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As Mars, your planetary ruler, now sits in your money zone the energy can open up opportunities but be careful not to be too impatient and make rash decisions. Think through your pros and cons before agreeing or disagreeing to anything. Uranus, will also move to this area of your life this month, finally leaving your sign, and can open the door for you to reassess and change the way you handle your banking and financial affairs. Your love life is very much on the radar, too, with the full Moon, a super Moon, in your relationship area and as Venus moves to the social sector of your star-chart, your personal life is busy.  The love door opens for singles to meet someone fabulous, and for couple to reignite their passion. Your sensitivity is heightened now, pay attention to your intuition, it won’t let you down.



The people you surround yourself with are important; make sure you have positive, and not negative associations. You want to associate with people who want only the best for you. With Venus’ influence, new contacts can help you at work during month. Pay attention and look for the signs and meetings of coincidence; they will let you know when someone significant enters your life. It’s important to be super organized, because if you are not, then the energy of the intense full Moon can scatter your energies. With the powerful planetary energy of both Mars and Uranus in your sign, and a new Moon in your social area of life, a love connection can be positive and passionate now. This month, you can work and play hard, however, be careful not to neglect your health and wellbeing.



With a new Moon signifying a new start in your work zone, your career is on fire this month, Gemini. You have options and opportunities for a new beginning and some of you will be reviewing and renewing an outstanding creative idea. You can choose to alter what you do or how you do it during this time – watch for viable opportunities that cross your desk. However, Mercury, your ruler, goes retrograde in the career area of your star-chart, so don’t get despondent if things seem to be delayed – stay focused, keep your mind on the outcome and be positive. Looking for love? Full Moon energy can put you in the direct path of someone you’ve been waiting to meet all of your life, an unmistakable connection. For couples, review your love life and fine-tune your partnership.


Travel is in the stars, or you could associate or work with people from international markets or different cultures, whatever it is, there is a new start approaching with the energy of the new Moon. The full Moon, which is a super charged super Moon, in your home and family area can bring something to a head that you need to deal with. Mars and Uranus’ influence in your social events area and with friendships, can suddenly change things. And as Mercury is retrograde, you will want to be careful not to say something you may later regret. With Venus entering your zone of intimacy, and a connection between Pluto and the Sun, if you’re looking for love, you can be in luck. A soul connection is very possible right now.


Developments at work can move you in the right direction now but stay focused on your highest priority as it is easy to get distracted during this time. You have a new start with money and if you can collaborate with others it is possible to work together for a profitable outcome during this time. However, as you may not be in control of all decisions, make sure you surround yourself with people you trust. And with Mercury retrograde, you want to be careful of what you say and how you say it. And remember, timing is everything. Venus makes her move to your love zone and sends romantic vibes in your direction. It’s also a message not to spend all of your time at the office and to make time in your schedule for romance – you deserve it. 


The new Moon on the fifth of March is in your opposite sign, the area of relationships, and shines a bright love light urging you to spend time and energy on your relationships. For singles, make sure your heart is open to meeting someone wonderful. As Mercury, your ruler, is retrograde it is possible that someone from the past will reappear, and it can give you a chance to reconnect or clear a past issue. The full Moon later in the month in your money zone can shake things up and give you a chance to reorganize your finances in some way. It’s a positive time to review and renew your money management system. As Venus makes a move to your solar sixth house, this is an ideal time to focus on an image overhaul. The better you feel the about yourself the more empowered you will be.


This month, with so much activity in your area of productivity, prepare to be busy. As your career gets a dynamic boost of energy, it’s important to be organized. The new Moon indicates a new start; however, you may need to let go of something to embrace a new situation. Be ready to change your routines to allow new habits to form. Later in the month, the full Moon in your sign, an intense super Moon, will help you let go of anything or anyone not serving you in a positive way. Think about what it is you really want and be prepared to make some hard choices. Focus your attention on health management and your overall beauty. Ruled by Venus, both are important for you to feel great and you want to be in top shape to take advantage of the romance Venus promises to send your way.


