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As Seen In STAR MAGAZINE, By Jennifer Angel

Week JULY 22, 2019

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Planetary interactions and as Venus makes her move to Leo, focus on what is working, the road of least resistance, and then get out of your own way. In other words, go with the flow and don't cause uneasy issues that can block your energy and good fortune.


Be a team player at work and it will have a positive impact on your future. This is a good time to consider taking up extra studies to further enhance the skills you offer. On a personal note, make time to socialize, and also for family. Be open to discuss a topic that could be sensitive.

ARIES Available for Syndication

Week ahead: This is a progressive time, rethink your goals and stay focused on them. Love: The energy of Venus can put you on a collision course with someone fabulous. Career: People in your contact list can help with work. Money: Stay the course - the money will come. Key words: Expect the unexpected on the home front.


A heart-to-heart conversation with a loved one will help you move your relationship to the next stage. But don’t get caught up in a battle of the wits rehashing the past - let it go. At work, if a situation sounds too good then ask more questions, you want facts, not hearsay.

TAURUS Available for Syndication

Week ahead: Keep your schedule open; if family members need to converse, you want to be there for them. Love: See a situation for what it really is and move forward from that point. Career: Stay focused on the highest priority. Money: Stay confident, and act with certainty. Key words: Life is intense but exciting.


When it’s concerns your career and money, don’t sit in the back stalls. To fast track your career, take control and get straight to the point! A discussion with someone who knows their business can set the scene for a positive and profitable future.

GEMINI Available for Syndication

Week ahead: Reassess where you are in life and where you are headed. Love: Feeling comfortable in a relationship is important, especially with your freedom of speech, more so than independence. Career: Stay the course, don’t get restless and go off on a tangent. Money: Financial security is important. Key words: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, make up your own mind.


CANCER: Your dreams can come alive! But, don’t be in too much of a hurry as further information could change your mind and influence your decisions, especially if it concerns money. An inner realization can change your attitude about someone – keep an open heart and mind.

CANCER Available for Syndication

Week ahead: Passion and fantasy are a few of the ingredients for life, but not the entire recipe. Love: You can move a relationship forward but be open to compromise. Career: A sudden development can work in your favor. Money. Keep the lines of communication open. Key words: Believe you are worthy of attracting what you want.


A crazy-in-love moment can steal your heart and lead you to a relationship that provides love, romance, passion as well as security. When an opportunity presents itself at work, be quick to step up and make it your own. Show superiors your talents!

LEO Available for Syndication

Week ahead: Business or personal, be upfront and say it how it is. Love: It’s reassuring to have someone in your life who loves, respects and adores you. Career: When you work as a team you can achieve a great deal more. Money: Avoid impulsive decisions or actions, listen to and pay attention to your instincts. Key words: Your connections are important.


Be intuitive! If you have strong feelings about someone, it’s your instincts telling you to take notice. There is movement with your career and assistance comes from friends and colleagues. You don’t have to do everything yourself. When others offer to help, say ‘thank you’.

VIRGO Available for Syndication

Week ahead: If you are unsure of where you stand with a situation, keep it to yourself. Love: True love is about accepting someone for who they are, without wanting to change them. Career: Be careful not to get too caught up in the details. Money: Nothing stays the same forever. Key words: Friendships are important, but not everyone will be on your side.


Get your message across at work by using straight talk. When you tell it how it is, others will take notice. Make time to give your home an overhaul and inject new energy into your life. Be mindful to be sincere when discussing a sensitive issue with someone close.

LIBRA Available for Syndication

Week ahead: As Mercury is now back in your career zone, you can expect to think more seriously about life in general. Love: A relationship can appear in a package that is not traditional, but when you are good friends you can overlook a lot about someone. Career: Every problem can present an opportunity – think laterally. Money: Keep a close eye on your dollars. Key words: Connecting with the right people can have a huge impact.


The commencement of something new at work may start small but build quickly. What you do now can form your future, chose carefully. Frivolous and fun shopping sprees put a smile on your face but avoid maxing out your credit, unless you’re spending money to make money.

SCORPIO Available for Syndication

Week ahead: Focus only on priorities and put all other issues aside. Love: A need to be in control can cause stress in your relationship – exercise a little give and take. Career: The assertive energy of planet Mars affects your life; be prepared to think and act quickly. Money: Think big, but also be realistic. Key words: Avoid rash decisions.


With romance and intimacy having a strong influence on your star-chart, a bewitching exchange can lead to an amazing connection with someone special. Advice on making and saving money is worth listening to; it could set you on the path to financial independence.

SAGITTARIUS Available for Syndication

Week ahead: When the time is right, make your move. Love: If you know what and whom you want in your life, finding them will be much easier. Get ready to socialize. Career: Enjoy the present but keep your eye on the big picture. Money: Working with others can open your mind to different options. Key words: Some of you will be traveling.


