MAY 2019



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If you’ve been waiting to be rewarded for all your hard work, then this month, your wish can be granted. As communication planet Mercury is influential in your chart, you can expect exciting news to come through! Money news also heads your way. The key to your material success now is to believe in yourself and eliminate any thoughts of limitation or unworthiness – if you can conceive it and believe it you can achieve it – make this your mantra. A lucky break can come with work but stay positive and be productive to see it through; you can’t afford a negative thought. Work and money are your top priority now, but be open to love, an intellectual connection can become much more.



This is your time to shine! New Moon energy in your sign gives you a fresh start in some way, so take advantage of it in any way you can. Don’t ponder about the whys and why not’s for too long, when you see an opportunity, go for it. Mercury, Venus, Uranus and the Sun, also in your sign, can give you a clear sign, a green light to move ahead. Later in the month, news can come through that you’ve been waiting on and creative ventures look positive. Mars in your financial zone indicates some urgency with money matters, but also a message not to get involved with risky business. The full Moon opposite your sign can open a love door, but you may need to close another door before you walk through.



The Sun and Mercury, your ruler, will both enter your sign on the 21st and the energy will help to shift anything outstanding to the surface so you can deal with it. And as Venus will join Uranus in the sign before yours towards midmonth the combined energy will provide you with the insight needed to gain clarity as to how you feel about romance and relationships. At this time, you can formalize your introspective thoughts and start to make a plan of action. Friends can be supportive in many ways, but when it comes to your choice of an intimate partner, remember, it is your life to live. Money matters look favorable but don’t jump into anything without first thinking it through. The key to success this month is being organized – make a plan and stick to it. 



Social engagements and getting together with friends can lead to much more than what it seems on the surface. A love affair can branch out of a friendship, but communication in the way of being upfront and honest is needed to protect your heart. Some things will simply not be within your control this month and to get through unscathed, you need to be flexible and prepare to change your schedule, no matter how annoying a change in plans may be. When you can allow yourself to go with the flow you can end up in some interesting places. However, in saying that, with Mars moving to your sign mid-month, there can be a temptation to act impulsively, so remember to at all times to listen to your intuition



Your career zone is hot with activity and energy, and the new Moon can present opportunities, and when you least expect. Pay attention and watch for the signposts of chance meetings and coincidences that will lead you in the right direction. A family situation may need your care. And a monetary matter could require a renegotiation, however, with plenty of positive planetary interaction, your lucky stars can help you land on your feet. But in the process of doing a deal, but don’t be quick to look after everyone else, you come first. Your cup needs to overflow first before you can give out to others. In love, build a strong friendship connection.



Travel is in the stars, both short and long-distance journeys, and if you have a chance to mix and mingle with people from different cultures, you can progress in some way. Education is also highlighted as important now, and the more you can further your knowledge the more in demand you will be. Your advice will be greatly appreciated in regard to a family issue, but keep in mind that just because someone asks for advice it doesn’t mean they will act on it. There is good movement and development in your career zone this month, especially towards the second half of the month so be patient and allow things to fall into place. For love, look for a spiritual connection, a deeper interaction of the heart and soul.



This is a powerful time for Libra, with lots of opportunity and options to work with people, but you want to make sure you surround yourself with the right people. Other people, or businesses can be supportive with financial agreements during this time, or advise and help in some way, just ensure you know everything there is to know – read the fine print. With the presence of new and full Moons, you want to be cautious with money. It’s not a good idea to get involved in risky business. Don’t be bullied into doing anything you are not sure of. On the other hand, positive news and opportunities can come through that can be profitable, so you want to be open to receive, too. Venus in your zone of romance shifts your focus to love – make time for those you care about the most.



The new Moon, Sun, Venus and Mercury and Uranus all in your love zone focuses your attention on relationships – love is definitely on the radar! And Mars, your co-ruler, in your area of intimacy for the first half of the month will ignite your passionate senses when you interact with or meet someone you have an instant connection with. And during the second half of the month, the energy can trigger an emotional response that causes you to be reflective and thoughtful of how you feel and of your next move. Also, if someone has a hidden agenda, you will know it, it will be revealed to you in some way. For work and money, connections and your contacts are important, they can open doors for you.



Your health and wellbeing as well as your overall beauty and personal presentation get a shot of power, and as such, your attraction factor is potent so use it to your full advantage! The energy of the full Moon in the sign before yours, can reveal insights that help you come to decisions, particularly about relationships. You can also gain inner realizations about your overall dreams hopes and wishes in life and it’s important to stay true to you. With a work situation be prepared to make some compromises to get ahead and be open to restructure what you do and how you do it to incorporate new developments. Remember, if you want things to be different then you have to do things differently. This month, if you get organized, anything is possible.