Connections are crucial this month to move forward with business. Get out to socialize and network but check in with your intuition to know who is likely to be a good fit for you to work with and who isn’t. Mars energy heats up your love life and a super new Moon can help you connect with someone amazing. But be aware that with Mercury retrograde, you can face old love lessons, or you may even renew a love affair or come in contact with someone from the past. Venus enters your zone of home and family, which indicates there is also a connection with someone or some work to do in this area of your life to set straight. Whether personal or professional, you will want to make the most of opportunities that cross your path with strategic planning.  


A financially viable opportunity at work can arise, but don’t be in too much of a rush to get things settled, take your time. The energy of planet Mars can tempt you to make rash decisions, so remember, if it’s worth doing its worth doing well and worth waiting for. Mercury is retrograde this month, too, another reason to take a step back and carefully think through your decisions, intentions and actions. Change at home or around family can occur, with new options presented for your consideration. And with the influence of the full Moon, a super Moon, don’t be surprised if you decide to part company with some friends or colleagues for no other reason than you have outgrown each other. Freely let them go as their departure will create space for the universe to send you someone who will can play a significant role in your future life.


This month, the new Moon in your area of creativity and communication can open the door for something fabulous to take place. But be mindful that Mercury goes retrograde and the energy of this transit can cause mix-ups and delays. Take care to carefully consider your words and approach before doing or saying anything of importance to anyone. Later in the month, the full Moon, an intense and supercharged super Moon in your career zone, can indicate the start of something new and magnificent. But to make time and room for it, you may need to let something else go, or at least rearrange your schedule. As Venus moves from your sign to your money zone, it’s an indication that your bank balance is also about to get a healthy boost. And if love is on the agenda, believe you can have the perfect partner and he or she can appear. Couples can bond together and rearrange their life together.


If you’ve been waiting for a boost to your bank account, then this month, with the combined energy of a new Moon, which is a super Moon, as well as Mercury, Neptune and the Sun, all influencing your money zone, it can happen. However, with Mercury going retrograde on the fifth of March, for a three-week transit, be careful to make sure you have all the details correct. This is not a time to gloss over anything, and when it’s about money, it is smart to do your own research and checking. When you want to change your life, it is up to you to put out a positive vibe and believe that you can make it happen. You also need to be a little cautious with spending, especially as Venus will move to this area of your chart later in the money. For most of the month, however, love goddess Venus is in your sign and romance will very much be on your mind, so make time for love.



This is a powerful time for Pisces! A new Moon in your sign can help you ride your winning star all the way to the top of the galaxy and back. Dream big and don’t allow anyone to even hint a negative word to you. Keep the vision, stay steadfast on the end result you want to attract, and your dreams can come true. Money and career are both positive right now. As the Sun moves to your financial zone, and Uranus and Mars both in your area of communication, things can change and happen fast – be ready! However, as Mercury in your sign is retrograde from the fifth to 27th, don’t get concerned if your plans don’t go exactly as you think, as a detour could end up being better than you think. And with Venus also moving to your sign later in the month, you will want to get ready for romance. You are in the zone, Pisces, and it’s important to focus on what you want and stay positive! 





Read Your Year Ahead Horoscope Overview for 2019


This is a very busy time for you, Aries; just the way you like it! Work is demanding but you can’t neglect your health either, so you will need to be organized this month to accomplish everything you commit to. The full Moon in your area of organization will help you clear out anything that impedes your productivity. You can move forward with career success now but beware of taking on too much. And in this sense, you need to be careful of making promises you have no way of keeping. Instead, if you can pace yourself, you will be pleased with the progress you make during this time. Mercury, the communication planet, heightens your intuition, so pay attention to it. With love and romance, beware of a temper tantrum mid-month when Mars and Uranus connect. However, directly after on Valentine’s Day, the 14th, when Mars moves to the next sign, all can be forgotten, with romance taking over. However, with Venus in your career zone, if you want romance, you will need to be conscious to make time for love.  Read Your Year Ahead Horoscope Overview for 2019

