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JULY 2019


You’ve experienced more than your fair share of willful behavior from your Aries pet, but this month with two eclipses you have a chance to use what you’ve learned from these experiences. Remember you are the boss and if your pet forgets this fact you may need to remind him or her.


Your pet’s imagination will appear to have been magnified tenfold this month. Encourage this newly rediscovered curiosity with a variation of games and other stimulating activity. All the hard work you put in to your pet with discipline may need to be reinforced so you have a well-behaved animal.


Your little Gemini may surprise you this month with an extra surge of planetary fueled energy. You can expect the unexpected and you can have an enjoyable time watching your pet run circles around you. Just make sure you are giving him/her consistent messages in terms of what you want from them.


Cancer pets can feel unsettled this month with the energy of two eclipses directly influencing them, so keep a close eye on him/her. This is the start of their next 12-month solar cycle and a great time to set new routines and disciplines in place, but remember, you are the teacher and they are the student.


If you set the right boundaries for your pet to operate within, he or she will stay out of trouble and you will get to enjoy your pet more. This is a good month to evaluate your pet’s health and include supplements or activities that keep them healthy and happy.


Get creative with your choices of activity and you can maximize your time and your pet’s sense of enjoyment. Look into some new forms of activity that keep them thinking and interacting. With this month’s eclipses, social outings will put a wag in their tail, and when they’re happy, you’re happy.


With the presence eclipse energy, you can expect your Libra pet to be a bit out of sorts. This shall pass, but in the meantime, you can make it much easier on your pet with a little extra comfort and attention. Pay attention to his or her reactions to certain situations and adjust the circumstances if you can.


A social outing, if possible, would be a good idea this month, but with two eclipses, don’t let them out of your sight, and if you have felines, they love to look out the window, curious as they are. Make a play date with your furry friend and an onslaught of additional affection will warm your heart.


It’s never too late to teach your pet a new trick or behavior and this month is a great time to invest time in doing so, especially as the two eclipses can mess with their energy. Let them know in subtle ways how important they are to you and how much they are part of the family.


The energy of two eclipses, one in Capricorn and one opposite, your pet won’t be short on motivation to do what they want, so be prepared to enforce your commands and follow through. Remember, you are in charge, not your pet. Keep in mind, though, that Moon energy can make pets a little erratic.


If you’ve been incorporating some new training disciplines, then stay the course, and if not, then this is a good time to do so. Your Aquarian pet is very instinctual this month, and you may notice them longingly staring at you, as if they are trying to read your mind, and you know what, they probably can.


Love is definitely in the air for Pisces pets, always, but more so this month with the eclipses. However, Moon energy can be unnerving, so watch their moods and try not to force anything with them. Take a moment to connect with your pet share and appreciate the joy they bring to your life.

Best Wishes and Blessings from the Team at Jennifer Angel Network!

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