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My ASTROLOGICAL INTUITIVE Life Coaching program is designed for repeat clients, 60 or 30-mins per session.
The sessions combine Jennifer’s astrological forecasting knowledge, her clairvoyance gifts, and life coaching skills

This reading consultation can be once a year, or as often as weekly if you are working with Jennifer in your Life-Coaching program. Many of Jennifer’s clients book this monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.
However, some clients up in to have a 30-minutes session weekly to stay on track. You can change how often you book a session, depending on what is happening in your life at the time. If you intend to have a regular session, the 30 or 60-min three pack buys are the best value.

Each session includes your major transits for the next month or period you are enquiring about, depending on how often you book the session. Life-coaching segments and your questions are answered by Jennifer with her wisdom and clairvoyant gift, and using astrological transits for timing. If you book on a regular basis, then your chart, yearly forecast, solar return, and karmic soul purpose will all be covered at some stage of your sessions. At the end of each session, you and Jennifer will discuss what you would like to cover in the next session.

Often the sessions continue from what we are working on, or they can be different each time, it purely depends on what is happening in your life at the time and what you want to focus on. You leave the session with valuable insights and suggestions, which is followed up with your session recording and session notes.

Appointments are personal readings with Jennifer, conducted via Skype or Phone. As a repeat client, Jennifer will have your birth details already on file. Once Jennifer receives your booking, she will reach out to you via email to to set a day and time for your reading consultation. If you are located in USA or CANADA, she will call you on your phone. If you are located outside of USA, she uses the SKYPE app to make contact with you. She will work with you to find a suitable time working with the different time zones.

You can book through the site, or Jennifer will send you a Pay Pal invoice. As a repeat client, you can make your payment at time of booking, or anytime before your session. If you want to get your booking time set, you can arrange this with Jennifer before hand, via email or text, and then pay for your session the day before, if that is more suitable for you.

All sessions are recorded, unless you prefer not to have a recording, Jennifer will confirm this with you at the commencement of your reading consultation. After your session, Jennifer will send you a MP3 downloadable link that you can save on your computer to listen to your session at a later date.

Thank you
I always feel honored when someone trusts me with his or her personal details, and I give each reading my full attention to provide the insights you are looking for to help you advance on your journey of life. Love and

Luck to you, I look forward to connecting with you. Jennifer x

60-Min $179 or 3-pack $495
30-Min $ 89 or 3-pack $249

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Repeat clients - Packs

60 minutes, 60 minutes 3 pack, 30 minutes, 30 minutes 3 pack


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