Communication planet Mercury moves to your area of friends and connections and the energy can help put you in front of the right people at the right time for advantages introductions for both your personal and professional life. With this month’s new Moon energy in your career zone, this is a period where you can get organized to capitalize on opportunities to get ahead with your work. Be careful not to get too bogged down with issues that only result in wasting your time but don’t serve any real or productive purpose. For love and romance, with passionate Mars moving to your sign on Valentine’s Day, the 14th, a passionate connection with someone amazing can literally take you by surprise.  And the full Moon, a few days later on the 19th, takes place in an area of your sun-sign chart that can signify the start of something new and be exciting for both singles and couples.  Read Your Year Ahead Horoscope Overview for 2019

This month’s full Moon can influence communication in both your home and work life. You can gain a greater perspective on where your life is heading now but as the energy is intense, you will need to be beware of encountering mix-ups. Make sure you get the facts, and not act on rumor or gossip. You may not be in control of everything that transpires in February. However, with the Sun’s entrance, as well as Mercury, your ruler, into your career zone during the month, indicates that if you stay focused on the end result, everything will move in the right direction with a beneficial outcome. The energy of Venus movement can open the door for you to build a deeper romantic connection with someone, but it may be up to you to make the first move. Beware of letting a situation with a friend get out of hand, sometimes, the least said is the best. Above all, you don’t want to jump to any conclusions, slow down and enjoy life.  Read Your Year Ahead Horoscope Overview for 2019

Love and money take top billing this month and may even be connected on some level. A connection between Venus and Pluto can be start of something fabulous in your life but be careful you don’t jump to conclusions or act too quickly. Try and let life play out to see what eventuates. You will also need to tread carefully at work to ensure you don’t impulsively do something you might later regret. Sometimes, it’s best to let others do the talking as what you don’t do or say, can have a powerful effect. News of money can come through and this is a good time to collaborate with others, but make sure you are organized with all the paperwork in order. With love and romance, and with Valentine’s Day this month, a little romantic indulgence could be just what you need. Try not to get too serious about love, sometimes it’s nice just to enjoy the moment and see what comes next rather than having expectations.  Read Your Year Ahead Horoscope Overview for 2019


Love and work both demand your attention this month and you will need to be organized to stay on top of everything. Prioritize your to-do-list and focus on what matters most. Doors can open now in business and your career, and Venus helps you to connect with significant and influential players. Early in the month, lunar energy in your area of relationships can stir desire and motivate you to follow your passion in life, love and work. Your life can transform this year, but you will need to be proactive and steer it in the direction you want, rather than leave everything up to fate, or to others. Communication is important to keep your love life on track. Be open with your thoughts and feelings to allow someone into your inner heart to build a closer bond of togetherness, especially with Valentinus’s Day on February 14th. Couples can reignite sparks or take your relationship to the next stage with a little extra focus on romance!  Read Your Year Ahead Horoscope Overview for 2019

The full Moon in your sign on the 19th is intense energy and can be unsettling, but it does give you a chance to bring to closure anything that is no longer working or useful in your life. Use this phase to process the recent past and leave old baggage behind as you continue to move into 2019. Positive connections can be made through social engagements that will be beneficial for career and business, especially with creative projects. Mercury, the communication planet, will transit to your seventh house of relationships on the 10th, and can highlight a time to have a sensitive discussion with someone close, in particular a romantic partner. If you are in a relationship or dating, you can expect to have discussions about where your relationship is at right now and where it is heading. This is a good time to investigate possibilities and let your intentions be known, particularly with Valentine’s Day on the 14th.    Read Your Year Ahead Horoscope Overview for 2019

As passionate planet Mars sits right opposite your sign, the area of relationships, and connects with Uranus, the combined power of energies can force you to look at your relationships more closely and deal with issues that are perhaps long overdue to be addressed. This can set you on the path for a more enlightened and empowered relationship. For singles, get your thoughts and love list in order so you can attract and manifest the love life you desire – romance can take you by surprise now and you want to be ready. However, be careful of letting life slip by because you are looking for the perfect partner; allow yourself to have fun and see where life leads. Love planet Venus heads into your area of home and family and can also focus your attention on monetary matters. Some of you may be beautifying your home during this time, too. Your intuition is sharpened with the energy of the full Moon in the sign before yours. Messages can come through dreams or coincidental meetings that you would be wise to take notice of.  Read Your Year Ahead Horoscope Overview for 2019