As Mars moves to your love zone mid-month, make time for romance! Teamwork is advantageous now too, regardless of whether it relates to your personal or professional life. Keep in mind that the more influential people you can mix with the better your chances of advancing in all areas. As such, it’s a good time to get out to socialize and network. The full Moon in your social arena can heighten emotions and tension where friends are concerned. The energy can prove to be helpful in allowing you to part company with someone no longer serving you in a positive way – it’s a make-up or break-up energy. The Sun and Mercury both move to your area of productivity and encourage you to get organized with work. This is also the perfect time for an image revamp. A discussion with a friend can present great creative opportunities.



Full Moon energy can bring things to a head at work and give you a chance to revisit a situation so you can move forward in a more positive way. The first half of the month has movement and communications with creativity. The latter half, with the influence of Mars, you are likely to be run off your feet, so you will need to be super organized to keep up. Your home and family area of life has a new start in some way, so be open to what comes next. Your love life is in the spotlight, and you can come to terms with what you want as well as what you won’t compromise on. You can attract attention now, but only if you want to, the choice is yours.



Your star shines bright this month! Be prepared to stand up and show the world who you are and what you can do, even if you do need to take a step out of your comfort zone. A new development at home or with family can work out better than you think so stay positive and be open to new concepts and developments. Money matters can come together now, too, but be careful to do you own research to get the facts, and not just hear-say. A creative venture gets the go-ahead. At work you can move a mountain of work, but to do so, be careful not to allow pesky interruptions. As the month progresses, romance gets stronger and more passionate – get ready for love.




APRIL 2019


A Month of ACTION and moving FORWARD!
Read Your Year Ahead Horoscope Overview for 2019



This is a big month for Aries! Get a plan in place, as you will need to stay focused on your highest priority to ensure that you don’t miss anything important on your schedule. The new Moon in your sign on the fifth indicates a new start, and to make the most of this energy, your main concentration is to get down to business. Money is top focus, too, and you can investigate better ways to budget and save. Have a positive attitude, life can change in an instant now and for the better, so keep an optimistic view of what can take place and don’t entertain negative thoughts. And as Venus is in your sign, love is definitely in the air! 



With the Sun in your sign and connecting with Uranus, nothing is out of the realms of possibility now. This is a very exciting time for you and this month’s full Moon on the 19thcan have you reorganizing your life — out with the old to make room for the new. Venus, your ruler, in the sign before yours makes this a great time to get clear about your romance goals and do some soul-searching in view of your relationships. Friends will be helpful at the start of the month, if you need advice then reach out to them and ask for it. With money matters, avoid rash decisions, and remember to trust your instincts and look after your own needs.



Action planet Mars in your sign for the next six weeks puts pressure on you to work fast and get organized to get everything done. The Sun and Uranus in the sign before yours gives you an opportunity to get in touch with how you feel about certain aspects of your life and what you want to do next, but you may not have too much time to think about it. The month of April is a good time for action, and you can accomplish a great deal during this time. New friends can enter your life now so schedule time to be social. And for love, if you’re single, it is possible to connect with someone now. And with the help of the full Moon energy, you can let go of people who have outlived their purpose in your life. Focus on building strong friendship and look for someone you have easy communication with.



Pluto, in your opposite sign, your relationship area, will go retrograde for a period of five months, which will give you a chance to reevaluate what your next steps are with love and relationships. Keep in mind that a change of attitude can change your whole perception of how you feel about someone. As Venus makes a move to join Mercury and the new Moon in your career zone it’s an indication that something new and positive is on the horizon; watch for opportunities and chance meetings with significant people. Then energy of a full Moon focuses your attention on home and family matters and is a good time to get closer to those you care the most about. Friends are supportive now, and are there for you when you need them, don’t be too proud to let them in.



