This is a productive month where the astral movement and interaction between planets influence all major areas of your life. For the first part of the month, love planet Venus situated in your home and family area, can set up challenges to deal with. And then as she moves to one of your love zones, she interacts in a positive and favorable way with both creative Mercury and passionate Mars, encouraging you to clear the schedule for some loving fun. This month’s full Moon in the sign before yours can get you thinking about where you are and where you want to be – a great time to review and reset your heartfelt dreams. With business, as planets are coming out of retrograde, watch for chance meetings, influential people can help move your dream from fantasy to reality. Everything is headed in the right direction. Be patient and play the chess game of life.



This month, the full Moon at the start of the month is in your area of friendships, and later in the month, the new Moon in one of your love zone areas, makes connecting with people advantageous. You will want to speak from the heart when you have discussions, particularly of a sensitive nature. This is a positive aspect that can be extremely beneficial for you, and especially if you are honest and open, you can uncover and heal past hurts, which can allow you to move forward with a clearer conscious and less stress weighing you down. Your area of productivity gets a boost of energy, which will encourage you to get organized. When you tidy up loose ends, you clear the energy in your personal space and your mind, and you can accomplish a great deal of business, work as well as jobs and errands. You have a chance now to discard old negative vibes, habits, people and situations.



The Sun and your ruling planet Mercury make their move this month to your solar fifth house, an area where love is encouraged, and new love connections can start. So, if you are looking for love, and who isn’t, make sure you clear the schedule to invite love, romance and some fun, into your life. However, to attract the love you want, you first need to know what that is, so take some time to get your love list in shape, which will help to clarify the best partner and situation suitable for you. Your family zone is also hoping with activity and the new Moon mid-month can make it possible to have a deep and meaningful connection with a friend or partner. There is a lot happening during this time, which can push you forward to a new and exciting reality – have faith, things are working out for you, as they should.



With motivational planet Mars still in your solar tenth house of business, the momentum at your place of work, or with business dealings, continues to build. This is a very productive time for you, Cancer, but you need to be strict about who and what you allow to take up your time and energy, so you have a better chance to accomplish what’s on your to-do-list. However, there are supportive people around you, so it is a matter of tuning into your instincts to know who to open your door to and who to keep it closed to. With love, as Venus is still in your sign for the first week of the month, and the new Moon later in the month in your area of communication, how you relate to those closest to you is important. You will want to tread carefully around sensitive issues, be diplomatic, and in some cases try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes.



Venus, the love goddess, moves to your sign this month, and as such, it’s a great time to focus on relationships. A positive connection between Venus and Mars as well as Venus and Mercury can provide a beautiful love vibe, and it is good for you, Leo, to have your head in the clouds for a while. A little romancing and fantasizing can relieve stress, as long as you don’t stay there for too long, because as usual, there is business to attend to. Monetary matters in particular get your attention this month, and the new Moon in your solar second house indicates a new start where you can move ahead in a positive manner. The Sun, your ruler, can also bring through news that can help boost your bank balance. It’s all systems go, stay focused, but also incorporate some life balance.



With the New Moon in your sign mid-month, you can expect to be busier than usual as you evaluate your goals and go about setting action points to achieve your dreams. This is good motivating energy that will help you to get inspired and gain a great deal of clarity as to your next move. However, to do so, you do need to get organized, otherwise you can end up just spinning your wheels, which is not a good look for Virgo. Venus will move to the sign before yours, igniting your intuition, a message to pay attention to your inner-wisdom. And with Venus still in your career zone for the first week of the month, you can connect you with people who help you move forward with your plans. The full Moon opposite your sign, your zone of love and relationships, at the start of the month can provide you with realizations about where your life is heading and with whom. There is also focus and importance on building friendships. 



Love and money can intermix this month, but in a good way, and what happens next can change your game plan. It can work out to be more suitable than how you were previously operating. Activities around the home are also enjoyable and making your abode a place that is comfortable and secure could very well take your attention and energy. For singles, work on getting your home base set up for future entertaining as it very possible you will be entertaining before the year is over. Couples, with the influence of Mars, you can ignite the passion in your relationship. There is a new start with money and business, and the decisions you make during this time as well as agreements you enter into can provide you with a good return.



This month, if you are single, you could meet someone you feel in tune with through a friend, so don’t get glued to the TV or chained to the desk, it’s time to start interacting, even if it is just electronically. Let others know how fabulous you are.  The new Moon mid-month in your friendship zone will provide the energy to review and renew your close relationships in life, including your love life. The full Moon earlier in the month in a fellow water sign, can be unsettling, but only in the way it will give you the opportunity to make changes or alterations in your life that will better serve you in the long term. Your business life gets a boost, but don’t rush a decision, take your time and make sure you do what is right for you. 



Abundant Jupiter still in your money zone for the rest of this a year continues to put focus on business and finances. Couple Jupiter with the Sun in the second week of September, plus new Moon energy mid-month, and both these areas get a positive and abundant boost of energy. Something fabulous and unexpected can come through, which gives you a chance to sort out and discard anything not coming together in the way you want. Watch for connections this month, people and situations can come together unexpectedly. Be wary of interactions with family members if they do not support you, as you really need to align with people who have your best interests at heart and put distance between you and those who don’t. Romance is important with love, let your inner seductress out to play, but don’t forget, friendship is the glue that keeps everything together. 



Jupiter, the planet of abundance, known as the lucky planet, is situated in your sign, and when it concerns business, people can provide support. This is your year to bring your dreams to fruition, and almost magically, people can reach out to help. With love, often as a Capricorn you can meet the love of your life associated within the industry you work. And as Venus is in your love zone early in the month, romance is in your stars now, too. This month, a new Moon in your soul’s purpose zone indicates the start of something fabulous around business. And with Jupiter’s influence, news of money can come through – Yay! Your life can take off now, Capricorn, or at least the ball can start rolling and gather momentum. Stay the course, and do what you do best, while you keep your eye on the end result.



Looking for love? You’re in luck, love goddess Venus transits to your love zone and stays there through to the end of the month, giving you plenty of time to work your magic on a love mate, or if you are single, on a prospective partner. A discussion about monetary matters could open different options to consider as to how you move forward, but best to tackle earlier in the month. The one thing you want to do this month with any decisions is make sure they will be suitable for the long term, not just for now. And with Mars in your solar third house of communication and creativity for the remainder of the year, you will want to think twice before you say anything to anyone. A rash statement may not end up well, and it would serve you well to use your voice to express yourself diplomatically.



Relationships continue to be top of mind, especially with the new Moon opposite your sign, in your love zone, and with Venus in one of your other love zones, you can expect love to be romantic and passionate, and for some, your love life can move to the next stage! The full Moon in your sign this month can highlight what you don’t want and provide you with the motivation and imagination to change your life for the better. There’s a new vibration around your career, and with the help of Venus’ and Mercury’s energy, news can come through that you’ve been waiting on. Your life can take a giant step forward now. Have faith and stay positive.