By Jennifer Angel



Aries Pet-Scopes:
Your Aries pet is likely to be more demanding than usual and can be a little over excitable. Exercise is always good to dispel tension and settle their energy. If you can’t get out, then try to spend some extra time playing games at home or a new toy to keep them occupied. They could certainly need more attention right now.


Taurus Pet-Scopes:
New Moon energy in your Taurus pet’s sign can send them into an emotional state, which can show itself as unpredictable behavior. Whenever your pet does something out of character, it is a sign you need to pay more attention. Discipline is one thing, but a little extra affection for your Venus ruled baby wouldn’t go astray either.


Gemini Pet-Scopes:
The way you communicate with your Gemini pet is always important. However, with Mars in their sign you want to assure you have their attention first though, rather than just repeat a command. You also want to be persistent in following through with your commands. A Gemini pet can get distracted and go off on their own little tangent, especially now.


Cancer Pet-Scopes:
Ruled by the Moon, the energy of the changing Moon; new Moon on the 4thand full Moon on the 18th, both in their areas of connecting with others, can make your little Cancer pet feel a bit needy. Record these dates and watch to see if his or her behavior changes – be prepared to make a few allowances for them.  


Leo Pet-Scopes:  
Full Moon energy this month can have your Leo pet feeling more attached to family members than usual, so you will want to keep an eye on them.  If you have a dog, set up a few play groups, and for other pets, just try and spend a little extra play time with them. 


Virgo Pet-Scopes:
Your Virgo pet is inquisitive and as such, you need to keep them active, both from a physical and awareness point of view. They need to know they are just as important to you as anything else going on in your life. When the full Moon in their area of communication, they could be more verbal, in their own way.  


Libra Pet-Scopes:
Libra pets can feel a little cautious this month and you could find them not wanting to get involved in their normal activities. Pets have their own personality, and when you watch closely, if there is a difference in their behavior, it is usually for a reason. Also, they pick up on your energy, so if you are unsettled, so will be your Libra pet.


Scorpio Pet-Scopes:
Full Moon madness in your Scorpio pet’s sign can send them a little crazed so you don’t want to take any chances with them. Act on the side of caution when you are out with them or at home. All pets need discipline and a little additional firmness now could keep them in line. Make sure there is no mistake of who is in control.


Sagittarius Pet-Scopes:
Your Sagittarius pet can seem to have it all together, but this month, you could be in for some surprises, so it is a good idea not to assume anything. Their wellbeing is top priority. Whether it is reviewing your pet’s diet or off to the vet for vaccinations, keep your pet’s needs firmly on the schedule.


Capricorn Pet-Scopes:
A Capricorn pet is best when they are on a schedule with a daily routine that doesn’t change too much. As creatures of habit, they like to know what they are doing and when. If you do have to change their schedule, then try to make the transition easier by keeping familiar items around them for their sense of security and safeness.


Aquarius Pet-Scopes:
Life is not all about sleeping, eating and exercising for your pet, they like to be pampered, too. Whether it is off to the groomers or just a little extra petting and pampering at home, your Aquarian pet will love you even more for it.  The love and attention you get in return will be worth the effort you put in.


Venus, the planet of love and money, has a strong influence on your Pisces pet’s, so don’t be surprised if you can’t resist buying them a new bed, blankie, or something luxurious to keep them comfy at home. A little luxury here and there goes a long way in making your pet feel loved and cherished. 




By Jennifer Angel



Aries Pet

With so much Moon energy directly influencing your Aries’ pet, they may need a little more reassurance this month as to how loved they are. And with their ruling planet Mars in the area of communication you could find them being even more demanding of your attention than usual.

Taurus Pet

All eyes are on Taurus, and if they aren’t, then your Taurus pet is likely to do something that focuses your attention right back on him or her. The full Moon in their area of wellbeing can make them need a little extra comfort. A new fluffy cozy blanket should do the trick.

Gemini Pet

Your Gemini pet may appear lazy sometime, but with Mars in their sign, they can be busy to the point that their behavior can seem erratic. Gemini’s are naturally curious; so, try to focus their attention on some play time or a game.  

Cancer Pet

Your Cancer pet will go through a host of emotions this month, more so than usual. Moon energy in strongly influences them at any time and this month more so and can send them into a roller coaster of emotions, wanting to play one moment, and sleep the next.

Leo Pet

Your usually bossy Leo pet could be much more interested in what others are doing this month and learning whatever they can from them. Keep them distracted with interactive games, things to do, new food to taste and different walks to explore.

Virgo Pet

Your Virgo pet is likely to go through a range of emotions this month, and your usually stable little Virgo can be disoriented at times, so keep a close eye on them, especially if out on walks. They can be more verbal than usual, too, so pay attention to pick up on their signs of communication.

Libra Pet

With Venus in your Libra pet’s love zone, your little love-bug is likely to be smoochy and cuddly this month. But with the full Moon in their sign, they may also need added reassurance that they are in fact the best pet ever.

Scorpio Pet

Moon energy close by to Scorpio, your pet is likely to be very intuitive now, more so than usual and can almost know what you are thinking before you think it. They can also engage is a power play and test your authority, so they need to know you’re the boss.  

Sagittarius Pet

With action planet Mars in your Sag pet’s opposite sign, he or she may be more interested in connecting with you and being active. But keep an eye on them, as any change of behavior with your pet is worth watching closely 

Capricorn Pet

With the influence of the new Moon, your Capricorn pet may very well just want to hang out around home this month, so don’t be surprised if they stay closer to you than usual. Make sure their bed and safe place is comfy and clean.  

Aquarius Pet

Pay attention to what your Aquarian pet tries to communicate this month. They can be very clever with the way they go about getting your attention, all in a quest to get what they want, but it’s up to you to watch and listen carefully to understand.

Pisces Pet

Pisces astral-area of self-worth is hot with activity, and let’s not forget, Pisces are the most sensitive sign of the zodiac. Moon energy can cause them to withdraw a little. So right now, they may need more smooching and cuddling.

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