Your creativity is soaring sky high right now and you have the ability to communicate your ideas and concepts in a very concise way. With Mars and Uranus connecting in your area of productivity, you will want to be organized, so any sudden changes to your schedule won’t spin you out of control. In relation to career and business dealings, the energy will allow you to come to terms with anything that is not working. No matter how much you want it to come together, if it is not meant to be, you are best to let go and focus your energy on areas that are more viable. The full Moon in your House of friendships can reveal to you any disloyalty with friends or associates in a candid and unmistakable way. As passionate planet Mars makes his way to your love zone, an electric connection with someone will be impossible to ignore. There is a lot going on this month, and you want to be sure about your decisions, which can mean taking extra time to contemplate.  Read Your Year Ahead Horoscope Overview for 2019

Saturn, the planet of caution, stability and business matters, is still situated in your solar second house of money and possessions. This energy focuses your attention on being careful with financial arrangements, both professional and personal. And as new Moon energy opens the door to have discussions about opportunities that can enhance your bank balance, you want to make wise choices. Change is in the air, which can be challenging, but if you go for it, your reward can be an over-all life upgrade. However, in the meantime, the more organized you are, the more productive you will be. Love and romance can come out of the blue for you this month but be careful of judging and acting too quickly with how you think a situation is unfolding. With Valentine’s Day on the 14th, you could have a pleasant surprise, so keep an open mind and heart. There is also an opportunity to make life at home more stable during this time.  Read Your Year Ahead Horoscope Overview for 2019

Life is ‘always’ busy for Capricorn, and with pro-active planet Mars moving to an area of your sun-chart where connections with others are made, for both love and work, just when you thought you couldn’t take on anything else, life gets interesting. You can handle it, though; with your superior organizational skills somehow, everything, including your love life, is scheduled into the day-planner. But be flexible, as not everyone will work to your priorities. As Venus moves to your sign early in the month, romantic energies are certainly heightened. Whether single or in a relationship, as difficult as it is to remove yourself from the work quarters, if you want your love life to flourish then you need to put some time, energy and focus into it. For love to find you, you have to make yourself available. Opportunities for additional money-making projects can come through this month and relieve some financial pressure with a new start, which provides much more security for now and the future.  Read Your Year Ahead Horoscope Overview for 2019


Your annual new Moon will occur at the start of next month, February 4th. It’s a great time to get your goals, dreams and wishes in order to start your next solar cycle with positive intention for what you want to achieve. Remember the saying, ‘if you fail to plan you plan to fail’. Favorable aspects suggest that money matters can lighten up, and partnerships as well as relationships, can work out well.  As an Aquarian, you strive to make a difference in the world through intellectual pursuits and in helping others, but first you need to look at how worthy you feel of achieving your goals and cast aside self-doubts. For love and romance, if you’re in a relationship, it can move to a deeper stage. Looking for love? First, to avoid repeating past love lessons, look at the type of person you want to attract and analyze past associations to see if there has been a pattern. With Valentine’s Day mid-month, and a new Moon in your sign, this is the perfect time to do some personal ‘love-work’.  Read Your Year Ahead Horoscope Overview for 2019

As the Sun moves to your sign on the 18th, your own view of yourself is under the microscope making it a positive time for self-analysis and self-development. Friends can step forward now with ideas and opportunities worth considering, so listen to what they have to say. Financial planning is a good habit to adopt, and especially this month as Mars and Uranus connect, the energy can cause unforeseen developments. The more in control of your money matters, the more secure you feel. With Mercury’s influence also entering your sign, your mind and instincts are both sharp now. The full Moon in your love zone can instigate change in some way. As a romantic water sign, the connection between you and a love-mate needs to ‘feel’ right and be smooth, not abrasive. This month is about building friendships and taking love slow. When you get to know someone as a friend first, and the chemistry is in place, togetherness can happen naturally.  Read Your Year Ahead Horoscope Overview for 2019

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