NOVEMBER 2018, Monthly Planetary Overview by Jennifer Angel – Don’t Hold Back! November is a Month to be Brave, Bold and Daring!

The close of OCTOBER

The month of October concluded with beneficial, and almost destined type energy between the Scorpio Sun and Cancer Moon. The combined energy provided an opportunity to let go of emotional baggage that could be holding you back from attracting and embracing the life you desire. On the 30th, as Mercury enters Sagittarius, there’s a sense of adventure and optimism moving into November.

Week one – NOVEMBER 01-04

As thinking planet Mercury is now in Sagittarius, the month commences with a deluge of ideas and creativity from Mercury and, big picture grand dream thinking, in Sagittarius. Make the most of this energy, especially as Mercury will go retrograde mid-month. As such, now is the time to put thoughts into action, so you can spend the later half of the month fine tuning and planning.

Jupiter has a favorable interaction with Chiron on November 1st, which will help with letting go of past hurts, outdated scenarios, and just a lot of stuff you may have been dealing with during the past few months.

Week two – NOVEMBER 05-11

A water trine on the sixth of the month between Neptune and the Sun can be intense, but at the same time, if you can sit with your intuition, you can come up with some amazing ideas. It is a time when your imagination soars and your instinct is sharp. The new Moon on November 7th in Scorpio will also help you align with inner beliefs and feelings and the energy prompts you to step out of your comfort zone and move forward in a new direction. During this same time, Uranus will make its way back to Aries, and focuses your attention on your own needs, another good reason to stay focused on your personal priorities.

Jupiter, planet of abundance and growth, will make its annual move on November 8th and enters Sagittarius, the sign it rules, a once every twelve-year transit. This is a powerful position for Jupiter to be in. It is important during this transit over this next year to keep a positive outlook. Get in touch with where you want to end up and place your energy and attention on your dreams, hopes, goals and wishes. At the same time, Venus and Mars interact, which will place more emphasis on love, relationships and togetherness.

Week three – NOVEMBER 12-18

On the 15th, motivational planet Mars finally moves out of Aquarius where it has had an extended stay and as it enters Pisces, creativity is born, your imagination and intuition is heightened. An dreams can become a reality. The next day, on the 16th, Venus, the planet of love and money, comes out of retrograde and will allow you to move on from past relationships that no longer serve you in a positive manner. This same day, while Venus come out of retrograde, Mercury, thinking planet, turns retrograde in Sagittarius, which will give you a chance to rethink, fine-tune, plan or adjust your big vision plan. This is the time to get a workable plan in place.

Week four – NOVEMBER 19-25

This is a big week! With planetary activity as well celebrations in the USA for Thanksgiving, it’s a time to be grateful for life and those you share it with. The week kicks off on the 19th with a Mars Jupiter interaction and in mutable signs, so it’s a good sign that things can be worked through for suitable outcomes for all parties. The Sun will enter Sagittarius on 22nd, and right opposite Sagittarius, the full Moon in Gemini on the same day will keep things lively and entertaining.

November 24th, Neptune will finally come out of retrograde after a five-month transit and this energy will encourage you to get in touch with your dreams and help you decide to go for it.  The following day, on the 25th, the annual connection between the powerful Sun and abundant Jupiter is a time to stay positive and focus your attention on what you want, rather than what you don’t want. This is considered to be the luckiest day in the annual astral calendar. Make sure both your energy and outlook are nothing short of optimistic.

Week five – NOVEMBER 26-30

Communication planet Mercury is in the spotlight this week. On the 26th, Mercury and Mars interact, cautioning you not to speak harshly or impulsively – in other words, think before you speak. If you do get into trouble, all can be forgiven the next day, 27th, as Mercury favorably connects with both the Sun and Jupiter. And the month will close with Venus and Uranus in opposition on the 30th, bringing your attention up close and personal with relationships. Be prepared to either forget and forget or let go and move on.

Moving into December, with Venus entering Scorpio, and Mercury moving back to Scorpio in its retrograde transit, the month begins with relationships being intense and verbal. The Sun and Mars in a challenging aspect can add extra tension to any situation you find impossible to ignore. Say what you mean but be mindful that a little diplomacy can go a long way in softening what could be a sensitive discussion.