aboard or connecting with people from foreign affairs all have a positive vibe, too. Your Theme: The possibilities are limitless!

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