MAY  2019

With outer planets retrograde this month, the energy provides you time to set plans in place with solid foundations. 


April 29-30

The close of April, on the 29th, Saturn the planet of caution and stability, entered its retrograde transit for a four-and-a-half-month duration, which gives you a chance to review life, particularly business matters to ensure you’re heading in the right direction, your desired path. The energy provides you with a chance to make adjustments, and even a course re-direction, if need be.


Moving into May
Week one – May 01-05

The Taurus new Moon on Saturday May 4th, brings stability for the month ahead. It is solid positive energy to commence the month of May with new beginnings that are based on reality. During this time, your focus is likely to be on money matters as well as looking after yourself in the way you nurture your body with good food and pampering. The next day, May 5th, as Mars and Jupiter challenge each other, there is a tendency to jump into things without first thinking them through. Past lessons can be presented now, too, so pay attention to situations that seem familiar, so you learn the lessons rather than continue to repeat them.


Mars in Gemini sharpens your thoughts and thinking so you gain more clarity on creative processes, which will enable you to move forward with strong and definite intentions. However, there is a word of warning: be organized, make a plan and follow through. It’s important with Mars in Gemini that you don’t take on too much, which can scatter your energies. Instead, be realistic about what you can achieve, so you are more productive.


Week Two – May 06 – 12

This week commences with Mercury, the communication planet, exiting the sign of Aries and entering the more deliberate thinking sign of Taurus. This will allow you to be more thoughtful about decisions rather than feel so frantic. However, on May 8th, when Mercury and Uranus connect, unexpected news can take you by surprise. Don’t take anything for granted. You will still need to do your homework and think through the end result that you desire to happen. Once you make up your mind about something, go ahead and make a decision, but keep in mind that you may not have the opportunity to backtrack and make alterations later on. In this case, so you will want to make sure you think through all the possible pros and cons.


On Tuesday 7th, when Venus challenges Saturn, situations can reappear and give you a chance to relook at something that happened in the past. This can provide you with an opportunity to clear the energy, once and for all. But at the same time, be careful not to take on other people’s drama or situations. Evaluate whose issue or problem it is, and if a situation has nothing to do with you, then don’t get involved. 


Shortly after, on the 9th, a favorable and happy connection between Venus and Jupiter lightens the energy to help provide inspiration and positive thought. And as Venus will have a challenging aspect with power planet Pluto on this same day, it is important to stay as positive and optimistic about life as you can. There is another warning here not to get involved with business that does not concern you. Fortunately, as the Sun and Saturn interact nicely on the 11th, the combined energy can help straighten anything out that may have created intense emotional feelings.


Week Three – May 13-19

Monday 13thcommences with a positive interaction between the Sun and Pluto, both powerful forces, and energy that can move you forward if you are ready and willing to step into a new reality. Two days later, on the 15th, when Venus makes her move to Taurus, one of the signs she rules, the energy can help you settle financial situations as well as manifest money. This is also an ideal time to get organized with romantic alliances and to open up to invite love into your life.


This same day, 15thof May, is also the day that assertive (and sometimes aggressive) planet Mars will make his way to watery Cancer. At the best, Cancer being a cardinal sign, coupled with action planet Mars, decisions can be made and followed through by putting them into action. On the other side, as Cancer can be a little moody, ruled by the changeable Moon, Mars can accentuate this and with impatience and irritability. The way to work with Mars in Cancer is to have a plan and productively work towards the end result you aim for.  


The good news is, when Mercury interacts with solid Saturn on the 16th, the headway you make will be permanent, rather than flimsy, and set good foundations in place for the future.  This is followed this with a positive interaction between Mercury and Pluto on the 18th, and the combined energy places a great deal of potent power behind whatever you are working on, Discussions can push things forward and, in the right direction.


The Scorpio full Moon on the 18this potent, intense and transformational. The energy will help you come to realizations that are now crystal clear and so much that you can’t ignore them. It’s a time to get real, see it how it is, and if necessary, close doors so new ones can open.


Week Four – May 20-26

Early this week, the Sun and Mercury both make their exit from Taurus into Gemini. This energy is lighter, more reactive, chatty and faster paced, especially with ideas and thinking through solutions. This is also a great time for education, teaching, writing, creativity of all kinds and learning new skills.

week five – May 27 – May 31

Jupiter and Neptune are in a challenging aspect at the start of this week, and with the influence of Mercury the communication planet, the energy can encourage you to get real about your life. Consider your communications with others as well as with yourself so you can make firm decisions that feel right for you, and that you can move forward within a positive way.


Moving into June 

Love goddess Venus and transformational Pluto interact at the beginning of June on the 2nd, focusing your attention on relationships, and the intensity of your feelings.