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The Astrological Chart Session covers an analysis of your Birth chart, an overview of the upcoming transits as well as your Solar return for the nearest birthday year.

Ever wondered what your personal astrology chart says about your personality, your strengths, challenges, your life, how you interact with people, your career path, love life and your life purpose? A personal chart analysis can give you amazing insights into your life.

A chart analysis with Jennifer is an in-depth reading and Jennifer spends considerable time on your chart before the reading, creating charts and working out where things are and what they mean to you, and preparing your reports, all done in advance of your one-on-one reading.

Jennifer will design the astrological chart session based on what you want, and as such, it is a customized session.
Except for the 3-hour face to face session, all sessions are conducted over the phone or via Skype or similar.

          PLEASE NOTE: A Personal Session with Jennifer Can be by phone, skype or if you are in Los Angeles, you can meet Jennifer for your session.
Once Jennifer receiveS your booking she will reach out to you via email to ask for your details so she can start working on your chart and prepare for your session.  

What does the session cover?
Jennifer uses a combination of Intuitive, Clairvoyance, Astrological Forecasting and her Spiritual Life coaching skills. 

This session starts at 90-minutes, and depending on how much detail you want Jennifer to cover and the scope of questions you have, it can take longer. She will custom design the session for you depending on the time you book and what you’d like to cover.

For the 3-hour face to face session with Jennifer, Jennifer will analyze your chart, forecasts, soul purpose and anything else you request. In this session, Jennifer designs a spiritual life coaching session where you walk away knowing what your soul purpose is and with action steps to align your life to achieve your inner heart goals. This is a powerful once-off session, which can be followed up with Jennifer’s intuitive astrological 60 or 30-min sessions.

What you receive:

90-Minute reading (or 120 minute or 3-hour face to face)
Full natal chart personality analysis
Twelve-month transit forecast reading – major outer planets
Questions and answers
Computerized natal/birth report
Computerized transit forecast report
MP3 recording of the reading

How Jennifer does the readings:
She will ask for your birth details, and that you are prepared with questions of people or areas of life you want to inquire about. Jennifer reads off names, photos are also useful. She like the questions to be direct, but not too much information. She then does a short meditation just before each reading and if she has the questions and photos beforehand she can tune into them during my meditation, but it’s not necessary for her to have the information before your session. However, if you do have photos you would like her to look at, you will need to send these before your session. After the reading, she will email your computerized reports, as well as a link to download your recorded reading provided in mp3 format.

Once you book and pay for the reading, she will contact you to make sure she has all the details and to arrange a mutually suitable time.
If you live locally, in Los Angeles, you can visit here direct in Beverly Hills for your chart reading session if you would like, otherwise, she can call you on your phone in the USA or CANADA, or call via Skype if you are located in other countries.
Jennifer does reading consultations for people all over the world and she will work with you to find a suitable time working with different time zones.

When your appointment is locked in and Jennifer has received your details and payment, she then does preparation work on your chart and reading before your appointment. She creates charts and works out where things are and what they mean to you, all done in advance for your session.

You can book through the site, or Jennifer will send you a Pay Pal invoice. All payments are due at time of booking. Please note, as Jennifer starts preparing for your session before your appointment, payments need to be made at the time of booking unless otherwise agreed upon with Jennifer. Thank you.

All sessions are recorded, unless you prefer not to have a recording, Jennifer will confirm this with you at the commencement of your reading consultation. After your session, Jennifer will send you an MP3 downloadable link that you can save on your computer to listen to your session at a later date.

Thank you
I always feel honored when someone trusts me with his or her personal details, and I give each reading my full attention to provide the insights you are looking for to help you advance on your journey of life. Love and

Luck to you, I look forward to connecting with you. Jennifer x

2-Hour chart reading -$300 Special $240 
3-Hour face to face with Jennifer in Beverly Hills CA. $550 Special $440


Additional information

Custom chart reading:

1.5 Hr, 2 Hr, 3 Hr Face to Face


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