What Makes You Irresistible? Zodiac Dos and Don’ts for Love

What Makes You Irresistible?
Zodiac Dos and Don’ts for Love

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Aries: You’re a power house and you know it, Aries. People are drawn to your fiery energy and may be envious of your physical prowess. Comfortable in your body, you know how to use it. That positive vibe and proactive approach to life are irresistible! Do be romantic; use that talent to charm; when you feel good about yourself, you can sweep anyone off their feet. Don’t expect your lover to be prince charming or lose interest if she has a bad hair day. Do use your personal drive to help support your partner; don’t focus too much on yourself.

Taurus: An earthy strength and sensuality make you famously irresistible, Taurus. You know how to communicate without words, and can make your partner feel like he or she is the center of the Universe. Others feel naturally secure in your presence. Naturally generous, you want to shower all the gifts of the Earth on your beloved. Do pamper your loved one; great food, back-rubs, a touch of luxury goes a long way. Don’t be too stubborn. Make your point but stay open. Do use your strength to nurture your partner. Don’t indulge your temper at their expense.

Gemini: The Twins’ combination of brilliance, humor, buoyant spirit and zest for life makes you pretty irresistible, Gemini. Your whimsical charm blends unique personal style with expressive talents and can be positively captivating. Mysterious, funny, unpredictable and open to new experiences, you are never a boring companion! Do prioritize mental compatibility; that’s what will keep you interested. Don’t flake out; if you say you’ll call, follow through. Do use your enthusiasm to help your partner through difficult moments; your ability to uplift can be magical. Don’t indulge in deception; if you cannot commit, say so.

Cancer: An innate sensitivity enables you to know exactly what others feel, which inspires real devotion, Cancer. You nurture, protect and are fiercely loyal to your loved one. A deeply shared understanding in your close relationships makes people cherish their bond with you. Add to all this your charming sense of humor make you truly irresistible! Do open up and let your sweetheart know how you feel. Don’t let irrational fears cause you to withdraw. Do dare to trust and show your silly side; it’s lovable. Don’t let your moods run your life; it’s not fair to your partner.

Leo: You’re hot and you know how to work it, Leo. With a regal, commanding presence and dramatic flair, you literally light up the room. That lion-hearted generosity and natural leadership cannot help but draw people into your orbit. Romantic, passionate, creative and up-beat, you are impossible to resist! Do share your enthusiasm; theatre, parties, creative projects – get your honey on board, they’ll love you for it. Don’t be too bossy. Lead but don’t dictate. Do be supportive; your encouragement can make all the difference. Don’t let your vanity run away with you. Learn to laugh at yourself.

Virgo: Classy, gentle refinement and obvious intelligence make you stand out, Virgo. Compassionate, giving and acutely perceptive, you’re so much more special than you realize. You have a thoroughbred quality, and inspire respect for your skills and ability to heal and soothe almost any situation. Your discriminating taste makes your loved one incredibly lucky; you really are irresistible! Do be supportive – you have a magic touch. Don’t be too critical; remember we’re all works in progress. Do lighten up and have fun with your sweetie; all work and no play is no way to live. Don’t worry so much! Stress is contagious.

Libra: Libras are famously charming, and it’s your genuine appreciation for others and natural impulse to share that makes you so. Instinctively fair-minded with a refined, artistic sensibility, you exude an aura of grace that works like a magic spell. That beautiful smile and friendly manner, with always a kind word, make people want to be around you. You’re built for romance, Libra, and you’re irresistible! Do share social activities with your partner. Don’t make pleasing others your profession. Do take time alone to find inner balance. Don’t Let your partner make all the decisions.

Scorpio: Yes, you exude sex appeal and your powerful presence has a smoldering mystery that you can turn on at will to put anyone under your spell. What makes you irresistible, Scorpio, is the depth of your sensitivity; the ability to see beneath the surface and communicate soul to soul. When you open your heart and look straight into your lover’s eyes, you open a door to forever. Do Use your strength to support your partner. Don’t shut down in remote silence. Do risk expressing how you really feel. Don’t Let a dark mood or anger get the best of you.

Sagittarius: A special blend of spiritual wisdom, animal magnetism, humor and fiery appetite for life makes you positively irresistible, Sagittarius! You are adventurous, on a quest for truth and justice, and your enthusiastic energy makes you a truly exciting companion. At home in your body, you enjoy the physical world, which is incredibly attractive. Do take your partner along for the ride! Love makes the journey worthwhile. Don’t be insensitive; honesty doesn’t mean thoughtlessness. Do be upfront about your need for freedom. Don’t be afraid of commitment; it can be the wildest adventure of all.

Capricorn: Always a class act, Capricorn, with an earthy sexuality and unmistakable personal power, you do what it takes to become successful. That, in itself, is irresistible! You take excellent care of your loved ones; those protective instincts and sense of responsibility inspire loyalty and devotion. Naturally authoritative, your expertise, discipline and underlying sensitivity are extremely attractive. Do be supportive; your strength helps your partner more than you know. Don’t be too controlling, your sweetheart needs room to breathe. Do be generous; that’s what love is about. Don’t withdraw and go cold – it can ruin a relationship.

Aquarius: Uniquely individual and with a brilliant mind, you radiate an inner light that cannot be ignored. Your genuine kindness and gentle demeanor, fierce will and disregard for convention make you fascinating and irresistible. Friendship forms the basis for your romantic relationships, and whoever is fortunate to join your special world wins a ticket to Wonderland. Do spend alone time with your sweetheart; let them know they’re special. Don’t go cold and silent in withdrawal. Do share your interests with your partner; that’s where you shine. Don’t let your need for independence ruin a good thing; balance togetherness with time for yourself.

Pisces: You exude mystery, Pisces, with a soulful wisdom and sensitivity that inspire others to share their innermost selves with you. Creativity, talent and natural healing ability -not to mention magnetic sexual appeal – make you truly irresistible! Famously romantic, your eyes have an almost hypnotic power; once someone falls into their depths, they never fully recover. Do let your sweetheart know how committed you are; flirting is fun but be smart. Don’t take on your partner’s problems as your own; help out but stay grounded. Do give yourself time to reconnect with your spirit. Don’t let over sensitivity spiral out of control.

To find more information, you can check out my colleagues site on this link about zodiacs and love compatibility?