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Intuitive Consultations

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Try not to put too many restrictions on your furry friend this month. It’s time to give your best buddy a little more freedom, because as usual, they will have no shortage of energy. Start a new habit or activity and see how much of an impact it makes on your pet’s mood.


Take extra time to show your best friend where they rank in your life. A couple extra minutes of attention a day could work wonders for your connection and your pet’s happiness. Your furry friend will be social and absolutely lovable this month.


Socialize your pet and they could come across as the most popular pet on the month. If possible, take your pet out to mingle with other furry animals. They will surly appreciate your extra effort to mix up their routine. Your little Gemini will be full of love, fun and affection.


When you give a command, you want to stand your ground and assert your position as the boss. Keep their structure and routine in place and don’t miss a beat. Be the disciplinarian and play the role of Alpha and your pet will repay you with hugs and licks.


Monitor your expectations of your pet and ensure they are realistic. This month will provide a chance for you to make the changes necessary to have a more satisfying relationship with them as your pet reaches out for your attention.


Take some time out to really enjoy your pet and do something fun together. The new Moon in their sign can give them a sparkle in their eye and wag in their tail. Keep a close eye on them though, as you don’t want them going off on their own little adventure.


Turn your attention to making your best buddy as happy as can be. Put yourself in their paws and try to conjure up a list of activities that will show your furry friend how much they are loved. You can implement changes with minimal disruption to your pet’s life.


Full Moon energy can help you make changes at home that can increase your pet’s health and happiness and make your life easier. Include variety in their life, whether it is food, activity or a change of their bedding and safe pace, all will help to keep them happy and loving.


This is a good time to revamp your daily routine to ensure your pet is getting the most out of life. If possible, add more play time or walk time into your schedule and increase the time you spend together. Any extra attention you can give your pet will be appreciated and returned.


Be careful you don’t let your little Capricorn take over this month. As headstrong as your pet can be you will need to be firm and keep their schedule consistent. Don’t allow them to get a pass or make excuses for them. When you give a command, you need to follow through.


Prepare for some changes this month in the way you manage your pet’s life. It may be modifications to their routine or a switch in food. Research any food before you go ahead and make any changes. The more information you have the better a decision you’ll be able to make.


As much as you love your pet, he/she requires care and attention and that means effort on your part. Consider improving the quality of their food and exercise opportunities. A loving home and comfy place to rest can contribute to the longevity of their life.

Best Wishes and Blessings from the Team at Jennifer Angel Network!

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Brain Training for Dogs

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