MARCH 2019


A month to access your deepest dreams to plan and get organized to make them a reality.


The close February 25ththrough to the 28

An interaction between the Sun and Mars, both powerful forces, provided the energy to motivate you to follow through on intentions and plans. However, it also brought with it a message not to be impulsive. The best plan is a thoughtful and calculated one, not a rash move.


Week one.  Moving into March 01-03.
Venus and Uranus challenge each other, which can set up a power struggle that involves love or money, and possibly both. Remember, not all battles are worth fighting, think carefully before you take a stubborn stance. On the other hand, this aspect can bring about unexpected change that can take matters out of your hands, and in this case, it can be a blessing-in-disguise. And as Venus makes her move to Aquarius right at the beginning of March, the month commences with the energy for independent thinking and for standing in your own circle of power. This will highlight self-awareness which leads to self-development.


Week two. March 04 – 10

Mercury, the planet of communication and commerce, enters its first retrograde transit for the year, one of three, on the fifth of March through to the 27th. The days leading up to and just after the retrograde transit are called the ‘storm’ and the most likely time for mishap or misunderstanding. Once Mercury settles into its retrograde transit it is the perfect time for planning and getting things organized. And as Mercury is in the sign of Pisces, it’s also about inner reflection to gain clarity.


On the sixth, Uranus, planet of sudden and revolutionary change, transits into Taurus, the sign of love, money, security and stability, and will stay there for the next seven years. During this time, it is possible for major financial shifts to take place, and not just with your personal life, but also globally. On this same day, the Pisces new Moon can open up opportunities that prove to be nothing short of inspirational.


Week three. March 11-17
Mid-week, on the 14th, Saturn, the planet of caution, plays nicely with Mars, the planet of impulsiveness. The combined energy, although opposite in nature, helps you keep life and your life decisions balanced. It provides you with some thinking time, but also the energy to put planning and action behind your intentions. However, do keep in mind that as Mercury is now retrograde, and as such, details and plans can often be delayed or can take time to come through.  


As Mercury will interact with abundant Jupiter, transformational Pluto as well as action-planet Mars, it makes for a very interesting and complex week, one which potentially can  have more movement than during a usual retrograde transit.


Week four. March 18-24

Wednesday 20th, the Sun enters Aries, the sign of action and new beginnings, and signifies a fresh start with the spring equinox. On the same day, a Libra full Moon, a super Moon at zero degrees with added intensity, places more focus on relationships. At the same time, Mars interacts with Pluto and with the combined force of energy, literally anything can happen. Be prepared to set your intentions high and follow through. However, the next day, on the 21st, when Venus challenges Mars, relationships can be strained, but also, the energy can provide you with a chance to repair relations and discharge heavy loads of old baggage.


Week five -March 25-31

Tuesday 26th, Venus will make her way to romantic Pisces where dreams are formulated and fantasized, making this a great time to reach for the stars and get in tune with your inner heart’s desire and soul purpose. Mercury, also in Pisces, will come out of its retrograde transit on the 27th, and this will mean you can now go ahead at full steam with your ideas and aspirations and put your intentions into action.


Right at the end of the week, and month, Mars will make his move from Taurus to Gemini sharpening your thoughts and thinking so you gain more clarity on creative processes enabling you to move forward with strong intentions. A word of warning: be organized, make a plan and follow through. It’s important with Mars in Gemini that you don’t take on too much, which can scatter your energies, and instead, be realistic about what you can achieve, so you are more productive.


Moving into April

A connection between Mercury and Neptune provides the inspiration to follow your dreams, and the energy of the new Moon in Aries will help you put them into action to turn your inspirations and aspirations into reality.  


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