With love goddess Venus shining on your heart center, you could fall madly deeply in love over this next period of time. But stay focused on your work, too. You could very well have an opportunity to move up and onwards. Money matters start to free up, lucky you!

CAPRICORN Available for Syndication

Week ahead: You can use the resources of people who want to work with you. Love: An emotional shake-up can clear the energy for a better situation to take place. Career: Take charge but don’t be too controlling – listen to the advice of others. Money: Work toward being financially independent. Key words: You need people in your corner who support you.


A love partnership that lasts forever needs to be a sharp intellectual match. Love, passion and good conversation are all necessary, and possible, so don’t settle for less. Life is about balance; and too many hours at the office can be stressful. It’s ok to be self-indulgent – take a break.

AQUARIUS Available for Syndication

Week ahead: With planets opposite your sign, your attention is on relationships. Love: With the energy of Venus, Mars and the Sun all in your love zone, anything can happen. Career: With the influence of Mercury, you’re likely to have discussions about work, but be clear with your communication to avoid mix-ups. Money: See a situation for what it is. Key words: Your first thought is generally the right one!


Don’t be too laidback about love. If you want someone’s attention it may be up to you to make the moves. With work, your career moves into the fast lane. Be positive, make decisions and take action. But be careful not to push yourself to the point of exhaustion.

PISCES Available for Syndication

Week ahead: It’s full steam ahead; your hard work is about to pay off. Love: Get in touch with how you really feel before you have an in-depth discussion. Career: Take control but be careful not to step on people’s toes. Money: A win at work can improve your cash flow. Key words: Cast aside self-doubts and believe in yourself.


A full Moon Lunar Eclipse makes this a week where things can either come together or fall apart, but either way, it will work out to be the best. Wait till the dust settles and have faith in the process of life.

ARIES STARSCOPE: Love matters urge you to speak from your heart. Say what you mean and mean what you say. No one can argue with how you feel. At work, don’t assume anything, if you have any doubt, check the details with your boss. With family affairs, above all else, use your common sense.

ARIES Available for Syndication: Week ahead: Get the facts right before you agree or disagree with anything. Love: A conventional relationship that provides stability gives you peace of mind, but a passionate connection gets your heart racing. Career: Lunar eclipse full Moon energy can make life seem more hectic -– be ready to think on your feet. Money: Avoid impulsive spending. Key words: Prepare to do some networking.

TAURUS STARSCOPE: Moon energy can send your emotions sky high! As love vibrations pull on your heart strings, think carefully about what you say. Prepare to be overwhelmed by deep and meaningful feelings. At work, don’t complain or explain, sometimes inaction is the best form of action.

TAURUS Available for Syndication: Week ahead: Your home and family life are highlighted with planet Mars influencing this area. Love: Don’t even think about doing what other people feel you should do, rather than what you want – speak up and stand up for yourself. Career: Stay optimistic and be patient. Money: Cash spent on education is money well spent. Key words: The lunar eclipse energy can help you feel what you are passionate about and follow your heart.

GEMIN STARSCOPE: When it concerns money, don’t allow someone to step on your territory - take control before they do. Not everything you hear is going to be true – trust your instincts. Deal with emotional issues so you can finally leave the past behind and move on.

GEMINI Available for Syndication: Week ahead: If you have a work decision, weigh the benefits and risks, then make a decision from a more informed viewpoint. Love: With Mercury retrograde, say what you really mean so you don’t send someone you care about mixed messages. Career: Partnerships and working in a team environment is favorable for you during this time. Money: There is a new financial start on the horizon, but don’t assume anything. Key words: Lunar eclipse energy sends a warning to act with integrity.

CANCER STARSCOPE: If you’re looking for love, this could be your lucky week. With Venus in your sign and the energy of the full Moon opposite, your attraction factor is heating up! But don’t leave everything to fate; be positive and pro-active about attracting someone’s attention.

CANCER Available for Syndication: Week ahead: The Sun in your sign and full Moon opposite focuses your attention on relationships. Love: You can push the reset button and mend a love-bridge. Or for singles, it’s possible to meet someone new. Career: If a situation suddenly changes, take it in your stride and see what eventuates. Money: Don’t be reckless with money, build security for the future. Key words: Eliminate negative self-talk.

LEO STARSCOPE: Beware of big-talkers. It’s wise to pay attention to what people do and remember that actions speak louder than words. When financial decisions need your attention, get ready to act fast. If you need to get to the bottom of a personal situation, be prepared to ask questions.