Adventure, learning and excelling at what you do are all areas Leo loves to get involved in, and this month, your interest in new areas of learning as well as delving into areas to gain a greater level of knowledge will take your attention. Travel and communicating with business people from afar can be beneficial for work. And interacting with different cultures will also be of interest, both from a personal and professional standpoint. With the Sun moving to your career zone and interacting with Uranus, your work and business life is about fire up, and this is a good time to move forward with purpose and certainty. With love, whether single or in a relationship, be upfront and honest about your feelings to keep your dealings on the highest level of integrity – no one can argue with how you feel



If its support you are looking for, then this month, someone can step up and offer you assistance in some way, and possibly financial assistance, too. However, when it’s about money, with the influence of the new and full Moons, make sure you are crystal clear with the arrangement – don’t assume anything. This month, you can move forward and get a lot completed, but with Mars in your career zone you will need to stay focused on priorities, so you don’t get distracted. A family or home situation may slow down after the 11thwhen Jupiter goes retrograde. Try to get things settled early in the month as there will be no point in trying to force an issue as the month progresses. Love can be both passionate and romantic, and communication is very important to keep relations harmonious. 



The full Moon in your sign can be unsettling but in a way that pushes you out of your comport zone to make decisions. This is also a great time to put some focus on your personal needs, so make sure to schedule in some ‘you’ time. Consider some pampering or perhaps even an image overhaul, if you feel it would be beneficial for you. Money is very prominent in your April chart, especially working with others for a common purpose and a goal that can provide a financial return. But don’t spend all of your time at the office, with Venus moving to your relationship zone later this month, you will want to get ready for love. If you’re in a relationship, spend some time with your honey, or get out to socialize if you are single. The new Moon is also in your love zone, indicating that a new development with romance can take place and possible someone new can enter your life during this time.  



The full Moon in the sign before yours on the 19th, will get your thinking about your life, where you are, where you’re headed and a chance to fine tune or even change direction if that’s want you want. Take it one day at a time and try not to make any major decisions, until you are certain of what you want to do next. However, having just said that, there is some urgency this month to get things settled with monetary matters as Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will all go retrograde during the course of the month, which can slow things down. Time management is important and the energy of the new Moon on the 5thwill help you get organized. Your love zone will be on fire by the end of the month when the Sun moves to this area of your star-chart and embraces Uranus. During this time, unexpected developments can occur.



Mars in your opposite sign, your love zone, and with Venus making a move to your other love area, romance and passion are definitely on the agenda, so make time for love. This a perfect month to get down to business, especially as Jupiter in your sign will go retrograde on the 11thand money matters need your attention too, as both Saturn in Pluto will also go retrograde by the end of the month, which can slow down activity. The more you can deal with financial concerns now the better.  Work is progressive, and the more organized you are the more you will be able to achieve. However, as the Sun and Uranus interact towards the end of the month, you can expect a surprise, and one that could possibly have you celebrating. You also need some solo time to reflect – aim to achieve balance in your day-to-day activity so you don’t spend all of your time in one area of life.



There is a lot of activity around the home and family sector of your life this month, and the new Moon, also in this area on the 5th, signifies a new beginning in some way. But with the Sun and Pluto challenging each other, you will want to beware of someone wanting to take over or dictate what they feel you should be doing. Certainly compromise, but don’t loose sight of what you want to achieve for yourself. Many of you will feel like nesting and with Venus moving to this area, it is a positive time to make your abode homier. Love is very much in your star-chart now, too. Couples can open your home for entertaining, and it is possible for singles to meet someone suitable as a long-term partner, especially as the Sun and Uranus will interact later in the month. The energy indicates that either a relationship or a creative venture can successfully take place, and without notice.  Mars energy can have you busier than usual at work, if that’s possible. It’s a month for action – get organized!  



Communication with friends this month can be inspiring, but beware of a monetary situation, as you will want to make sure you are aware of all the details. Open communication is always best and as the energy of the new Moon early in the month will help you achieve this. This a time when you can meet someone amazing on the love scene, someone you can have an instant and sharp intellectual connection with. Family, or those who are close enough to call family are important now, and someone can suddenly appear who you have not seen for a while. Opportunities can come through from people you know and trust, and a creative project can get the go ahead, but you will need to be organized to take advantage of it and move forward.



With planetary presence and a new Moon all in your solar second house, this is a good month for money and material possessions. However, it is also the area of self-worth. Be careful to make every thought a positive one so you open the gateway for abundance. It is a good idea to limit contact with negative people who tend to bring your energy down — you know who they are. You have an opportunity now to get ahead financially and for self-promotion, and you need to step up and do what’s right for yourself. Love is also very much in your star-chart, but be careful not to be possessive of someone, let them go, if it is true love they will come back. Whether personal or professional, the way you communicate is very important now, especially as a business or career opportunity can land on your desk or in-box. And as a number of planets go retrograde by the end of April, endeavor to get as much accomplished early in the month as you can.