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Intuitive Consultations

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Your Aries pet can be rowdy, especially when they want something, but they are quick to wag their tail to let you know all is well. Nothing upsets them more than to think you are not happy with them. They are strong-willed, and this month, with the new Moon in their sign they can have even more energy than usual.


Taurus pets are love bugs, and if they seem a little out of sorts this month, you can blame it on the full Moon influencing their mood, as they may be a little more needy than usual. They love to preen, so make sure that you keep them looking gorgeous and healthy.


This month’s new Moon can make your sociable Gemini pet even more eager to mix and mingle, not just with other pets, but also with humans. They are very astute and can pretty well understand everything you say, so don’t be fooled if they seem unresponsive, they are listening.


Cancer pets love their home comforts, and this month they will want to snuggle in, rather than get up and attend to business or go out. Once you get them out, they will enjoy it, but getting them there can be difficult. Be firm, let them know who’s in control and they will follow your lead.


Your Leo pet needs love, attention and reassurance that they are the most important person in your life. Leo responds better to praise than criticism. Tell them what you want them to do, rather than what you don’t want them to do.


Virgo pets try to cater to your every demand. They aim to do their very best. So be careful you don’t overload them with too many commands – one thing at a time works best, and that way, they will listen and respond.


Libra pets, ruled by Venus, are very loving fur balls, but be careful of your expectations being too high, because if they feel they can’t please you, it can make them very unhappy little pet souls. Moon energy can cause some unrest – make sure you show them how much they mean to you.


As a water sign, and with the influence of planets close by, they are very intuitive pets. They can read your mood and if they are looking at you, they can also read your expression. In other words, they will pick up on everything, so be careful of the messages you give, even subtle ones.


Sagittarian pets are usually adventurous, and this month, with the Sun and lucky Jupiter interacting, they are likely to be happy and even a bit feisty, so try to take extra time to pay attention to them with some playtime! But got some downtime, make their private space comfy and secure. Ensure they have a safe place to escape to. Sag pets are confident, but all pets love attention and love to keep a wag in their tail!


Your Capricorn pet may be in deep thought this month. Of course, it will probably look like they are just snoozing, but they are probably mulling things over, especially as Jupiter in the sign before them interacts favorably with the powerful energy of the Sun! A little exercise, or play time, can shake off energy and get them back to be your best fur-mate.


The way to keep your Aquarius pet interested and out of being too mischievous is to give them something to do. Buy a toy that keeps their mind intrigued, toys that they have to do something with rather than just chew. They do like to have some alone time but this month you can expect them to be communicative - pay attention.


Pisces are usually very loving, and this month, don’t be surprised if they are a little needier in the way they can feel sad if they can’t be with you, all the time! Of course, you have other responsibilities, but try to give Pisces pet quality time if you can’t do quantity sad that will help to keep them happy and lovable.

Best Wishes and Blessings from the Team at Jennifer Angel Network!

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