LEO Available for Syndication: Week ahead: With Mars and communicative Mercury in your sign, life enters the high stakes. Love: The better you look and feel, the better chances you have of meeting someone wonderful. But don’t be in too much of a hurry, this is a good time for self-appraisal. Career: With this week’s lunar eclipse, avoid making quick decisions, see what unfolds. Money: Follow your heart, what you love to so, and the money will follow. Key words: Let go of the past to focus on the future.

VIRGO STARSCOPE : Your research skills and attention to detail are both first-rate. You’re rarely wrong, but in the end it’s best to aim for win-win outcomes, not winners and losers, especially where friends are concerned. Stand by for love. And if an ex-lover comes back, don’t repeat the same mistakes.

VIRGO Available for Syndication: Week ahead: Your instincts are hot right now. Pay attention to them. Love: Keep love real, build a friendship, and see someone for who they are, not who you want them to be. Career: The lunar eclipse opens a doorway for creativity. Embrace what comes next. Money: Review your financial portfolio from a realistic and unemotional viewpoint. Key words: It’s important to connect with friends.

LIBRA STARSCOPE: Communication is still the most effective way to solve problems. If you have something to say, don’t hold back. However, as much as you want your viewpoint to be known, at the same time, do try and be diplomatic. Family may need you to take control of a situation.

LIBRA Available for Syndication: Week ahead: You could meet people to whom you feel so connected as though you have known them forever. Love: There is a promise of love and romance, but don’t rush a relationship, let it develop organically. Career: A development and movement at work indicates that there is more to come. Money: Be strategic with your next move. Key words: With the lunar eclipse in your home and family area, it would be wise to at least acknowledge a family situation.

SCORPIO STARSCOPE: Your love energy is irresistible! Make time to socialize and take advance of being the most popular person on the guest list. Positive career news is due; prepare to negotiate and compromise to get what you want. Be strategic with what you say to whom and when.

SCORPIO Available for Syndication: Week ahead: Travel can broaden your horizons and put you in contact with people with whom you resonate. Love: Whatever you do or say, operate from your heart center. Career: Venus, the planet that governs relationships, can connect you with the right people. Money: Make smart decisions for the future. Key words: You are a sign who loves to do it your way, but right now, with lunar eclipse energy you would be wise to think before you speak.

SAGITTARIUS STARSCOPE: Financial matters are on your mind and new developments can open opportunities. However, if someone has a tendency to exaggerate, especially about money, keep that in mind. A family situation can be pleasant, a sign that you are moving on and not getting stuck in the past.

SAGITTARIUS Available for Syndication: Week ahead: This is the perfect time to think about your future. Love: It’s best to be honest and speak your truth. Career: Strengthen business relationships to move forward, particularly those in foreign markets and for financial gain. Money: Full Moon lunar eclipse energy provides the trigger for change. Key words: When you’re in a partnership, for love or work, prepare to compromise.

CAPRICORN STARSCOPE: Reach for the stars! When it’s about money, no matter what your current situation is, make a plan and make it big. With the presence of full Moon energy, love and life is intense, and anything can happen! Stay focused on your career, you can make good headway now.

CAPRICORN Available for Syndication: Week ahead: This is the perfect time to Week ahead: Money, networking and love, there is a lot happening - keep your grand plan in mind. Love: Intense full Moon lunar eclipse energy in your sign can ignite the love fires; get ready for passion and romance. Career: Your contacts are important; stay connected. Money: A friend can help you get ahead. Key words: Go inwards and do what feels right.

AQUARIUS STARSCOPE: Mars in your love zone can make this a passionate time for lovers. You can build a closer bond with your sweetheart. It’s possible for singles to meet someone wonderful or reconnect with someone from the past. A development with money can have you working overtime.

AQUARIUS Available for Syndication: Week ahead: You can move forward and up the ladder of success now, big time, so don’t let a moment of self-doubt get in your way. Love: Looking for true love? It could be closer than you think. Get out and be social, but before you do, put some time and effort into your personal presentation. Career: The results of hard work and dedication will be rewarding. Money: Stay the course. Key words: People you meet now can help you achieve your goals.

PISCES STARSCOPE: Be sensible with love, but don’t be too cautious with your heart. You don’t want to miss out on connecting with someone amazing. Discussions at work indicate the start of something new, but be patient, as something you agree on can be put on hold, for now.

PISCES Available for Syndication: Week ahead: Life can change for the better –- be optimistic. Love: Whether you are single or in a relationship, a romantic gesture can get your attention. Career: An intense situation can present an opportunity. Money: Teamwork is favorable but do try to keep the give and take of exchanges somewhat equal so you’re not doing all the work. Key words: With the energy of the lunar eclipse, a friend from the past can appear and be a pleasant reconnection.

Best Wishes and Blessings from the Team at Jennifer Angel Network!


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